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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1000 | Simple Silence

Chapter 1000

Avery took the blueprint and glanced at him, then replied, “Who said that my beauty is for Elliot to see? Can’t I show it to myself? Can’t I show you?”

Mike snorted, “You patient lived very close to Elliot! It’s quite a coincidence.”

The blueprint Mike gave her was a simple map drawn by him.

The red dot in the middle of the picture is Elliot’s villa. To the southeast of him, there is another red dot, which is the approximate direction of the cloud phone signal.

Mike said, “There is no way to get a more accurate position. I have only this position. Didn’t you say that Elliot supports you? If you ask Elliot to send someone to search for a nearby house, you will definitely be able to find your patient.”

Avery put away the drawings and shook her head: “Elliot’s busy with the wedding now, I’ll find it myself!”

“How do you find it? Let the bodyguard find it.” Mike was afraid that something would happen to her. “Just stay at ease and wait for the best beautiful bride.”

Avery said to him, “Mike, I know you’re worried about me. I’m not in danger for the time being, and I didn’t say to go to him immediately. Now that I know where he is, I feel more at ease. I’m done.”

“Oh, then I’ll go to work first.” Mike strode out.

After Mike left, Avery unfolded the drawing again.

she was still familiar with Elliot’s house. Elliot’s villa was a single-family house surrounded by greenery for several hundred meters.

From his villa to the main road, there is at least a distance of two kilometers. And the drawings given by Mike showed that the cloud ink was a large piece next to the main road.

There is a community there, and many people live there. If She go door-to-door to find it, it is tantamount to looking for a needle in a haystack.

Besides, she thought of something even scarier.

Nathan brought his family to settle in Aryadelle and chose to live near Elliot’s villa. Is it a coincidence or intentional?

It seemed that Avery had to find a chance to have a good chat with Nathan but she don’t know if he is out of the hospital now.

In the evening. After dinner, Avery took Layla and Robert for a walk in the community.

Avery pushed the baby stroller, and Layla took her arm and told her what happened at school today.

“Mom, we are all psychological counseling classes this week, and we won’t start classes until next week.”

“Well, Mom knows. The teacher informed the class group.”

“Mom, I feel that today’s psychology teacher is like a grandmother.”

“Do you remember what grandma looked like?” Avery thought of her mother and said sadly, “If she was still alive, she would be very happy to see you so beautiful and brave now.”

“Of course I remember what grandma looked like. Mom is Grandma’s daughter, mother looks like grandma!”

Layla’s voice was settled, and a cute voice came from the cart, “Mom!”

Avery and Layla were stunned.

Did my son speak? !

Robert opened his mouth to call mother!


Sterling Group.

Elliot went to the wedding banquet during the day and didn’t return to the company until the afternoon, so he was working overtime at the company.

The executives work overtime with him.

The mobile phone rang on the table, Elliot saw Avery’s call and immediately answered.

Avery’s voice came excitedly, “Elliot! Robert called his mother! I asked my son to call for you! His voice is so soft and cute! He looks like a little girl!”

Avery said to Robert after finishing speaking: “Baby, call me mom again.”

Robert looked at Avery’s gentle face, and opened his mouth obediently: “Mom!”

The sound of ‘Mom’ clearly fell into Elliot’s ears.

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