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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 609

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 609

Kick Her Out

Sure enough, after the honk, Toby’s car moved and joined the traffic.

It was only when Sonia couldn’t distinguish his car from the other cars that she retracted her hands from the railing and returned to the living room.

However, the moment she stepped inside, the phone in her hand rang.

Sonia thought that it was Toby who was calling her, so she immediately raised the phone to check it out, only to find that it wasn’t him. Instead, it was a call from the management office of Marina City.

She furrowed her brows in puzzlement. That’s weird! Why is the management calling me at this time?

She pursed her lips but in the end, she picked up the call. “Hello?”

“Hello, Miss Reed. I’m sorry for disturbing you so late at night,” the person on the other end of the line said.

Sonia walked over to the couch and sat down. “It’s fine. How can I help you?”

“Miss Reed, your younger sister came over tonight and asked us to give her the key to your house, so I’m calling you to inform you about this,” he replied.

Sonia’s expression sank when she heard that. “Are you saying that Jessica went to Marina City?”

“Yes.” the person replied with a nod.

Sonia narrowed her eyes. “Where is she now? Did you give her the keys?”

Marina City was a housing area that consisted of villas, which was also where the Reed Family’s villa had been located in the past.

When Sonia’s father passed away six years ago, she had sealed that villa and had passed one of the keys to the management office so that they could arrange for periodic cleaning and maintenance of the facilities.

Although she had no plans to continue to stay there, she didn’t want to see the villa being abandoned, so she continued to pay monthly maintenance fees to the management body of the property.

Never in a million years did Sonia expect Jessica to return to that place when she herself hadn’t.

“Yes, Miss Reed. I’ve given her the keys since she’s your younger sister.” The manager answered, then carefully asked, “Miss Reed, did I do something wrong? Perhaps I shouldn’t have given her the keys?”

Sonia pursed her lips, thinking that he had indeed done something inappropriate. However, she was well-aware that the manager had done so because he wasn’t clear about her real relationship with Jessica.

It was only natural for him to make such a decision since Jessica was indeed her sister and under normal circumstances, there shouldn’t be deep grudges between siblings.

Hence, she was in no position to pin the blame on him, since she had never revealed her true relationship with Jessica to them.

At that thought, Sonia rubbed the spot between her brows and replied, “The both of us are not on speaking terms.”

Upon hearing that, the manager instantly understood that he had made a mistake, so he quickly apologized, “I’m very sorry, Miss Reed. I was not aware of that.”

“Forget it. I will let it slide this time, but please don’t repeat this again.” She put down her hand.

Upon hearing that, the man immediately thanked her. “I understand, Miss Reed.”

“Now that you have given the key to Jessica, please bring a few men with you and kick her out of the villa. Don’t forget to retrieve the key as well,” Sonia instructed indifferently.

That villa had been acquired when Sonia’s parents got married, so Jessica and Sandra had no right to live there since it had nothing to do with both of them. Now that Sonia’s father had passed away, coupled with the fact that Jessica and her mother had poisoned him, they didn’t even have the right to step foot into the villa!

When the manager heard her adamant tone, he immediately agreed. “I understand, Miss Reed. I’ll take a few people with me and go over right now. Rest assured, I’ll definitely set this right.”

Although he inwardly exclaimed about Sonia’s cruelty toward her sister, he dared not utter a single word about it because he knew very clearly that Sonia was the person who paid his salary, after all.

“Very well, then.” Sonia nodded before she added, “From now on, don’t allow anyone to get near the villa except me.”

“I understand.” He agreed.

Her expression icy, Sonia hung up the call.

She never expected that Jessica would think of staying in that villa. How shameless can she be?!

On the other hand, at the Marina City, after the manager had received Sonia’s instruction, he immediately brought a few men with him and went straight to the Reed Family’s villa.

Meanwhile, Jessica was instructing a domestic helper to clean up the villa.

When she was about to instruct the helper to prepare the bed in the master bedroom, she saw a group of people barging into the house.

She was startled at first but when she found that they were from the management office, she was utterly pissed. “What do you think you are doing?”

The manager, who had taken the lead, darted a nonchalant look at her; the politeness that he had had when he gave the keys to her had completely vanished.

With a wave of his hand, he ordered two of his staff behind him, “Grab her and throw her out.”

“Roger that, sir,” the two men responded before they stepped forward in an attempt to catch her.

When Jessica saw the men charging at her and making a move to grab her, she became livid and even started shouting at the top of her lungs, “What are you guys doing?! Who gave you the permission to grab me? Let go of me, do you hear me? Otherwise, I’ll lodge a complaint!”

The manager noticed her luggage that she had placed in the living room and went over to take it before coldly replying, “I’m sorry, Miss Jessica. There’s no use lodging a complaint on us. We are here to ask you to leave under the instructions of the villa’s owner. After all, you are not the owner of the villa, so your presence here at this moment is no different from trespassing on a private property.”

“Nonsense! Who said that I’m not the owner of the villa? I’m the second daughter of this family!” Jessica bellowed with a scowl, to which the manager calmly refuted, “You are indeed the second daughter of the family, but that’s a thing of the past. The villa now belongs to Miss Reed and it has nothing to do with you. Since she doesn’t allow you to enter her property, you will have to leave. Take her out.”

When the two men who had grabbed Jessica by the arms were about to drag her out of the house, she suddenly struggled violently. “So it was Sonia that asked you all to come, eh? Since when has this villa belonged to her? Both she and I share the same father, so I own half of this property. She has no right to ask me to leave!”

“Of course Miss Reed has the right to do so. Before we came, I checked the villa’s ownership details. The villa was acquired by Mr. Henry Reed and Mrs. Lina Ferguson thirty years ago, and not by Mr. Henry and your mother. Not long after Mrs. Lina passed away, the ownership of the villa was entirely transferred to Miss Reed, and that took place more than twenty years ago. Therefore, I’m positive that Miss Reed is the owner of this villa.”

“But that’s impossible!” When Jessica heard that, she immediately widened her eyes, a shocked and incredulous look on her face.

She had always known that the villa had been purchased when Sonia’s mother got married to their father.

However, what Jessica didn’t know was that their father had actually transferred the villa to Sonia after the latter’s mother had passed away.

“This isn’t something that’s impossible.” The manager then coldly added, “You can only blame yourself for not getting the facts straight, else you wouldn’t be kicked out today.”

With that, he waved his hand, gesturing to his two staff to quickly escort her out.

As such, no matter how reluctant Jessica was and how hard she struggled and screamed, she was forcefully dragged out of the house by the two men.

Upon noticing the domestic helper, who had been stunned by the turn of events, the manager said, “There’s nothing much you can do here. Please leave as soon as possible.”

“Yes, of course.” She immediately agreed and tossed the rag in her hands aside before dashing toward the foyer.

In the end, the manager dragged Jessica’s luggage out of the place.

Meanwhile, Jessica, who was thrown out of the gates of the housing compound by the two men, slumped onto the ground.

Then, something flew in her direction and landed by her side. It turned out to be her luggage.

Her eyes flicked from her luggage that had a chipped corner to the three men from the management office. Eyes full of resentment, she growled, “Just you wait! I won’t let this slide!” And Sonia as well. I’ll definitely make sure to pay her back for humiliating me today!

However, Jessica’s threat failed to put even a single shred of fear on the faces of the three men, as their actions had been carried out under Sonia’s instruction. Sonia would be the one to settle it if anything were to happen.

Therefore, the three of them were completely unfazed by the threats hurled their way. In the end, they let out a chuckle in disdain before turning back into the compound, leaving Jessica shouting hysterically all alone outside.

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