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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1018 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1018

“Nathan, let’s meet!” Avery must meet him and find out the real purpose of his coming to Aryadelle, otherwise, he will be a hidden danger! Is a huge fuse!

Nathan laughed out loud then said, “Okay, but you can’t tell Elliot about our meeting. Otherwise, it’s only Elliot who is unlucky!”

Avery was exhausted and Said, “You also said you didn’t know Elliot! I asked you before if you knew him, and you refused that you didn’t know him!”

“I didn’t lie to you, I didn’t know him before but only after we came here.” Nathan’s tone was frivolous. Cunningly, “Why are you so excited? Is it strange that I met Elliot? Or do you think he is a high-level immortal, and we ordinary people can’t approach him? Hahaha!”

Avery suppressed the discomfort in her heart and said. “Let’s meet again! Where are you now? I’ll find you!”

Nathan said, “No need! Give me your address, and I’ll find you.”

Avery sighed inwardly, this man knows that he is afraid of revealing his location what!


In the evening, Star River Villa.

Hayden came back from school today earlier than usual. He completed the learning tasks assigned by the teacher ahead of time. Besides, he wanted to go home to see what gift Elliot gave him.

When his mother told him about it in the morning, he instinctively avoided it, so he didn’t see the gift. In fact, he had something in his heart that he wanted to see.

When he got home, Layla ran towards him as if she saw a surprise!

Layla said enthusiastically, proposing, “Brother! You’re back so early today! I’m so happy to see you! Let’s push my brother out in a stroller! I take him out to play every day, so He likes me the most!”

Hayden came back early, not to bring the children.

He grimly rejected Layla’s proposal.

“Brother, are you going to do your homework? I want to do homework too! Let’s do homework together!” Layla watched her brother go upstairs and ran upstairs, “By the way, brother, you still pay for the gift that Dad bought for you. Didn’t you see it?”

An unnatural look flashed on Hayden’s face, “Mom told me this morning.”

Layla held her wrist and said, “I know, but you didn’t open it at all. I’ll take you with me. Let’s go and see!”

The siblings entered the room.

Layla took Hayden to the storage box where the materials were kept. She pointed to the brand-new copybook inside, “Here, this is the gift that Dad bought for you!”

Hayden looked at the copybook. His deep and bright eyes widened and opened again. He was unbelievable, unexpected, and at a loss! He was furious!

What kind of gift is this? !

Did Elliot dislike his ugly words, so he bought copybooks to laugh at him?

Hayden raised his foot and kicked the storage box!

Layla frowned when she saw the storage box being kicked open, and exclaimed, “Brother, what are you kicking the box for? Don’t you like the copybooks that Dad bought for you? But mom bought you copybooks before, you weren’t angry before. You don’t like Dad, but you can’t kick things!”

Hayden’s face was gloomy: “Layla, you go out!”

Layla bulged her apricot eyes and shouted angrily: “Go out and go out! I don’t want to see you again. Such a fierce brother!”

Downstairs, Mrs. Cooper heard the fierce quarrel between the siblings and hurried upstairs.

Hayden and Layla have always had a good relationship. Although there are occasional bickering, they have never had such a violent quarrel.

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