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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1049 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1049

“I don’t want to go in. I’ll stay here as long as Elliot waits for me here.” She choked.

The waiter looked at her thin body and worried that she would catch a cold, so he immediately arranged for someone to bring an open-air parasol.

Then the waiter came with a thick blanket and put it on her shoulders.

“Ms. Tate, I have notified the kitchen to serve the dishes. You can leave after dinner! Instead of staying here, it’s better to ask Mr. Foster’s forgiveness.”

After a while, delicious dishes were served on the table. Looking at the exquisite food on the table, she finally understood why Elliot was so angry.

Tonight’s date, she thought it was just an ordinary date, but obviously it wasn’t!

Elliot invited a piano master to play, and there was such a beautiful light show, and the dinner was sumptuous to the level of a state banquet. How could this be an ordinary date?

“Ms. Tate, please unveil this dish yourself.” The waiter pointed to the fifth dish and spoke to Avery.

Hearing this, Avery lifted the lid of the fifth dish.

This was a lotus cake. Next to the lotus-shaped dessert, there was a lifelike goldfish, and the goldfish had a diamond ring in its mouth.

This diamond ring attracted all Avery’s attention.

“This…” Avery said in surprise.

The waiter explained, “Ms. Tate, Mr. Foster was going to propose to you tonight. For tonight’s date, he had come to set up the scene from the day before yesterday. Everything you could see now is Mr. Foster’s expression of love for you.”

Her tears fell uncontrollably. She looked around. Against the backdrop of the beautiful light show, all kinds of flowers come into view. The more she found out, the deeper the apology in her heart. She couldn’t stay here for a second. She took the diamond ring from the goldfish’s mouth to the palm of her hand and strode out of the balcony.

She was going to find Elliot! Ask him to forgive. She had no idea that he would propose to her, after all, she had promised to marry him before.

If she knew that Elliot was going to propose to her tonight, she would definitely come to him first!

Even if I told him that I was going to the hospital, I would definitely come to see him first.

Foster family.

Elliot returned home, went straight upstairs, entered the bedroom, and locked the door.

Before Mrs. Scarlet could ask a word, she heard him lock the door.

——This was must a conflict with Avery.

Mrs. Scarlet knew that the two of them were going to be alone this holiday, but she didn’t expect that the two of them would make such a fuss on the first day of the holiday.

Mrs. Scarlet wanted to call Avery to ask what was going on, but thinking that Elliot was so wet, it must have been very noisy.

This level of quarrel, even if Avery is called on the phone, will not be relieved.

Just when Mrs. Scarlet was about to close the villa door, a stimulating light came from outside the courtyard door.

A car stopped outside the courtyard gate, and after a while, Avery got out of the car.

Soon, she came to the door of the villa.

Mrs. Scarlet brought her shoes.

“Avery, what’s the matter with you and your husband? When your husband comes back, you are all wet, and so are you. Are you two dating in the rain?”

Avery’s eyes were red and swollen from crying, and she spoke in a hoarse voice: “I made him angry.”

Mrs. Scarlet looked embarrassed, “Oh…he locked himself in the room. Although I have a spare key…”

“Give me the key.” Avery reached out to Mrs. Scarlet.

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