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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1002 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1002

Starry River Villa.

Avery received a message from Elliot, “I have something to do at the moment, I will see my son tomorrow.”

Avery replied, “Good.”

After replying to the news, Avery looked at her daughter: “Baby, your father won’t be here tonight, so you don’t have to change your clothes.”

Layla put down the new skirt. She was holding in her arms with a disappointed face.

“Why didn’t Dad come?”

“He has something to do temporarily, and he will come back tomorrow.” Avery comforted his daughter, “In addition to being your father, he also manages his company and he’s preparing our wedding. So he’s been very busy recently.”

Layla nodded with puffed cheeks, feeling a little resentful in her heart: “If my brother learns to call ‘Dad’ today, I’m sure he’ll come running no matter how busy he is!”

“Haha, You’re right.” Avery didn’t expect her daughter to be funny at such a young age.

The other side.

Elliot and the White family’s father and son sat opposite each other.

The bodyguard was screened off by him.

He wondered what flowers they could make up about his background.

“Do you know that there is a paternity test?” Elliot looked at them coldly.

He couldn’t see his shadow at all on Nathan’s face.

How could this old b*stard be his own father?

As for him and Zion, they are even more alike!

Nathan almost laughed out loud: “Even if I’m f*cking illiterate, I don’t have no common sense! If I weren’t your father, would I dare to come to you?”

Elliot’s face suddenly darkened.

Zion said: “If you don’t believe it, you can do a paternity test with your father.”

Elliot looked at their determined expressions. He immediately picked up the phone, found a number and dialed it.

“I know it’s hard for you to accept this reality now, but facts speak louder than words. No matter how bad I am or how good you are, when you see me, you have to call me Dad! I am your father!” Nathan raised his chin proudly when he said this.

Elliot’s eyes flashed coldly, and the burning anger was forcibly suppressed.

“If you are my father, who is my mother?” A terrible thought came to Elliot when he asked the question.

Shouldn’t it, his mother is still Rosalie Foster?

“Your mother was a liquor seller in a Dance Bar… It’s nice to say that liquor seller, in fact, she could do anything as long as she gives some money.” Nathan said here, revealing a greasy and evil look “Your mother doesn’t know how many men she has had children with. So she doesn’t remember your existence at all. She would never have dreamed that Elliot, a well-known figure in Aryadelle, was actually born to her! Hahahaha !”

Elliot fists were clenched tightly, and bloodthirsty murderous aura appeared in his eyes!

“You don’t need to be so angry.” Zion said immediately when he saw that he seemed to want to act, “This plan was arranged by Rosalie Foster! The real mother you thought was also a cold-blooded and ruthless woman!”

It was Rosalie Foster plan!

Rosalie Foster always knew that Elliot was not her biological son, but she treated him as if Elliot was her own. Is she acting too well, or has she played herself for so many years?

No, Rosalie Foster has always been sober.

Because she drew up a will very early and left most of her property to her own son, Henry.

For this reason, she also explained to Elliot specially that she said that Henry had no ability, so she did it herself.

He didn’t think her behavior was biased before, but now it seems that she has already figured it out!

What hurts most in her heart is her own son.

And she treated Elliot as her own son, just because of the honor and halo that Elliot brought to the Foster family!

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