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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1007 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1007

“If you don’t tell Ms. Tate in private that you have been here with us, Ms. Tate won’t come to me to ask, right?” The person in charge said cautiously.

Elliot couldn’t pick out any faults from his words.


Avery took Robert to Tammy’s house as a guest.

Tammy was on her period today, and her mood is a little down, so Avery brought Robert over to accompany her.

Besides, Avery also wanted to find out who the friend who was drinking with Elliot last night was.

“Brother Elliot was drunk? Is it impossible? I haven’t seen Brother Elliot drunk before!” Jun reacted a little violently after hearing what Avery said, “I basically heard of Brother Elliot’s friends. Well, I didn’t hear that he had friends over to play last night!”

Tammy teased Robert and interjected: “Avery, either Elliot lied to you, or Jun and Elliot are in a brotherly relationship.”

Jun immediately Said: “then it’s me and Elliot brother plastic love! I’d rather I be with Elliot brother plastic love, I don’t want to see the two of you quarreling again!”

Avery smiled: “I won’t quarrel with him. I’m just a little worried about him. Because he said last night that he wanted to come to see Robert, but he didn’t come because of something. At night, Mrs. Scarlet called again to say that he was very drunk… Absolutely, or you Ask Ben Schaffer to see if Ben Schaffer knows who he was drinking with last night.”

“Oh, I’ll ask right away.”

“Don’t say I asked.”

“Understood. You just want to care about him silently.” After Jun finished speaking, he dialed Ben Schaffer’s number.

Call was quickly connected.

“Didn’t he leave a bunch of executives to go home to see his son last night?” Ben Schaffer wondered after hearing Jun’s question, “Where did you hear that he drank with his friends last night? Why haven’t I heard of it at all?”

Jun opened hands-free.

Ben Schaffer’s reaction basically concluded that Elliot lied last night.

“It’s all right, Brother Ben, I’ll ask casually.” Jun hung up the phone.

Tammy looked at Avery and couldn’t help telling the truth: “This man lied to you again.”

Avery smiled, “He probably doesn’t want me to worry! I talked to him last night on the phone. I can tell that he was not in a good mood.”

“Then why don’t you go and ask him about it? I’m just here for my aunt. I come every month, so you don’t have to accompany me.” Tammy was reluctant to bear Robert. “Baby Robert is so good, you must never lie like your father in the future!”

“Brother Elliot must have encountered something when he was drunk.” Jun said, “Avery, you go to him first.”

When Avery heard the words, she picked Robert up from Tammy’s side.”Then I’ll go first.”

After leaving Tammy’s house, Avery first called Elliot and asked him where he was.

“I’m in the company, what’s wrong?” Elliot voice has returned to his usual calm and composure.

As if the drunk Elliot last night was another person.

“Didn’t you get drunk last night? Didn’t you have a headache today?” Avery said incredulously.

Elliot said lightly, “It hurts a bit, but I can bear it. I was drunk last night, didn’t I tell you any nonsense?”

“You mean, you don’t remember what happened last night?” Avery took a deep breath.

“I don’t remember much. I only remember that I talked to you on the phone and asked you to accompany me but you didn’t agree…” Elliot narrowed his deep eyes, trying to use a light topic to allay her concerns.

Avery frowned, “Others are talking nonsense when they are drunk. How can you beat me when you are drunk? Last night, I clearly said that I wanted to come over to accompany you, but you refused to let me go…”

“Really?” Elliot blamed himself, “it’s my fault. Then come and accompany me tonight!”

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