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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1020 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1020

Nathan’s eyes suddenly lit up. He didn’t expect Avery to be so straightforward! He likes this character!

“I asked Elliot for 100 million…”

“100 million?” Avery wanted to end the torture quickly, so she interrupted him, “I’ll give it to you!”

Nathan laughed, “I’m so impatient! Do you hate me so much? Seeing that you two hate me so much, I can’t bear to leave here.”

Avery’s face suddenly turned red, and turned to threaten him: “If you stay here, you Believe it or not, I will kill you?!”

To deal with an old rogue like Nathan, you must be more ruthless than him in order to deter him.

Also, she wasn’t exactly intimidating him.

If Nathan did it too much, Elliot would definitely do it.

The smile on Nathan’s face subsided.

Forget about being threatened by that b*stard Elliot, but now he was threatened by his prospective daughter-in-law. Nathan felt very shameless!

“Then let Elliot kill me! If he kills me, my eldest son, Zion will make everyone aware of the trouble and let everyone know what kind of b-e-a-s-t Elliot is!”

Nathan’s voice screamed.

Avery glanced at the door of the private room, but fortunately, she didn’t alert the waiter. She deliberately chose the private room to prevent quarrels with him.

Avery calmed down and asked, “Everyone knows the trouble, so what? With Elliot’s status and ability in Aryadelle, it’s easy to get rid of you without knowing it! If your eldest son dares to make trouble in Aryadelle, you might end up like you! Taking money and leaving is your best way out!”

“Okay! I agree to take the money and leave! You give me 100 million a month, and I’ll leave!” Nathan leaned back in his chair and put on a pair of ‘if you don’t give me money, I’ll spend it with you’.

Avery gasped in shock when he heard his lion’s big mouth.

100 million a month! Did Nathan use her and Elliot as an ATM? !

Even if they have the strength to pay this money, it is impossible to pay this money in vain!

Whose money is not hard earned, why does Nathan think that money is so easy to earn?

He didn’t raise Elliot and didn’t deserve so much money!

“Tsk tsk! You two are so stingy! I’ve done research, and I know, you two are rich!” Nathan said in a sour tone, “Since neither of you are willing to pay the money, then…”

Avery made a quick decision after thinking for a while, “There is one condition! Give me Adrian! You don’t treat him like a human at all! Then hand him over to me!”

Nathan said in amazement, “Why didn’t we treat him as a human being? You just talk, why curse people? He is my youngest son!”

“He is Shea’s brother, do I need to say more about this?” Avery didn’t want to talk to him, “You exchanged Elliot and Adrian, otherwise how can you explain that Elliot is the young master of the Foster family?”

Nathan showed a gloomy smile: “I really can’t hide anything from you, Doctor Tate! Since you know Adrian is the young master of the Foster family, and 100 million a month is definitely not enough. The young master of the Foster family is worth a lot of money, otherwise why would I serve him every day with delicious food? “

Avery felt a sudden pain in her temples.

“Add another 100 million, I’ll give it to Adrian. How about I take my son and daughter back to Bridgedale for retirement?” Nathan dared to make this request.

200 million a month means 2.4 billion a year.

This is much more nourishing than the average of small company’s turn over.

Enough for him to splurge in this life!

‘Bang’! Avery patted the table and stood up. There is no need to eat this meal, and we can’t talk about it anymore.

Avery promised to give Nathan 100 million per month, which was already her bottom line.

If Nathan just accepts it, nothing will happen.

Because she knew that he must have called her because he couldn’t talk to Elliot.

Elliot’s property is much more than hers. Is it because of money that Elliot is unwilling to pay him the money? no! But he can’t take this breath!

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