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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1048 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1048

“Where’s the gift?” Elliot voice was hoarse and his penetrating power was strong.

Three simple words made her startled.

“Why lie to me?” Elliot eyes looked coldly at her shocked face.

It’s not that he can’t bear her to put him aside and go to the hospital to take care of Adrian, as long as she tells him openly.

“I’m sorry, Elliot.” Avery took a deep breath, stretched out her hand again, and held his arm, “Don’t get in the rain. You’ll catch a cold.”

Elliot lifted her arm again.

“What about that man?” His voice was cold and indifferent, and under the rain, his face became even more desolate, “Why don’t you continue to take care of him in the hospital?”

She explained, “He fell asleep. He swallowed A bottle of antihypertensive medicine, he almost died. If it hadn’t been rescued in time, he might have died.”

Elliot’s voice came in a harsh voice, “It’s better if he’s dead. Even if he doesn’t die now, I’ll kill him!”

Elliot!” Avery exclaimed as if someone was strangling her neck, “I know you’re talking mad! It’s my fault! I should have called you earlier to prevent you from waiting for me here!” Let’s go first! I beg you!”

She grabbed his arms with both hands, trying to pull him up from the chair, but he was so tense that he wouldn’t get up.

The feeling of helplessness and fear spread to all limbs.

Avery was afraid that Elliot would get sick if he got drenched again, but she knew very well that he was angry and would never listen to her.

In desperation, Avery cried uncontrollably.

Elliot looked at her grief-stricken appearance, and his heart clenched tightly.

What are they going to do tonight?

Seems like… a marriage proposal?

He had imagined many times that tonight they would listen to the beautiful sound of the piano, have a pleasant dinner together, and imagine a bright future.

He prepared the diamond ring for the marriage proposal, which will be brought to her when the fifth course is served.

When she opened the lid, she was pleasantly surprised to see the diamond ring!

Now, all the surprises have become superfluous.

Elliot got up from the chair. His deep eyes looked at her delicate face wet by the rain. His voice was dull and cold, “Avery, you can get what you want without shedding tears. Because I tried in the end, nothing.”

He finally pushed her arms away, and the tall body disappeared from her face.

After he left, she felt that the sky in front of her completely collapsed.

Avery knew he would be angry, but she didn’t expect him to be so angry. She was only a few hours late, didn’t she come, is it because she was taking care of Adrian in the hospital, he couldn’t accept it?

She fell into the chair he was sitting on, trying to guess his mood.

Not long after, the eyes suddenly lit up. Beautiful lights flicker in front of her eyes, changing colors and shapes, just like dancing. She stared blankly at the beam in front of her, suspecting that she was hallucinating.

A waiter held an umbrella and walked to her side: “Ms. Tate, this is a light show prepared for you by Mr. Foster. Mr. Foster has left, so please enjoy it alone!”

“The light show?”

“Yes. Mr. Foster also invited a famous piano master to play. The master has been waiting for a long time. Would you like to play for you now?” The waiter asked.

She suddenly raised her eyes to look at the waiter: “Why?”

It was just a meal, why did he invite someone to play?

Waiter said, “Ms. Tate, I don’t know why you are late, but Mr. Foster took great pains for tonight’s appointment. You really shouldn’t betray his good intentions.”

“I didn’t mean to be late.” She looked back, her eyes blurred with tears. “I didn’t know he prepared so much for tonight’s date. He didn’t tell me.”

The waiter said, “Mr. Foster wants to surprise you. You haven’t had dinner yet.? Would you like to eat?”

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