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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1025 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1025

Avery walked up to him after she plugged the hair dryer into the power supply.

Elliot suddenly opened his arms and hugged her waist.

Avery’s heart skipped a beat! It seems to be wrapped in a mass of soft and heavy love.

His body temperature passed to her through the thin fabric of the pajamas, and then his breath also spread.

Avery heard herself ask him, “Elliot, have you been very tired recently?”

“Well, but it’s worth it.” His voice was unhurried, his breathing was a little heavy, and he could hear that he was relaxed now.

“Then close your eyes and don’t think about anything.”


Avery turned the hair dryer on. Her fingertips ruffled his short hair, and the warm wind made the person drowsy.

Within a moment, his hair was drying, but she was reluctant to turn off the dryer.

Avery could feel Elliot falling asleep against her body.

Because of the weight of his body, it was added to her little by little.

If Nathan came to her now and asked for 200 million a month, maybe she would agree.

She wanted to help Elliot solve his problems, and didn’t want to make his life so depressing. But if she secretly paid Nathan behind his back, he would definitely be angry when he found out.

She was caught in the middle, in a dilemma.

At night, with Avery eyes open, she was dazed by the faint light of the moonlight.

With Elliot’s current ability, even if Nathan was cheating, he couldn’t force Elliot to recognize him.

So Nathan wasn’t really the biggest threat.

The biggest threat…is the cloud ink.

It’s not what Adrian will do to Elliot, but once the exchange of their identities is exposed, will Elliot’s murder of Jaxson Foster be pulled out?

Even if Elliot has the ability to call the wind and call the rain in Aryadelle, once these scandals are exposed one after another, it is bound to have a huge impact on his reputation.

Tears fell silently, and there was a coldness on his cheeks.

She took a deep breath to ease the pain in her heart. She wants to protect Elliot, she can’t let Elliot face these things alone.

Therefore, she must find Adrian, and she cannot let Adrian continue to stay by Nathan’s side.

Although Nathan was Elliot’s biological father. This old b*stard only recognized money not family at all.

If Elliot doesn’t satisfy his appetite, Nathan may burn all jade and stone and destroy Elliot!

In the darkness, a painful cry made Elliot wake up suddenly. After he recognized that it was Avery’s cry, he immediately pulled away from his confused consciousness.

He immediately sat up, turned on the light in the room, and looked at the crying woman covering her face.

“Avery! Avery, what’s the matter with you?!” Elliot heart clenched tightly, and he took her small hand away from her face, “Are you uncomfortable? Stop crying, talk to me! What happened?”

“I …I’m fine…I’m having a nightmare…” Avery hadn’t slept. She just thought that the happy life she and Elliot had finally won might be destroyed at any time, and she couldn’t help crying.

She didn’t want to wake him up, but she couldn’t control her emotions.

“What are you having a nightmare about? You’re crying so sadly.” His fingers gently wiped the tears from her face, and he blamed himself, “Have I been too busy recently and neglected you?”

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