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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1041 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1041

It seems that Elliot was not completely unprepared for the date. After hanging on the phone, a whistle sounded outside the courtyard.

Tammy has arrived. Avery took the bag and strode out of the villa.


Mid-range community.

Nathan took his children and moved into the finely decorated new house he bought the day before yesterday. After buying the house, Nathan and his son bought a lot of furniture and appliances in the furniture market yesterday.

The family officially moved in today.

Nathan should have been happy to move into the new house, but he felt worried when he saw the low balance left in the card.

Nathan called Zion aside to discuss how to ask Elliot for money again.

Nathan frowned and said wily, “If we can’t talk this time, he may kill us in a fit of rage. So we have to contact the media first. You should also bring some self-defense tools with you. Adrian, this fool, you have to be optimistic and can’t let him run away.”

Zion sneered, “This is the 12th floor, how can he run? He won’t take the elevator unless he jumps off the building. Don’t look at Adrian as stupid but he is quite afraid of death.”

Nathan and Zion laughed while looking at Adrian who was sitting on the sofa in the living room. Adrian was sitting on the sofa. With a serious face, He was watching TV.

There is a period romance show on TV. It was opened by Gwen White, the daughter of the Nathan White.

After Gwen turned on the Romance Show, Suddenly a call came, so she went back to her room to answer the call.

Adrian’s eyes stared at the picture on the TV for a moment, and listened carefully to the lines inside.

—Miss, they locked us here, what should we do? If you can’t escape, you will marry the second son of the Cooper family!

——I will not marry into the Cooper family even if I die!

  • Miss, don’t do this! What will I do if you die?

——When I die, you can take the opportunity to escape! Miss, you must escape and let you come to avenge me!


Tammy took Avery to the mall, first went straight to the clothing store, and bought a Chanel latest dress.

This is a long white dress. The body of the skirt is in the shape of three-dimensional small flowers reflected by various folds. The fringes on the skirt are stacked layer by layer. Wearing this heavy handmade long skirt, it seems that you will be on the show in the next second.

“Aren’t you going to date Elliot tonight? You have to dress up nicely!” Tammy comforted Avery when she saw the embarrassment on Avery’s face.

Avery looked at the skirt on her body, and frowned slightly: “It’s just me who meet with him, there’s no need to dress up like this, right?”

“Why don’t you need to dress up when you meet him?”

“I don’t mean you don’t need to dress up but you don’t need to dress up so grandly, right?” Avery looked at himself in the fitting mirror, “If I really wear this dress to a date, don’t I have to put on makeup and make a style? Or else It doesn’t match this outfit.”

“Yes! You must have makeup and styling, and you have to buy a new pair of shoes!” Tammy took her to the checkout, “Let’s hurry up! There are many more to come. What’s going on !”

“Tammy, ​​don’t you buy new clothes?”

“I’ll buy them later! Let’s dress you up first.” Tammy took over the task today and must dress Avery beautifully to make Elliot’s proposal tonight even more romantic!

Soon, it was afternoon.

After Avery’s makeup was completed, Tammy took a good look at her and sighed with satisfaction.

“I think it’s okay if you are like this now, you can go straight to marriage.” Tammy was amazed by her beauty.

Avery said helplessly, “Tammy, ​​Elliot may not like you when you dress me like this. He said he prefers me without makeup.”

“A man’s mouth is a liar.” Tammy covered her mouth and smiled, “When Elliot sees you tonight, make sure his eyes glow!”

At this moment, Avery’s cell phone rang. She took out her phone and saw a new message.

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