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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1008 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1008

Avery finished talking to him on the phone, and returned to Tammy’s house with Robert in her arms.

“Why are you smiling? Are you okay?” Tammy asked.

“Well. I called him just now, and he said that he doesn’t remember what happened last night. I don’t bother to ask, I’m going to marry him, if I don’t have the most basic trust in him, let alone a lifetime? “

Avery’s words made Jun heave a sigh of relief.

“Avery, I was talking to Tammy just now, would you run to Brother Elliot with Robert to quarrel? Tammy said no, she said you would send Robert home first, and then run away. Quarrel with Brother Elliot.” Jun couldn’t help laughing and crying.

Unexpectedly, both of them predicted wrong.

Avery couldn’t help laughing.

If it was before, she might really have guessed like the two of them and caught Elliot’s handle and went to him immediately!

Avery reflected, “I can give enough tolerance and understanding to others, but only when I face him, it always burns a little bit. After we talked about it last time, I found that he was hiding everything about me. So he concealed me, not because he didn’t trust me, but because letting me know would not help, but would increase my psychological burden.”

Jun said, “Avery, it’s really good for you to think this way. I believe that your decision to remarry this time must have been carefully considered, and you will cherish this relationship even more in the future.”

Tammy said, “You still haven’t gone to work?”

“I’ll go right now.” Before Jun left, his fingers lightly pinched Robert’s little face, “Uncle is going to work! He will come and play with you another day!”

After Jun left, Tammy stopped disguising her emotions.

“Avery, Jun especially liked children.”

Avery said, “Most people will like children when they reach a certain age.”

“He has a box that contains figures he collected before. He won’t let me touch it. I opened the box yesterday and found a love letter in it.” Tammy said with a bad face, “he gave it to a girl. In the love letter, he fantasized about having a child with that girl.”

Avery didn’t expect that the main reason for Tammy’s emotional loss was not the period, but the love letter.

“That’s all in the past. Who didn’t do some childish things when they were young?” Avery explained.

“But I opened his whatsapp while he was asleep last night, and saw the girl’s name in his friend list.” The pain on Tammy’s face was undisguised, “I always thought that Jun had only one girl in his heart that is me but I didn’t expect it! Are men more attentive? Just like Elliot lied to you last night, you thought he lied to you for your own good. Is it possible that he was fooling around with other women last night? “

Avery’s face suddenly turned crimson.

“Avery, I’m sorry. My own feelings are not going well, and it affects you…” Tammy grabbed Avery’s cool finger, “I think you have a good relationship. Don’t you say that things are like gathering people and dividing them into groups? “

“Then what are you going to do?” Avery held her hand back and asked.

“I’m going to observe first. There’s nothing in the chat box between him and that woman. It’s better if there’s nothing, or I won’t be able to swallow it when I find out.” Tammy seemed to mutter to herself.

“Tammy, ​​why don’t you tell him directly?”

“I’m afraid he will say that I rummaged through his things.” Tammy lowered her eyes, “He treats me very well now, and I’m afraid to break this beautiful appearance.”

Avery knew that Tammy had not yet stepped out of the shadow of the kidnapping case, so her character became inferior and less confident.

“Tammy, ​​let’s stop thinking about these unhappy things.” Avery changed the subject with a smile, “Robert called her mother, but she did not call her father.”

Tammy quickly adjusted her mood, “Because Elliot took him less. When you two live together, Robert will soon learn to call Dad.”

Avery nodded.

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