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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1024 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1024

Elliot heart tightened and he wanted to lead her out of the study.

Seeing him running away, she let go of his hand and walked towards his desk.

“How’s the wedding set up? When can you rehearse? Did you go and shoot a video today?” Avery asked, sitting down in his leather swivel chair.

After she sat down, she glanced at the documents open on his laptop.

“Cough cough!” Her face became hot in an instant, and she coughed.

“I think what you wrote is too brief, so I want to expand it.” A faint blush appeared on his handsome face.

Elliot reached out with his long arms, trying to close the notebook.

Avery raised her hand to block it. She raised her eyes to look at him, “I’ll write it myself! I thought you were in a hurry, so I didn’t pay attention. I can definitely write a lot of words.”

“It doesn’t have to be a lot of words, just feelings. Sincere, as long as it impresses me.” He made the most basic request.

This most basic requirement made her temples jump.

“What? Is it difficult?” Elliot asked in a hoarse voice when he saw Avery frown slightly.

Avery smiled and shook her head: “I think your request is too simple! How can I marry you if I don’t love you, Right?”

“After the bath, you can give me an oath of satisfaction.” Elliot looked at her tenderly, and patted her shoulder with his big palm.

As if entrusting a major task.

She suddenly felt the pressure on her shoulders: “Then you wash slowly today…”

“Okay. I’ll try to slow down.”

After Elliot left the study, Avery searched for his oath in his notebook out of curiosity.

10 minutes later, after reading his oath, she was completely moved.

Elliot came out of the bathroom after taking a shower, and saw Avery lying on the bed, playing with his mobile phone.

“Have you finished bathing?” She looked up at him.

“Have you finished writing your oath?” Elliot wiped his wet hair with a dry towel, and looked at her suspiciously with those deep eyes under the broken hair.

Avery took his laptop from the bedside table and showed him the screen.

“You wrote very well, and moved me to tears. But I was afraid that your manuscript would be too long and you would be too tired to read it, so you gave me five hundred words.” Avery said her idea, “This way Don’t I have my oath?”

So, she didn’t write a word. Just let him give her half of it.

In this way, Avery oath can also move him.

Elliot didn’t expect Avery to come up with this idea. For a while, he didn’t know whether to praise her for being smart or scold her for being lazy.

“What’s the matter? Aren’t we going to get married? You don’t even want to give me five hundred words, so why are we getting married?” Avery teased him when she saw that he was stunned.

Elliot put the towel aside and looked down at her: “Why did you suddenly come over tonight?”

“I came here as soon as I thought about it. Do I need your special approval to enter your place?” Avery continued to tease him, “Even if Your bodyguards know that they have seen me, so they don’t need to inform you. They just open the door for me. How sensible!”

“Well, I’ll give him a raise.” He picked up the watch that was on the bedside table before taking a shower. Looking at the time, “All the children are asleep?”

“The lights are turned off anyway. But it doesn’t matter if they fall asleep or not. The two of them often talk at night.” Avery never eavesdropped, but Layla would talk to her.

Elliot frowned, “By the way, did you give Hayden the copybook that I bought for him? I thought about it. It doesn’t seem appropriate for me to give him such a gift.”

If Elliot returns to his student days, whoever gives him copybooks or study materials as gifts, he will definitely hold grudges.

Avery let out a faint smile and shook her head: “It’s alright. Before you buy him a gift in the future, tell me about it. I’ll give you an idea.”


“I’ll blow your hair to dry.” She put down her phone and got out of bed to get the hairdryer.

Soon, Avery came out of the bathroom with a hairdryer.

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