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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 794

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 794

 I Will Never Be His Daughter

The more she thought about it, the more she was worried about Toby’s current condition. In the end, Sonia decided to make some nutritious stew and bring it over to him. Being his girlfriend, her making some stew for him was natural.

With such thoughts, Sonia quickly ate her breakfast. After bringing the trash out, she went out to the supermarket nearby to purchase the necessary ingredients for the stew.

As it was still early before she would go to work in the afternoon, she had ample amount of time to make the stew.

After picking through the ingredients, Sonia chose beef bone as the base, thinking of making beef stew for Toby.

Beef stew was filled with nutrition. On top of that, it had the added advantage of strengthening one’s body. On such a cold day, a beef stew would also certainly help in warming up the body.

She believed that Toby would like it very much.

Holding the beef in her hand, Sonia smiled lightly, putting it into the basket before walking to the cashier to pay.

When she returned to her residence, it was already 11.30 AM.

Walking to her block, she saw a familiar silhouette standing in front of the elevator just as she was about to call for it.

The person, who had her head slightly lowered, had her hands in front while clutching onto her handbag tightly. Standing there, she looked like she was in a daze, as she did not even notice a person approaching her side.

Looking at the person, Sonia pursed her lips slightly and frowned before asking in a flat tone, “Miss Gray? Why are you here?”

Hearing Sonia’s voice made the person come back to her senses, and she raised her head to look at Sonia. When she saw Sonia, she could not hide the instant of panic that flashed across her face but after quickly calming down, she tightened her grip on her bag as she forced out a smile. “Oh—hello, Miss Reed.”

Sonia stared at her. “Do you also have a unit here?”

“I don’t,” Rina answered honestly and she shook her head.

This made Sonia frown deeper. “Since you don’t, then why are you here? Don’t tell me that you just so happen to talk a walk and end up here? Eastbourne is literally on the opposite end.”

After a few seconds of silence, Rina suddenly stared back at her. “Miss Reed, I didn’t end up here on my walk. I came here just to look for you.”

“Look for me?” Although Sonia frowned, she was not at all surprised by Rina’s answer.

That was because she had already guessed that Rina appearing here was for her.

“I don’t think there’s anything between us that would warrant a face to face talk. Tell me, Miss Gray, why do you want to meet with me?” Clutching the grocery bag, Sonia asked bluntly.

Biting her lip, Rina then uttered, “I don’t have any ulterior motives in coming here. I just want to ask you a question.”

If it wasn’t for the fact that Sonia would not even pick up her call, she wouldn’t even come here in person.

“A question?” Sonia peered at her. “What kind of question can make you come over personally, Miss Gray?”

Tightening her grip on her handbag again, Rina said, “Miss Reed, my father’s condition is getting worse. The doctors have said that if this continues, he might have less than half a year left.”

“And?” Sonia looked at her indifferently.

Drawing in a deep breath, Rina continued, “My father urgently needs a kidney transplant now, so I—”

“Wait just one second!” With a dark expression, Sonia spoke coldly. “So, you coming here was just to persuade me to donate a kidney to Titus? If that is the case, please leave. I think that there’s nothing more to talk about here.”

Sonia then proceeded to make a gesture, indicating for Rina to leave. “If you don’t want to leave on your own two feet, I can always trouble the guards to remove you from the premises. Your choice, Miss Gray.”

Panicked, Rina then grabbed onto Sonia’s arm. “You misunderstand me, Miss Reed. I didn’t come this time to—”

However, before Rina could finish her explanation, Sonia interrupted her yet again, “Let go of me!”

Lowering her gaze, the latter looked at the hand that was latching onto her arm with a disgusted expression.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she was afraid of the grocery bag tearing apart or dropping onto the floor, she wouldn’t even have voiced out to make Rina let go. Instead, Sonia would’ve just pushed the woman away.

Feeling the seriousness emanating from Sonia, Rina also knew that her actions had triggered her. Her expression stiffening, she released her grip in the end, feeling a bit angry too.

If it wasn’t for her father, why would she even submit herself to such treatment?

After all, she wasn’t the Taylor that everyone could bully anymore. She was now the Gray Family Young Mistress, Rina Gray, and this meant that her status was the same as Sonia’s.

Hence, Rina could totally not choose to swallow her anger.

But she knew that this was the only way for now. For the sake of her father and her own future, she had to bear with whatever Sonia had to say.

Breathing in deeply, Rina then managed to squeeze out a smile before apologizing to Sonia. “I’m sorry, Miss Reed. I didn’t mean to grab onto you. It was just that I was too agitated.”

Looking at the other woman coldly, Sonia then looked at her own sleeve, which was all wrinkled due to Rina’s hands grabbing onto it. This made her boil inside.

Looks like I’ll have to change again.

“Miss Reed, I didn’t really come here this time to persuade you to donate a kidney to my father. I just wanted to ask you… I-If Titus was your father, would you go through with the transplant?” Ignoring Sonia’s look of disdain, Rina clenched her fists and asked the question she came here for.

Upon hearing this, Sonia, who was still trying to smooth out her sleeve, looked up at Rina with a perplexed gaze. “Miss Gray, have you gone mad?! Are you actually asking me this?”

“I’m not mad!” Looking at the floor, Rina had a flurry of emotion within. “I’m serious. I really want to know that if Dad was your father, would you go through the operation, Miss Reed?”

After staring at Rina for a while, Sonia realized the other woman was nervous, so she smirked. “I don’t know why you are asking this kind of funny question, but I can tell you right now that the answer is no.”

In a state of disbelief, Rina stared at her wide-eyed. “But why?! Miss Reed, I’ve already stated if he was your father. Do you not even want to donate a kidney to your own father?”

“I would of course be willing to go through the transplant for my own father, but it is on the condition that my father wasn’t such a evil b*stard like Titus Gray!” Sonia stated her answer without hesitation.

This shocked Rina beyond words. “You… How could you be so cold? Even if your father was evil, he’s still your father, right? How could you not even save your own father?”

“Why would I save an evil man? Indeed, saving him might show my piety but at the same time, I would be resurrecting a devil. He would only continue to wreak havoc upon society after this, and goodness knows who else will become his prey? So for the greater good and for the lives of others, I would rather let him die off. Hey, people might even praise me for being sensible.”

Looking at her, Sonia then continued, “Also, there are no ‘ifs’ in this world, and I will never be Titus’ daughter. I’m not sure why you came all the way just to ask me some weird question. Whatever motives you’re harboring, I’ll have you know that I will never save him. So, you should give up on persuading me.”

After stating her thoughts, Sonia passed by Rina and went into the elevator.

Looking at the elevator doors slowly closing, Rina finally snapped back to reality. With a contorted expression, she looked at Sonia, who was gradually disappearing from her line of sight. Clenching her teeth, Rina growled, “I’ve already given you a chance, Sonia. It was you that did not cherish it, so don’t blame me for what happens next!”

If one did not stand up for themselves, there would be no place for them in this vast world.

Rina wasn’t afraid even if Toby was protecting Sonia. She needed to risk it all for her own future happiness.

Dad cannot die!

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