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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1038 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1038

Nathan’s face


”Mr. Foster,

Cole felt anxious.

Now he

Otherwise, if you are beaten, you can only endure it yourself.

Cole came out

Cole returned to

After Nathan successfully signed the contract, Henry rushed to the scene.

”Dad, it’s him.” Cole

Henryo looked at Nathan with his stern eyes.

Nathan held the

Henry recognized him, and his face suddenly turned into pale: “You are Nathan white? Where did you get so much money? You robbed the bank?!”

“Hahahaha! I’m laughing to death! How much money can I get for robbing a bank? I’m better than robbing a bank now!” Nathan seemed to want to God.

Seeing him so rampant, Henry felt extremely painful in his heart.

Nathan was a driver of the Foster family in the past. He was paid several thousand dollars a month, but now he dares to clamor here!

It’s really turning around!

He don’t know what shit luck this old b*stard has had! He had never heard of him before, but he actually made a windfall!

Seeing Henry holding his head and saying nothing, Nathan was greatly satisfied.

“Henry, if I remember correctly, you beat me back then!” Nathan handed the house purchase contract to his son, and then walked up to Henry arrogantly.

“Yes! I kicked you! You are messing around in my house. of course I will teach you a lesson! Don’t think that you can be lawless now that you are prosperous!” Henry said sharply.

Nathan laughed loudly: “Look, you are frightened. Let’s go have a drink! Tell me how downhearted you are now, and I’ll tell you how good I am now!”

Henry especially wanted to know who he was How did he get rich, so he followed him.

Looking at this scene, Cole felt that the face of the Foster family was lost by his father, so he left in anger!


Tate Industries.

After Avery finished her morning work, she turned on her mobile phone and saw the message from Mike.

–Still haven’t found Adrian. Are you sure he put the red stuff outside the window?

Avery frowned, opened the address book, and found Adrian’s phone and dialed it.

She had to confirm with Adrian again.

It stands to reason that according to their agreement, it should be easy for drones to find Adrian.

As a result, the phone was dialed out, and there was a cold system prompt: [the user you dialed is not in service.]

Her heart clenched and she gasped sharply!

Why does Adrian’s mobile phone stop? Did Nathan stop him?

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