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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 927

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 927

Should he let Elliot in or not?

Mike did not have any grudges against Elliot. If it were not for Avery, Mike would have welcomed him in.

Just as Mike was pondering this question, the bodyguard walked over and opened the door for Elliot.

Mike was bewildered.

If Avery was home. She would surely loudly question the bodyguard, “Whose side are you on?”

Mike had been questioned by her more than once.

“Avery’s not home, so you’ve become the master of the house!” Mike said sarcastically to the bodyguard. The bodyguard looked indignant. “Even if I don’t open the door, you will open it. We’ll just say that you opened it later.”

Mike said, “Not only will you act first and ask for forgiveness later, but you also know how to shift the blame!”

The bodyguard ignored him, turned around, and left. Elliot approached Mike and asked, “Are the children home?”

Mike raised his eyebrows. “I knew you came here for the children. Don’t you find it embarrassing? You’re the high and mighty President of the Sterling Group. If you want to see the children, you can come at any time. Must you sneakily come over when their mother is not around? Do you think I won’t tell Avery? Even if I didn’t tell her, the children will!”

Elliot ignored Mike’s jabs.

He fished out two tickets from his pocket. “These are two tickets to a play that Chad likes. It’s at eight this evening. Do you want them?”

“Are you sure that Chad likes them?”

“Why don’t you take it and asked him?” Mike pondered for two seconds before taking the tickets. “If I’m going to see a play, the children…” “Mrs. Cooper is around. Don’t worry. I’ll leave after a while,” Elliotie said. Mike was still worried. “What if Avery video-calls later?” “If she does that, it shouldn’t be something you should worry about.” Elliot had already considered the worst possible scenario. “At most, she’ll give you a scolding. In the end, I’m the only one she94 hates.”

“Oh, it’s not that serious! She said you and her are not enemies. I don’t think she will say anything about you coming to see the children,” Mike consoled him. At the same time, he was

consoling himself. After Mike left, Elliot went to the living area. Mrs. Cooper poured him a cup of water before taking Robert to see18 him. “Layla is doing her homework. She will be out after she’s done,” Mrs. Cooper said with a smile. Elliot took a sip of water and reached his hands out to carry Robert.

Mrs. Cooper immediately passed Robert tod3 him. Robert was almost six months old. He was much bigger than when he was born. Carrying him at that moment, Elliot would not be worried if he fell. Also, his facial features have grown too. Elliot found Robert getting more and more handsome. He liked him evencb more. “He is sleeping longer through the night. Growing day by day. When he is one year old.

He will learn how to talk and walk. It would be even more fun,” Mrs. Cooper said. “Hmm, where is Hayden?” “He has training at night. I heard that there is an international competition in June, but there was only one place in his class, so he is undergoing intense training. He sometimes returns home earlier, sometimes later. The bodyguard will be with him, don’t worry,” Mrs. Cooper explained. “Does he find it tough?” Elliot was worried that Hayden’s body could not handle the stress.

“No. Even if it is tough, he wouldn’t tell us. He’s like you. He never says that he is tired. No matter what he does, he wants to do it the best he can,” Mrs. Cooper sighed and said, ” Actually, it’s quite exhausting that way. Avery never set high standards for him too.” As night arrived, the streetlamps outside lit up.

A taxi stopped right in front of the courtyard. Avery opened the car door and got out of the car. When she saw the black Rolls-Roice in the courtyard, she was a little stunned. She immediately quickened her steps toward the villa.

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