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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1015 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1015

Tate Industries.

After Avery arrived at the company, he went directly to Mike’s office.

Mike was talking to the head of the department about products, and when he saw her, he immediately walked towards her.

“Why did you come to me without saying a word? I’m a little afraid of you.” Mike entered his office and joked, “I thought you were going to organize your mountain of jewelry at home today!”

Avery ignored his jokes said: “We can use the drone to find Adrian!”

Mike’s pale blue eyes suddenly lit up.

“I talked to Adrian on the phone just now. His freedom is now restricted and he can’t go out, but he can talk on the phone.” Avery said excitedly, “I asked him to find a red object and put it on the window, and I sent the explorer series without Man-machine to find…”

“This is indeed a method. But it is too time-consuming and labor-intensive.” After thinking about it, Mike put his arms around his chest and gave his own advice, “You can just ask his family for the address. “

Avery’s face was heavy, “If I could get in touch with his family, I wouldn’t have come up with this method. They don’t answer my calls now. but they were afraid of angering me, so they allowed me to talk to Adrian.”

Mike: “What about the police?”

“I have no reason or position to call the police and let the police intervene.” Avery reasoned with him, “Adrian and them are family, I’m not. And they regard Adrian’s mental retardation as a reason. It is reasonable to restrict the freedom of Adrian. The police will not care at all, unless…”

“Unless what?”

Avery sighed, “Unless you ask Elliot to come forward. I said this. I’ll fix it myself. And he’s been very busy lately. I don’t want to bother him. So I’ll try it with a drone first! What if I can find someone?”

“Okay! I’ll help you. If I can help you find Adrian, it will be regarded as a wedding gift for you, otherwise I really don’t know what to give you.” Mike took the job and cursed at the same time. “Elliot That b*stard, bought you so many jewels, it’s amazing to be rich!”

“He was stimulated last night.” Avery added the price tag of all the jewels last night, and the total price was more than $50,000 to $100,000.

And that doesn’t even include the gifts he buys for the kids.

He’s crazy, it’s really scary.

Nathan came home with 10 million, and lit a cigarette in a depressed mood.

Zion asked with a frown, “Dad, what should we do next? In the past, Rosalie Foster gave us more than ten million dollars! Elliot is too stingy! Is he treating us as beggars?!”

“His wings are very hard! This is Aryadelle, his territory. He can kill us as easily as ants. We can’t rashly contradict him, or he will really kill us.” Nathan snorted. With a cigarette, he began his next plan in his heart.

Zion said, “Avery called Adrian this morning. I didn’t know what to say, but he hung up soon. This Avery is really interesting. She is about to get married, and she is still thinking about other men! I’m still thinking about a fool!”

Nathan muttered, “This fool is the last bargaining chip in our hands. At least Adrian listens to us now! Elliot, a rebel, asking him for money is like killing him. It’s better to push Adrian up and make Adrian the boss of Sterling Group!”

“I’m afraid that the Foster family will snatch someone from us!” Zion frowned.

Nathan said coldly, “Henry has already sold his ancestral home, what’s there to be afraid of! I’m thinking about whether to talk to Avery. I see that Elliot’s b*stard treats Avery which is very obedient!”

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