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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1034 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1034

In the Evening.

Star River Villa.

At dinner time.

Mike told Avery in detail about his travel plan.




Hayden: “I promised him.”

Avery: “…”



Mike teased, “Don’t you want to live with Elliot in the two-person world? Shouldn’t you be happy?”

“I’m just talking, I’ve lived with him. What a two-person world. Maybe he’s not available at all on May 1.” Avery felt sad when he thought of being alone.

Mike comforted her, “Why don’t you ask him to take you to play? There’s still a month left for the wedding! What’s wrong with taking time to play for a few days. Anyway, I’ve already booked a ticket for Hayden. I’ll be with you every day by then. It ‘s through the video.”

Avery snorted coldly and picked up the tableware again.

Layla coaxed: “Mom, then you and I go to play with Uncle Eric! Uncle Eric said that he wanted to take me diving!”

“Forget it, Mommy should stay at home!” Avery planned to wait I will ask Elliot what his plans are on May 1.

At this time, Mrs. Cooper came over with a bowl of soup.

Mrs. Cooper said to Avery, “Avery, Mike said that he wanted to take Robert to go out to play. I didn’t think it was good, so I refused. Robert is still young and his immunity is relatively low. If you don’t go with him, Robert will be sick. What should I do?”

Avery nodded: “Well. Do you want to take a vacation on May 1st? I have nothing to do on May 1st, so I can take care of the children.”

Avery’s voice settled, and Mike gave a wink.

Mrs. Cooper was rather puzzled when she received Mike’s eyes. Mike what does this mean?

Avery followed Mrs. Cooper’s gaze and looked at Mike: “Are your eyes cramping?”

Mike immediately retracted his gaze and coughed: “I think you should discuss it with Elliot first, in case Elliot invites you out to play on Friday.

Mrs. Cooper immediately understood what Mike meant: “Avery, I won’t have a holiday on May 1st, I will wait until the Mid-Autumn Festival.”

“Oh, okay.”

After dinner, Avery went to pack up the holiday plans for the two children with luggage.

In the dining room, Mrs. Cooper asked Mike, “What do you mean by winking at me just now?”

Mike whispered back: “Elliot proposed marriage on Friday.”

Mrs. Cooper: “Avery doesn’t know?”

Mike: “He wants to give her a surprise.”

Mrs. Cooper blushed: “Then why don’t I take Robert out to play with you! It’s true that the two of them haven’t been alone for a long time.”

Mike: “Yes! If you think it’s too far out, we can also travel domestically.”

Mrs. Cooper: “Okay, okay, as long as Avery and Elliot have a good time, I can.”

In the children’s room.

Avery came out of the room after simply packing the daily necessities for the two children.

She met Mrs. Cooper head-on.

“Avery, I plan to go out with Robert and Mike and the others.”

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