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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1047 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1047

After Avery voice was settled, Adrian let go of her arm. But he looked at her with tears streaming down his face.

Avery looked at him like this and didn’t dare to leave at all. She took her bag, found her mobile phone in the bag, and wanted to call Elliot.

She pressed the power button, but the phone screen was still black. She doesn’t know when it’s out of power.

“Call me by borrowing your cell phone.” She said to the bodyguard.

The bodyguard immediately unlocked the phone and handed it to her.

She entered Elliot’s number and dialed it. She quickly thought in her mind how to explain to him that she couldn’t make the appointment.

I’m afraid it won’t work to lie, so I can only confess to him.

The phone was called, it was connected, but it was not answered.

After the phone hung up automatically, she returned the phone to the bodyguard.

“Can you help me borrow a charger from the nurse’s station? My phone is out of power.” Avery said to the bodyguard.

“I’ll ask.” The bodyguard strode out of the ward.

After the bodyguard went out, Avery looked at Adrian: “I won’t leave. If you don’t feel so sick, close your eyes and rest. I can take you away only if your body recovers quickly.”

After a while, the bodyguard entered the ward with a borrowed charger.

Avery charged the phone and turned it on.

She saw the missed call from Elliot. She wanted to call him back, but she was afraid that Adrian would have a rest.

She had to wait until Adrian fell asleep before leaving.

She sent Elliot a message: “I’ll find you later.”

When Adrian fell asleep, she immediately went to Elliot.

Outside the window, the rain beat against the window, making a loud crackling sound.

Avery doesn’t hate rain, she even likes to hear the sound of rain many times. The sound of the rain calmed her down.

But at this moment, she listened to the sound of the rain outside the window, and her heart was numb.

Elliot didn’t reply to her message or call her back.

He must be angry.

If Avery was waiting for him instead, she would not necessarily be more forgiving than him.

Because tonight’s appointment was set in the morning.

So when Avery sees him later, no matter how angry he gets, she can bear it.

About 40 minutes later, Adrian’s breathing was even, and he fell into a deep sleep.

After Avery confessed to the bodyguard, he strode away!

The rain didn’t stop outside, but it was much lighter than an hour ago.

She came out of the inpatient department and stepped directly into the rain.

At 9 o’clock at night, she rushed to Sinan’s mansion.

She met Elliot in F1, the open-air balcony on the second floor.

She immediately understood why Elliot didn’t reply to her message or call her back.

Because, he sits in the rain.

The waiter’s tone was vaguely complaining, “Ms. Tate, finally here. Mr. Foster has been waiting for you all night. It has been raining since the beginning of the rain. Mr. Foster has been waiting for you, I haven’t had dinner yet!”

Elliot probably heard the waiter’s voice, and his deep eyes turned around abruptly.

Seeing his embarrassed appearance after being soaked in the rain, she felt like a stone was blocked in her heart, and she couldn’t breathe heavily.

She strode towards him.

Soon, she came to him. Almost uncontrollably, she reached out to take his arm.

“Elliot, I’m sorry. I’m late. Don’t get caught in the rain, go inside!” She tried to pull him up from the chair.

But Elliot pushed her away!

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