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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 925

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 925

Adrian must be delighted, right? Although his family might not welcome her that happily, they were all polite people. They would most probably not chase her away.

When she passed by a florist, Avery stopped her car by the side of the road. She picked a fresh bouquet of carnations. After paying, she entered her car with the bouquet in her hands.

She was once again on the road. She needed to go past two traffic lights and go forward for another two kilometers or so before she would reach the Whites.

She was humming a song. It was green all the way. The traffic was smooth all the way to the Whites.

She parked her car outside the Whites’ courtyard.

She got out of the car and saw that the gate was locked. She looked at the shut door of the mansion too. It seemed like no one was home. She furrowed her brows and fished her phone out. She found Nathan, Adrian’s father’s contact, and dialed him. She had thought of the worst-case scenario. Perhaps Nathan had blocked her number. However, the call connected.

“Mr. White. I’m by your house. I see that your doors are shut. Are you all not at home?” Avery inhaled nervously.

“Miss Tate! I’m sorry! We are out on holiday now. I’m afraid we can’t welcome you in!” Nathan could not hide the arrogance in his tone. “If there is nothing else, I’m going to hang up. By the way, my son is doing well. You don’t have to worry.”

“Hold up!” Avery said sternly, “Adrian has just finished his surgery. He needs to rest! How could you take him out on a holiday? Even if he wants to go, he can’t! Aren’t you afraid that something might happen to him on the way?” Nathan harrumphed coldly. “Miss Tate. I think I have paid you the surgery fees, right? I don’t need you to order me around. It’s rude of you!”

Then, he hung up.

Avery heard the disconnecting tone. She clenched her fingers. That old man has crossed the line! She has finally seen his true colors! He never cared if Adrian lived or died! However, she did not understand. If he did not care whether Adrian lived or died, why would he spend so much money to cure him?

Adrian’s condition was better now, but he was still treated kindly. What was Nathan trying toed do?

Avery held her phone and walked over to the other mansion. The other mansion’s door was open. Avery entered the courtyard, and a dog immediately ran out, barking at her. Avery was so frightened that she stopped in her tracks. Thankfully, the master of the dog

heard the barks. She soon came out to order her dog tole leave. “Hello, your neighbor, Adrian White. I am his doctor. I am Avery Tate,” Avery introduced herself, “I came to check up on Adrian today, but they are not home…” “Oh, I know you! You’re amazing!” The lady greeted Avery passionately, “But my neighbors have moved houses.

They moved the day before yesterday. If you were to come the day before yesterday, you might have seen94 them!” Avery was flabbergasted. She recalled what Nathan said to her a moment ago. “I just called him. He said that he brought his family on a holiday. Are you sure that they moved18 houses?”

“Yes! I saw them moving a lot of luggage. Who brings so many things on a holiday?” The lady lowered her voice and said, “Doctor Tate, don’t get yourself too close to this family. They are a rather strange family.” “Strange? In whatd3 way?”

“They are a mysterious bunch. We have been neighbors for so many years, yet they have never spoken to us once. Don’t you find it strange?” The lady said confusedly, “They have been staying here for a long time. I wonder why they suddenly moved.” A bad feeling rose in Avery’s heart. She felt as if she was about to jump into a hugecb trap!

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