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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1030 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1030

A moment



”Okay! But

Elliot gave

Although the dress is more homely and casual, it is Clean and refreshing.

Besides, he

Elliot just glanced at Avery and didn’t answer in tacit understanding.

Avery looked at

Don’t know what to say.


Since Elliot doesn’t care about her appearance, what can others blame?

Seeing that everyone didn’t speak, Avery looked at Elliot: “Let’s go! I’m very hungry right now.”

How could he has the strength to fight with them if he wasn’t full?

After everyone got in the car, set off towards the hotel.

After a while, everyone came to the hotel.

There were a lot of people, Elliot packed a small banquet hall directly.

Someone brought a female companion, so it is recommended to have a table for men and a table for women.

At the same time, a man took Elliot to the man’s table.

Seeing this, Avery calmly followed Elliot and sat next to Elliot.

Avery looked at the men with frozen expressions with a sweet smile, “Since I fell in love with Elliot, we have to sit together every time we eat. This is the promise of our love. If you think I’m an eyesore, you can go Sit at the next table.”

They really thought Avery was an eyesore!

However, how could they have the nerve to say such things in front of Elliot?

“Hehehe! It seems that Ms. Tate is good at drinking? She is sitting at our table, but she wants to drink with us!” After the men sat down, one of them spoke boldly.

Avery smiled calmly and said: “Drinking? Are you kidding me? Elliot never let me drink with men. Last time a man handed me a wine glass, he broke someone’s hand. It scared me at that time. It’s broken!”

Everyone’s faces suddenly turned cold.

“Once again, a man forced me to drink, and Elliot beat him up and was hospitalized.” Avery’s laughter was as sweet as a silver bell.

Everyone’s faces turned cold again.

“The men you mentioned are all men who are not familiar with Elliot. Can they be compared with us?” A very dignified old man said in a loud voice.

Avery blinked innocent apricot eyes: “But to me, you are all the same! Except for Elliot who can let me drink, other men can’t do it! Or, do you ask Elliot to toast me?”

Avery was upset, so they all looked at Elliot and put pressure on Elliot.

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