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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1026 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1026

With tears in her eyes, she shook her head sharply: “No… Elliot, it has nothing to do with you… I really had a nightmare.”

He looked at her anxiously explaining, and nodded, “Then tell me, what nightmare did you see?”

She took a deep breath and calmed down gradually.

“I dreamed that on our wedding day, we were standing in the church, surrounded by guests, I was very excited, but at this moment, the roof of the church was lifted, and a dazzling light appeared. A huge black monster appeared, and it stretched out its huge claws toward us and took you away…”

She said this, and couldn’t help choking again.

Elliot believed what she said and looked at her distressedly at the same time, “Avery, that’s a dream. It’s not real. Where is there a huge monster in this world. Even if there is a huge monster, it’s me who kills it, not it catches it. Let me go.”

Avery looked at his close face and breathed a sigh of relief: “Well, that dream was so realistic that I cried. Now I feel better seeing you by my side.”

“I Sleep with you.” Elliot turned off the light and lay down beside her. His slender arms wrapping her in his arms.

Avery leaned against his chest, sniffing his familiar and warm breath and the sadness disappeared little by little.

She came over tonight, in addition to thinking about him, she also wanted to see if he was disturbed by Nathan’s affairs.

If Avery thinks Nathan’s matter is very difficult, she can’t hide it completely, but she didn’t feel the slightest nervousness or fear in him tonight.

Does it mean that she feels that Nathan’s appearance is not something to be afraid of?

After she fell asleep, Elliot fell asleep.

Her cries are still lingering in his ears, so helpless and aggrieved, is this a sign of insecurity?

“Is this a normal pre-marital fear or is there something on her mind that she didn’t tell me?” He thought carefully about her recent life.

Avery did not participate in the preparation of the wedding, so in addition to going to work in the company every day, she occasionally met with Tammy, and then accompanied her children.

No…and cloud ink.

She said that Adrian is now in Aryadelle, and she is looking for Adrian.

This Adrian suffers from the same disease as Shea.

She said that Adrian’s family treated him badly and didn’t know who his family was.

Elliot had never cared about this man, but now, he suddenly became suspicious. Because, when he was sent into the Foster family, the young master of the original Foster family was also taken away.

Where is the young master of the Foster family who was taken away?

Adrian’s surname is White, and Nathan is also surnamed White…

An ominous premonition suddenly appeared in his heart!

The next morning.

An explorer drone, slowly rising from the ground.

Mike rented a house in the area where Adrian was located to put the console.

He promised Avery, so he wanted to do it well.

After Chad listened to his plan, he took a leave of absence and came to help.

“It’s too close to my boss’s house, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be okay to go to my boss’s house to borrow a guest room?” Chad sighed after coming over.

“I’m helping Avery find a man. Is it appropriate to go to your boss’s house?” After Mike adjusted the equipment, he let the drone fly to the residential area faster.

“Who is Avery looking for?”

“What is the name of her patient in Bridgedale, Adrian White?”

“Oh, how to find it? You teach me, and I’ll help you find it.” Chad stared at the screen on the screen, his eyes fixed for a moment.

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