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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 922

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 922

“What about my thoughts?” Avery pushed Mike’s hand away. “Since when has he ever considered my thoughts?”.

Mike was a little baffled. “Why don’t you call him and ask?”

Avery said, “Why should I call him? If he wanted to know what my thoughts are, why doesn’t he ask me himself?”

Mike said, “Oh, should I get him to call you?”

“Mike, whose side are you on?”

“Yours, of course! If I was on Elliot’s side, I would help him pursue you no matter what! If not, he wouldn’t be in so much pain now.”

Avery did not doubt Mike’s loyalty to her.

“I’m planning to go to Bridgedale. The company is doing fine recently. The children are doing quite well. I’ll go there and come back soon,” Avery said. Mike said, “What? Are you going to see that patient? It takes a day for you to go there and return. The children’s birthday is in a few days. Do you want to go after the birthday party instead?”

Avery thought about this. Adrian has called her twice. She did indeed want to go and have a look and see what was going on with him. Although it was quite time-consuming going there and heading back, she was used to the flying. She did not find it tiring.

In the evening, at Elliot’s house.

Ben called Elliot a few times, but he did not pick up his calls, so he went to his house, but Elliot was not around.

They had fought in the afternoon. To put it more accurately, it was Elliot scolding Ben. Elliot screenshotted the chat he had with Ben previously and sent it to Ben. He asked Ben since when did he say he wanted to cut ties with Avery?

Of course, Ben tried hard to get him to understand that he said that was all for his own good.

It was just that Elliot did not accept it.

Elliot got Ben to go on a business trip. This business trip was supposed to be done by a manager of the company. At that moment, Elliot got Ben to go. It was considered a punishment because Elliot was sending Ben to a country with a bad economy. He was sent there for at least half a month. Of course, Ben was not willing to go. Ben still planned on attending Hayden and Layla’s birthdayed party! Just because Ben was not willing to go, Elliot fell out with him. Ben regretted it terribly at that moment. He gave in and planned to go on the business trip. It was just that before going on the trip, he wanted to properly talk tole Elliot. Ben was standing in the courtyard, calling Chad.

“Chad, do you really not know where he has gone to? He has never been so angry at me before! “Ben was feeling terrible. “I was doing it for him. It’s fine if he doesn’t understand, but he even put me in exile because of94 Avery.” “Ben, it’s just for half a month. It’s not considered exile,” Chad comforted him. “How is that not considered exile? You know how terrible the environment there is. How could I take such suffering?” Ben adjusted his glasses. “Elliot isn’t worried that I won’t make it out of there18 alive.”

“Ben, it won’t be that bad.” Chad did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Why don’t you come withd3 me?” “No can do.” Chad offered him a suggestion. “Why don’t you apologize to Avery and get Avery to help you put in some good words with Elliot? This is the only solution I can think of for now.” Ben did not feel that he did anything wrong. Why did he have to apologize tocb Avery?

“Chad, the only reason why Avery could do whatever she wanted was that Elliot and all of you gave in to her, which is why she doesn’t know her place!” Ben stood in the courtyard and gushed, “I have never seen such an arrogant, bossy, and cocky woman like her…”

Chad said, “Ben, they all mean the same thing.” “I know! It’s important, so I must emphasize it!” Ben gritted his teeth and said, “I will never apologize to her! I did nothing wrong! Even if I had to repeat it all again, I’ll still say that they are incompatible! They are incompatible, yet they don’t let people talk about it. A couple with a strong relationship will never be afraid of people talking behind their back!” Ben felt much better after saying all those things.

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