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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1042 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1042

I’m waiting for you at Sinan Mansion, F1, second floor.

It was Elliot who sent her the date tonight.

Avery looked at the text message, and the corners of her mouth couldn’t help rising.

Tammy leaned over and asked deliberately, “Who is it? Oh, Elliot just sent you a message. You are so sweet, you two have already given birth to three children, why are you still with me? Is it the same in love?”

Avery’s cheeks were flushed, and she put the phone in her bag: “What happened to having a baby? Haven’t you ever seen a couple with gray hair who are still in love?”

“Tsk tsk! Although I haven’t seen it in real life. I have seen it in books. It’s about a couple getting old, and their relationship is so good that two people wear a pair of dentures. This is called mutual support.”

Tammy’s words made Avery frown: “It’s very unsanitary.”

“Hahahaha! Are you suffering from an occupational disease? According to what you mean, kissing a man and a woman is unsanitary?”

Avery was speechless.


Mid-range community.

Adrian opened a white medicine bottle and poured out all the pills from it. This was Nathan’s antihypertensive drug. Adrian, who brought it secretly.

He looked at the white pill in the palm of his hand and frowned slightly. He wanted to escape from here, but he couldn’t.

It was the 12th floor. He couln’t jump off the building and couldn’t escape from the door. Gwen was guarding him at home all day long, and even if he broke free of Gwen and ran out, he wouldn’t take the elevator.

The new house was clean and beautiful, but he was terrified of it.

If he doesn’t want to escape, Avery can’t find him. He didn’t want to be trapped here. It made him feel hopeless all the time.

To live is not only to breathe, but to live, to have freedom.

He took a deep breath, and without hesitation, put the large amount of pills in his palm into his mouth.

After swallowing all the pills, he immediately lay down on the bed.

If he wants to die, then die! It doesn’t make sense for him to be alive anyway. If he didn’t die and was sent to the hospital, he could find a way to contact Avery.

In his blank life, only Avery made him feel at ease.

Now Nathan took away his mobile phone, did not let him contact Avery, did not let him go out, and kept laughing at him for being a fool.

If he is really stupid, he can live a little happier.

But now they said he was a fool, and he felt uncomfortable.

Half an hour later, his door was pushed open.

“Adrian! Don’t sleep! I bought a crayfish! Come and help me peel it!” Gwen strode over to the bed and shouted at Adrian.

Under normal circumstances, Gwen would definitely wake up with such a shout. But Adrian lying on the bed was motionless, and there was no change in expression on his body.

Adrian was peaceful as if he had died.

Gwen didn’t realize that maybe something happened to him. She just thought Adrian was sleeping too deeply, so Gwen immediately started and patted Adrian’s body violently!

“Adrian! You lazy pig! Don’t sleep!”

Adrian still didn’t respond and Gwen’s hand went numb when hse hit him just now.

Only then did Gwen realize that Adrian might be dead. Her hands tremblingly stretched out to Adrian’s nose, probing his breath.

“Ahhh! Dad! Dad! Adrian is dead!”

Gwen ran out of the room like a mad, shouting loudly.

Nathan was awakened from a nap and when he heard that Adrian was dead, his face turned black with fright!

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