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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 793

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 793

Something Nourishing for His Body

“Uh…” After Daphne calmed down for a moment, she came to realize that it really was like what Sonia had said.

Touching her nose, Daphne then awkwardly muttered, “Chairman Reed, even if it was you who forced her to apologize, she was at fault for the whole incident first. If you didn’t force her, she wouldn’t have apologized at all. So, you forcing her isn’t wrong. It’s her acting like you wronged her and her making you out to be the bad guy that makes me disgusted.”

Smiling, Sonia then said sarcastically, “Unfortunately, you’ll always meet delusional people who don’t think they are in the wrong. It is always someone else’s fault in their minds.”

Tina was such a person.

I wonder which hole is Tina hiding in right now.

Tim said that he had poisoned her two times using the venom of the sago palm. This kind of poison can make a person contract the most painful and incurable sickness in the world—ALS.

Tina was not born with it and she would not be directly affected by the sickness, but her body would still start to stiffen after being destroyed by the venom.

That was why Sonia and Toby had been trying to find Tina through doctors that specialize in treating ALS. However, after searching for so long, they only found out that those doctors had not diagnosed a person similar to Tina, nor were they invited to give a private diagnosis somewhere else.

This only meant that Tina’s body had not started to siffen, as each individual was different. Tim also was not able to ensure that her body would show signs of the sickness working, only saying that the chances of her body having problems would be higher.

The alternative conclusion was that Tina’s body had started to stiffen but in order to not get discovered, she did not go for a diagnosis and just let her body stiffen slowly. This was not that far-fetched of an idea.

After all, she was a ruthless person not only to others, but to herself as well.

Inhaling deeply, Sonia decided to not think about her any longer, as it made her more and more frustrated.

“What is the Internet’s take on this?” Sonia asked as she moved her neck around.

Subsequently, Daphne replied, “Because you had ordered them earlier on, the PR department has been doing their job since the start. Although the opinion is against you due to Anya whining, the problem isn’t that big as the PR department has practically silenced all such thoughts. There wasn’t much of a splash caused by the incident this time around. Although some media outlets did contact me and wanted to ask about the details of her apology video, I just ignored them.”

“Yeah, you can just continue to ignore them. No matter who asks, don’t entertain them.” Sonia waved her hand.

Nodding, Daphne then suggested, “I understand, but Anya intentionally behaved that way to sway public opinion, Chairman Reed. Do you want to…”

“There’s no need.” Pursing her lips, Sonia continued, “I know what you’re trying to get at. Just leave this kind of person be. The more you care about this, the more excited she’ll be. She might even do something to frame us bullying her. We’ll be on the losing end if that happens. Just treat her as air, since we won’t be bumping into each other anytime soon, so we don’t have to come into contact with her anymore.”

Hearing Sonia say that, Daphne also chose to give up. “Alright, then. I know what to do.”

Sonia hummed in agreement. “If there’s nothing more, I’ll be hanging up now. I will be at the company before noon.”

“Yes, Chairman Reed.” Daphne nodded.

Putting her phone down, Sonia then looked at the time.

It was 10.20 AM.

Turned out that she didn’t actually sleep that long.

She still remembered that when she was going to sleep yesterday, she could vaguely see twilight breaking the sky outside her window—it was a little over 5 AM then.

That meant Sonia had only slept five to six hours, which wasn’t a long sleep at all.

But this only applied to her because she had gone to sleep so late.

For a normal person who slept before midnight, she did wake up too late.

After switching away from the clock on the screen, Sonia then noticed a message from Toby, which he had sent a little after 7 AM.

So that’s how early he woke up and left in the morning!

Does that mean that he didn’t sleep for the whole night?

Pursing her lips and frowning slightly, Sonia thought, Can his body handle it, him not sleeping for a whole night?

Although she was very tired, she wasn’t the one that was exerting herself constantly—that was all Toby.

The person who did not do much was exhausted to the point of falling asleep, which could only mean that the person who exerted themselves constantly would not exactly be in a state of bliss.

In conclusion, Toby was definitely lethargic.

But he did not even sleep in for a while and instead, he left so early. Does he really think of himself as a robot?

With a dark expression, Sonia was a bit angry yet worried for Toby.

It wasn’t something she would care about if he wasn’t her man.

Feeling frustrated, she tousled her hair before opening up Toby’s message to see what he had sent.

However, the anger inside her was extinguished after reading through. Smiling resignedly, she mumbled, “Always looking out for me. You should think about yourself too, you know.”

The content of the message was that Toby had informed her that he had arranged breakfast to be sent over to her room at around 9 AM. If she hadn’t woken up then, the person would be waiting at the door for her to wake up, then they would finally hand the breakfast over. The message did not say that the deliverer would knock on the door to inform her that breakfast had arrived.

This must have been specially ordered by him because he wants me to sleep longer.

The man always did something so warm that it would calm her down after she flew into a rage—the breakfast and the pajamas she had on was a classic example.

When Sonia fell asleep yesterday, she had nothing on. But now, she was wearing a sleeping robe and her body was feeling fresh. Obviously, Toby had cleaned her up.

So how could she be angry when such an attentive man existed?

Tapping on her screen, Sonia replied with a ‘okay’ before pushing back the covers and standing up. Ignoring her body’s discomfort, she walked to the entrance and opened the door.

As expected, there was a person squatting beside the door.

Wearing the hotel’s waiter’s uniform, he had a delivery box at the side as he squatted there, playing games with his phone out of boredom.

Hearing the door beside him open, the waiter immediately turned and looked. Seeing Sonia, he quickly put his phone away as he happily greeted her, “Miss, you’re finally awake.”

How could he not be happy? He had already been waiting here for over an hour. At that point, his legs were all numb from squatting. Now, he could finally go back and continue his job since the person he had been waiting for came out.

Seeing the waiter’s bright eyes staring at her, Sonia understood his feelings and laughed apologetically. “I’m sorry. I overslept. You must have waited for a long time.”

“It’s no issue.” Waving his hand, the waiter then opened the box before taking out the breakfast from within. Handing it over to Sonia, he announced, “Miss, this breakfast was ordered for you by Mr. Fuller. Since it has been kept inside the cooler box, it should still be warm, so you can eat it straight away.”

“Alright. Thank you so much.” Sonia took the breakfast and she could feel the heat coming from the container. She smiled sincerely in response.

Slinging the box over his shoulders, the waiter then replied, “It’s my pleasure. Enjoy your breakfast, Miss. I’ll be leaving now.”

Sonia hummed in response and nodded.

Turning around, the waiter then left, and Sonia closed the door after seeing him walk away. Holding the breakfast, she then sat down at the dining table and started to eat.

As Sonia was eating, she kept thinking if she should send something over to Toby as well.

Since he didn’t rest at all last night, should I send something nourishing to him, like stew or something else?

After all, sending something else that would not give his body a boost would be inappropriate.

Also, judging by how Toby still hasn’t replied to her message yet, he should still be busy.

Not sleeping all night and then working himself to the bone now… How can his body still function?

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