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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1028 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1028

Avery froze in place. She didn’t expect Elliot to entertain guests at home today.

First, Elliot didn’t have the habit of entertaining guests at home.

Second, the group of people didn’t speak very loudly.

Before Avery went downstairs, she didn’t hear any movement in the living room.

Avery’s face turned red after being watched by everyone for three seconds. She turned around immediately and hurried upstairs. When she went upstairs, she stepped on a thunderous ‘bang bang bang’.

In the living room, everyone looked back.

“Elliot, the woman you want to marry is this she?”

“Isn’t this the woman almost killed you last time, you forgot?”

“I said why does this woman look familiar? What was the last time? Elliot, you are quite affectionate!”

“I can’t say that, this woman gave birth to Elliot’s children. She gave birth to three children in her life, which is quite good!”

“But Elliot doesn’t like Child!”

“Hahaha! He doesn’t like other people’s children, how can he not like his own child?”

Everyone, in front of the parties, talked very happily.

Elliot’s face flushed slightly, listening to their discussion, his heart was calm. No matter how much hatred there was in the past, now he and Avery have put it down.

Upstairs, Avery had already walked to the door of the room but a white light suddenly flashed in her mind, and then her footsteps stopped. She remembered the group of people downstairs, whom she had seen before.

She had seen these people before when she was in the Deep Forest Villa!

However, some of them are raw faces, but there are a few who met each other in the Deep Forest Villa.

“Why did these people suddenly come here? Did Elliot invite them, or did they come by themselves? What does Elliot have to do with them?” She had an intuition that these people were not serious people.

Because there was a person she knew from their group before, but this time that person didn’t come.

That person used to see Professor James Hough for treatment. During the operation, she served as an assistant to Professor James Hough.

She knew the general details of that person… that person was a businessman who was wandering in the gray area of ​​Bridgedale.

As a doctor, sometimes she can’t choose whether to treat the person or not based on whether the person is a good person or a bad person.

Moreover, sometimes when she treat a patient, she has no idea whether the person is good or bad, and she may only learn after the fact.

She was so curious, why did these people come to Elliot. She took off her slippers and walked downstairs quietly with bare feet, intending to hide at the corner of the stairs and eavesdrop on their conversation.

“Elliot, how did I hear that the two children in front of you don’t have your surname? Can you bear this?” A man raised his voice and said angrily.

It’s as if this person’s child doesn’t have the same last name as him.

No, as if it was his child, but not his own.

“After you marry Avery, the two children have to change their surnames back to yours, right? How can both children have the same surname as a woman? If it spreads out, how would others laugh at you behind your back? In our Aryadelle woman must change her husband’s surname to marry a man! You don’t ask her to change it to your surname. The surnames of your two children must be changed to yours!” Another man complained for Elliot.

“I don’t care if my child has my surname or not, as long as it’s mine.” Elliot said.

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