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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 941

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 941

Chelsea sneered in despair. “I know. As of now, I can only let myself be hit and I can’t fight back. If I did, everything I have left now will be taken away by you.”

Chelsea’s words jolted Tammy’s memory. With Elliot and Jun lending their support for her, she was never going to let Chelsea off the hook!

She rushed up to Chelsea and gave her such a fast, tight slap that Chelsea did not even have the time to cover her ears! The slap caused Chelsea’s mask to fall off.

“You’re a maggot, Chelsea! You don’t want anyone to see your face, but that’s exactly what I’m going to do! You’ve got it coming for you! You’ll die the most miserable of deaths!” Tammy’s anger did not seem to decrease one bit and she raised her hand once more to vent out all the rage that she had in her.

Elliot watched coldly at one side without interfering. Jun held Tammy in his arms and turned her around. “Tammy! We’re in a police station! You can’t beat her up here! She’ll get her punishment for sure! And besides, if anyone’s getting their revenge on her, it should be me! Can you please listen to me?!”

Tammy pursed her lips as two streams of hot tears trickled down her face.

She did not want to talk about it again and so she changed the topic. “Why isn’t Avery here?” “I didn’t allow her to come,” Elliot replied. “Let’s head home. She’s worried about you.” Jun carried Tammy up and left the police station with Elliot.

Chelsea covered her hot face with her hands and watched them leave.

“Ms. Tierney, your mask.” Chelsea’s bodyguard handed her the mask.

Chelsea threw the mask away and said angrily, “There’s no point wearing it! I’m not going to wear it anymore! Everyone already knows how ugly I am anyway!”

ed… That evening, Elliot brought Tammy to Avery’s house. Avery hugged Tammy as soon as they saw each23 other.

“I was too impulsive today, Avery,” Tammy said softly. “You were worried about me, weren’t you? I’ll try my best to control myself in the future…”

Avery patted her on the back and said softly, “It’s alright. There are times when you need to vent your feelings or else they’ll suffocate36 you.” “Yeah… Well, I’ve decided that I’m going to see a psychiatrist.” Tammy let go of her and informed Avery of her decision. “Okay, I’ll come with you3a tomorrow.”

“It’s fine, I’ll bring Jun with me.” Tammy had calmed herself down considerably. “I’m feeling

a little tired right now, so it’s about time I go back home.” “Okay, Rest well when you’re home and don’t overthink.” Avery saw her out. “You need to let it out next time if there’s something in your mind. Don’t keep it to yourself and carry the burdends alone.”

“Okay.” After Jun brought Tammy back, Avery and Elliot inadvertently made eye43 contact. “You should leave. Hayden’s coming back soon!” Avery tried chasing him away. “He’ll be back a little later tonight. There’s still time for me to have dinner before I leave.”

Avery was surprised at how he so shamelessly tried to get a free meal. “You can’t seriously be that against the thought of letting me have a meal, right?” Elliot frowned. “I skipped lunch just to pick Tammy up. I don’t even know if I have the strength to walk out of your courtyard gate If you don’t let me eat something…” “Okay! Fine! Just stop talking and eat something!” Avery glared at him. When he saw how reluctant she was, he said, “Maybe I should just leave.” He then turned around and walked to the door. Avery immediately grabbed Elliot’s arm without hesitation!

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