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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 797

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 797

Tom’s Speechlessness

“Alright, I’ll have someone ready a set of oil-painting tools for the next time Mr. Barber gets angry.” Tom chuckled, to which Toby hummed in response. “I’ll leave it to you to decide.”

Nodding, Tom switched his smile into a frown. “Although Mr. Barber wouldn’t agree to buy Damon’s shares, Damon won’t sell them to us either, President Fuller. He says he would rather sit in jail with his shares than make things easy for us.” Looking at Toby, he then asked, “How do you want to deal with this?”

“Won’t make things easy for us?” Toby repeated as he crossed his legs. His expression was not easily distinguishable in the shadows, but the crook of his smile could lead someone to guess that he was in a very bad mood and was suppressing his anger at this moment. “Does he think that I wouldn’t be able to get the shares I had my eyes on even if he wouldn’t sell them to me?” Suddenly clenching his fists, he continued, “No, I will make him voluntarily sell those shares to me.”

“You have a solution, President Fuller?” Tom hurriedly turned to him.

At that point, Toby looked up and said coldly, “He has a son who likes betting, doesn’t he?”

“Yes.” Tom nodded and commented, “However, after the son was severely beaten and shut up at home by Damon, he’s rarely gone to bet. He doesn’t really have the money to, for the most part.”

Toby snorted. “If that’s the case, have someone draw his son out. I want his son to fall into the habit of betting again and losing everything he has. When the time comes, go and visit Damon in prison, and he’ll voluntarily sign the share sales agreement. After all, he has only one son and will not bear to watch the boy be crippled by his creditors just like that. No, Damon would find a way to help his son clear all those debts.”

At that point, no one could blame Toby for using such vicious and indiscriminate methods.

After all, Damon himself was the one who insisted on challenging Toby’s limit despite the latter’s initial tolerance.

Not to mention that if Toby had been the one to lose today, Damon wouldn’t have spared him so easily.

Besides, all was fair in the business world. Weren’t such vicious methods simply the way things worked?

Sure enough, Tom didn’t have any objections to Toby’s suggestion, and he simply nodded without hesitation. “Roger that, President Fuller. I’ll have it arranged. There’s another thing…”

“Tell me.” Toby pulled out his cell phone and spun it around a few times, thereafter tapping on the screen to get it to light up.

In truth, he had only wanted to check the time, not expecting that there would be two unread messages on his phone from Sonia.

The pleasant surprise made his expression gentle by quite a bit.

After that, he quickly opened the messages to see what Sonia had sent.

The first one was her thanking him for having someone deliver her breakfast. The second was to say that she had made him some stew and that someone was delivering it to the Fuller Group.

The message was from about half an hour ago.

Since Paradigm Co. was more than an hour from the Fuller Group, it was obvious that the stew hadn’t been delivered yet.

If Toby rushed back now, he would likely be able to receive the stew himself.

“Drive!” he snapped immediately, slamming his phone down.

Since Tom was still thinking about what he wanted to say to Toby, the sudden command made him jump and choke on his own spit. After coughing a few times, he asked with a red face, “Did something urgent happen, President Fuller?”

Toby grunted in acknowledgment, not bothering to elaborate.

Having no other choice, Tom could only shut up and start the car.

It wasn’t until the car had left the factory that Toby suddenly asked about the previous topic. “You said there was something else. What was it?”

Silently, Tom grimaced.

He had assumed that Toby had forgotten.

After tugging on his necktie with one hand, he finally admitted with a cough, “It’s nothing important, just that the lawyer I sent out to discuss compensation with Anya Steinfeld returned this morning, saying negotiations were complete.”

“Oh?” Toby glanced up to meet Tom’s eyes through the rearview mirror. “How much is she paying?”

“She agreed to cover the maintenance costs of the car without hesitation and transferred 300,000 into our account just like that. That’s not even taking into consideration your medical bills and follow-up treatment expenses,” Tom replied.

Startled, Toby paused before narrowing his eyes. “She paid 300,000 for fixing the car, just like that?”

“Yes.” Tom nodded.

“She must be rich.” Toby scoffed at that.

Not finding anything was amiss, Tom agreed with a chuckle, “After all, she did get full-body plastic surgery. Someone who could do that naturally isn’t poor.”

Toby hummed. “Well, since we’ve been compensated, you needn’t keep an eye on her anymore. She’s just an unrelated stranger.”

“Alright, President Fuller. I understand.” Once again, Tom nodded.

With that, Toby closed his eyes and ended the conversation. He was starting to look forward to the stew that Sonia made him.

He had no idea what kind of stew it was either.

As he thought about it, Toby found the smile on his face deepened to the point where he couldn’t suppress it no matter what.

Witnessing Toby’s lovesick expression through the rearview mirror, Tom couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

There was no doubt Toby was thinking about Sonia again.

Why would he smile so freely otherwise?

Now he was just mocking Tom as a bachelor!

Despite the resentment in his heart, Tom didn’t dare to say anything out loud and only continued to drive quietly.

Nearly an hour later, they arrived at the Fuller Group.

At first, Tom was about to drive the car directly into the parking lot, only to have Toby stop him by instructing, “Stop at the front entrance.”

Although he was surprised, Tom did as he was told and stopped at the entrance of the company building.

When Toby first officially took over the Fuller Group, he had ordered that no one be allowed to park outside the front entrance, even just temporarily.

Now, it turned out that the first person to break that rule was none other than Toby himself.

It wasn’t the only time he had broken a rule, either—there was also the time when his cell phone had rung during a meeting.

As Tom heard from the people who attended that meeting, Toby got angry once the phone started ringing—assuming it belonged to someone else—only to discover that it was his own cell phone in the end.

And then, once he looked at the phone, his anger not only dissipated but turned into a smile.

No doubt the ringing was because of a call or message from Sonia.

At any rate, it was due to Sonia that Toby broke multiple rules of his own. What Tom didn’t know was simply what particular reason Toby had this time for breaking his own rules.

After stopping, Tom opened the car door and got out of the car.

At first, the security guard by the door stepped up to chase him away, only to immediately halt in his tracks once he saw who it was. And then, he turned and returned to his position to continue standing guard.

If the driver was Tom, the person in the backseat had to be Toby.

That was why it was best he pretended he didn’t see any rules being broken.

No one in their right mind would chase their boss away unless they wanted to lose their job!

“We’re here, President Fuller.” Tom opened the rear car door for Toby.

After climbing out of the car, Toby straightened up, dusted off his suit, and strode toward the main entrance.

Dutifully, Tom followed behind Toby until he reached the security guard. Tossing the keys to the security guard, he instructed, “Move the car to the parking lot.”

“Yes, Mr. Brown,” the security guard hurried to answer, catching the keys before jogging over to the car and driving off to park.

After checking to make sure that the security guard was doing his job, Tom continued to follow Toby.

When he saw Toby stop at the front desk, he asked curiously, “Are you looking for something, President Fuller?”

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