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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 934

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 934

Back at the Starry River Villa, Avery was feeling much better compared to during the day. Aside from feeling a little exhausted, her stomach did not hurt anymore.

After having a warm and pleasant dinner, she brought the two children to the living room and took out the gifts both she and Elliot had prepared for them.

Elliot asked her not to tell them that those gifts were from him, but she could not fulfill that request of his because she did not want to lie to the children. “Why are there four gifts, Mommy?” Layla’s eyes sparkled as she looked at the four gift boxes. She was very excited to open all the gifts.

“Mommy bought these two, and Daddy bought the other two.” Avery made a point to pay special attention to Hayden’s expression when she said that.

When Hayden heard the word ‘Daddy’, his warm expression turned cold in an instant. “Let’s open the gifts and see what’s inside!” Avery picked up the gift that Elliot bought first because she knew that Hayden would leave if he opened her gift first.

Avery was just as curious as to what kind of gifts Elliot bought.

Given how much importance Elliot had placed on the children, she had a feeling that he bought stuff the children would like.

Avery opened the first gift and took out an exquisite-looking little box.

Before Avery even opened it, Layla immediately exclaimed, “This must be for me! It’s definitely a beautiful hairpin inside!”

Avery smiled and handed the box to Layla. “Go ahead and open it then.” Layla took the gift box excitedly and opened it.

A pink heart-shaped diamond came into Layla’s view, sparkling brightly underneath theed


Layla opened her mouth in shock and awe!

“What a huge diamond!” Mrs. Cooper held Robert and watched from one side. The diamond inside the box came as a big surprise tole her.

Layla trembled as she took it out of the box.

It was a very huge, raw94 diamond!

“Why did Daddy give me this diamond? I can’t wear it around my neck or clip it on my hair. Is it supposed to be a toy?” Layla joked. She then tossed the diamond in the air like a pebble and caught it.

“What do you want to turn it into? I can always bring it to a jewelry store and let someone turn it into something else,” Avery explained. “Don’t throw it around! It’s expensive, and you

wouldn’t want to break18 it.”

“Oh! I have an idea! Could you bring it to the store and tell them to make a magic wand for me? “Layla allowed her imagination to run wild. “It’ll be so cool if this diamond was placed on top of the magic wand!”

Avery was speechless. She opened the gift that Elliot bought for Hayden and took out a tiger shaped robot fromd3 it.

The robot was not very big and was about the size of a large piggy bank “What’s this?!” Layla looked at the little tigercb curiously. Avery took out the instruction manual from the box and read it before handing it over to her daughter. “This is a smart robot.”

“Whoa! Hayden likes robots the most!” Layla said as she took the little tiger. “Put it down, Layla!” Hayden frowned. “I don’t want his gift!” Layla pouted. “Suit yourself! If you don’t want this cute little tiger, I’ll take it!” She had already found the robot’s power button and pressed it. “Good evening, Master! I’m Tiggie, the tiger who knows all! Ask me a question!” Layla asked, “Tiggie, Tiggie! My brother doesn’t want you. What are you going to do about that?” Tiggie was silent for a few seconds before letting out a burst of screams!

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