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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 921

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 921

The car window rolled down and Mike’s face appeared in front of them. “Hey! You two! What are you doing in front of the office? Sunbathing?” Mike teased, “It’s almost lunch. I suggest that you two find a restaurant to sit down and slowly fight it out. It’s bad to fight in front of the office.”

Avery’s expressions turned a little colder.

Elliot said, “Lunch?”

Avery replied, “I’m not having it with you.” Then, she turned around and headed back to the office.

Mike honked and said to Elliot, “Buy me lunch!”

Elliot swept him a cold glance and planned to leave.

“Buy me lunch and I’ll bring back lunch for Avery too!” Mike called out after him. Elliot stopped in his tracks. They found a restaurant nearby and sat down. Mike ordered food for Avery and wrote her number down. He got the waiter to directly deliver it to her. Elliot furrowed his brows. “You’re exposing her privacy!”

Mike tutted. “Avery always orders from here!”.

Elliot was speechless.

“Do you think that everyone is like you, getting their assistants and secretary to run around while you hide in your office being the big boss,” Mike would never give up a single chance to mock him.

As long as he thought about how Chad’s job every day was to serve Elliot, he would be extremely unhappy about it.

“Mike, we’re adults. Let’s not beat around the bush. Do you know what Avery is thinking about?” Elliot picked up his cup and drank some water.

Mike replied, “Didn’t you say you wanted to draw the line with Avery? Now you look aggrieved as if Avery did something wrong. You’reed funny.”

“Since when did I say that I wanted to draw the line with Avery?” Elliot slammed his cup on the table.

Mike saw the water splashing out of Elliot’s cup. He remained calm. “Ben said it! The day that Jun got married, after Tammy’s incident. We went to visit their new house. Ben said that you realized that you are incompatible with Avery, so you won’t get entangled with her again in the future…so I told Avery this when I returnie home!”

“I know you’ll call me a messenger. You can call me whatever you want. Avery and I are much closer than Chad and you! Whatever I know about, I will surely tell her!” Mike added.

The coldness in Elliot’s eyes faded a94 little.


“What are you chuckling about?” Mike glared at him. “I’m not Avery, don’t try to be strange with me. Of course, I do think it’s a little inappropriate that she didn’t invite you to the children’s birthday18 party.” Elliot said, “I didn’t say what Ben said.” Mike replied,d3 “What?” Elliot said, “I never said I wanted to draw the line with Avery. We have three children. Why should I draw the line?”

Mike said, “Tell this to Avery! Why are you telling mecb this?” Elliot said, “Didn’t you tell her that I wanted to draw the line with her?”

Mike was speechless. Bloody hell! He was only spreading the gossip, yet Elliot treated him as a messenger?

After lunch, Mike returned to the office and went straight to Avery’s office. Avery saw him enter. Her tone was cold. “I hear you went to lunch with Elliot.”

“Yes! I’m happy to spend his money.” Mike put both hands on her desk. He cleared his throat. “Uh. He told me to tell you that he didn’t say the things that Ben said.”

“Then, why did Ben say those things?” Avery looked at him doubtfully.

“Maybe Ben thought that this was beneath him, so he persuaded him to give up!” Mike patted Avery’s head. “He told me to ask what your thoughts are.”

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