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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 930

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 930

At Elliot’s house. He returned home and was about to head upstairs when Mrs. Scarlet called out after him.

“Master Elliot, there is something I wonder if you’ve heard about?”

Elliot turned around and looked at Mrs. Scarlet. “What is it?”

“It’s about the old mansion.” Mrs. Scarlet had a heavy expression. “Your brother is planning to sell it.”

Elliot’s gaze darkened a little. “Who did you hear it from?”

“My nephew is into real estate. He called and told me.” Mrs. Scarlet’s eyes reddened and glistened with tears, “Master Foster, your brother surely must have run out of money, which is why he is selling the mansion. Sigh! How could he bear to do it!”

“Are you trying to ask me to give him money?” Elliot put both hands in his pocket. He looked straight at Mrs. Scarlet.

She shook her head furiously, “Of course you can’t give them money! They are ungrateful people. Madam Rosalie treated them so well, yet they killed her! I thought that you might want to buy the old mansion. Even if you don’t stay there, it’s better to not let others move in too. If the old mansion were to switch owners, others will surely talk about the Fosters.”

Mrs. Scarlet was doing this for the Fosters’ reputation, so she suggested this to Elliot.

Elliot was wealthy. It was not a problem for him to buy the old mansion.

“I’ll get someone to go take a look tomorrow,” Elliot said, “Go to bed!”

“Have you had your dinner?” Mrs. Scarlet asked immediately, “I’ve made dinner, but you did not return to eat, so it’s still on the table.”

If Mrs. Scarlet did not ask him about it, he would not have realized that he had not had dinner yet.

He went straight to the Starry River Villa after work. When he arrived at Avery’s house, they had already finished their meal.

Elliot walked over to the dining hall. Mrs. Scarlet immediately reheated the dishes.

“Master Elliot, how was spending time with the children?” Mrs. Scarlet askeded Elliot.

“Not too good.” Elliot furrowed his brows. His tone was a little cold. “Hayden hates me. I even made Robert cry. Layla also did not dare to come close to me.”

He was feeling utterlyle terrible.

In business, he had full control of everything. How was he such a failure when it came to his children?

Mrs. Scarlet was a little stunned. She quickly walked over to Elliot and asked, “Master Elliot, how did that94 happen?”

“I was too impatient.” He summed up his mistake. “I wanted to reconcile with Hayden so badly it made him hate me even more.”

“Oh…Hayden’s character is quite like you. If you rushed it, it would never work,” Mrs. Scarlet comforted him, “Hayden listens to Avery. As long as you maintain a good relationship with Avery, Hayden will come to accept you sooner or18 later.”

“I understand, but every time I see him, I can’t help but want to get close to him.” Elliot swallowed his saliva and said remorsefully, “I don’t like children, but my children are different.”

Mrs. Scarlet chuckled. “Yes. There are no parents on this earth that wouldn’t like theird3 children.”

Elliot said, “Have you forgotten about my father?”

The smile on Mrs. Scarlet’s face vanished. “I’m sorry. I forgot about him. Master Elliot, you should forget about him too! Don’t think about all those painful memories. You are different from him. I believe that even if you and Avery’s children unfortunately have the condition, you would never abuse your children. You will still love them as much as you do rightcb now.” “I’m not so sure about that.” Elliot’s chest heaved.

He said bitterly, “Sometimes, I can’t control my emotions. Just like tonight. I could have gently handled the situation with Hayden, but I grabbed him roughly. Maybe I’m like my father, having a tendency to violence. His blood flows in my vein. I inherited his violent genes. I can’t promise that I will be better than him.” Mrs. Scarlet said, “Master Elliot, stop saying that. No matter what other people say, no matter how you think about it. In the servants’ eyes, you are a thousand times better than your father!

She turned and entered the kitchen.

At the Starry River Villa, Avery was with Hayden throughout his dinner. The lively atmosphere at home soon resumed.

“Robert, why don’t I play some piano for you?” Layla held Robert’s hand. “I learned a new piece this weekend. Let me play for you!” Avery looked at the time. “Layla, it’s late. You should go to bed, if not you won’t be able to get up tomorrow.

Play for Robert after school tomorrow!” “But I want to play the piano now.” Layla was not sleepy. She did not want to go to bed. At that moment, Hayden walked over. “Go upstairs, I’ll listen to you.” Layla pouted. She was reluctant. “But I only want to play for Robert.”

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