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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 604

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 604

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Seeing Sonia so sure that nothing would happen to her, Daphne could only nod and murmur, “Alright, then. I’ll take my leave. Please call me if anything happens, President Reed. I will get help.”

“I will.” Sonia responded with a hum.

Holding the documents, Daphne then left hurriedly.

And so, only Sonia and Jessica were left in the office.

Peering at the latter, Sonia asked, “Why are you here? You can leave now if there’s nothing more. Also, it’s forbidden for outsiders to intrude upon the premises without permission, so don’t blame me if I call the security on you in the future when you come again uninvited.”

Jessica sneered upon hearing her words. “Call the security on me? You jest, dear sister. Don’t forget that I’m the vice president of Paradigm Co. now, which means that the vice president’s office rightfully belongs to me. Is it wrong of me to come to my own office?”

Upon hearing that, Sonia laughed out loud in anger. “Now I see what you’re planning!”

It turned out that Jesicca could not wait to chase Sonia out the moment she got promoted to the position of vice president.

“Is there anything wrong with my plan? Either way, I don’t see any fault in it. On the contrary, you’ve been forcefully occupying my office. So, have some tact and quickly move out of my space, Sonia.” Jessica mocked as she looked at Sonia slyly.

Pursing her lips, the latter surveyed the office’s surroundings then bluntly stated, “Alright, I’ll move out. I’ve had enough of this office anyway as it’s a bit too small for me. I should get back to the top floor, to the chairman’s office, where the lavishness and symbol of the highest power it offers in Paradigm Co. is where I truly belong. As for this small and dingy office, I’ll let you have it.”

At that, Sonia went up to Jessica and sneered in her ear, her tone mocking, “You only deserve my hand-me-downs anyway, so there you go—here’s my old office. I don’t even feel anything from losing this!”

“How dare you?” Trembling from head to toe with anger, Jessica widened her eyes, her expression contorting as she stared at Sonia.

In truth, her aim by coming here was to fight over this office with Sonia.

Originally, Jessica thought that if she could chase Sonia out of the office, she could then enjoy seeing the pathetic side of Sonia as she left.

Yet, Jessica had completely forgotten that Sonia was the chairman now, and that the chairman had their own personal office which was much grander than the vice president’s office.

So, not only did Jessica fail to see Sonia leaving pathetically, the former even chased the other woman out to an even better office.

This frustrated Jessica to no end.

Looking at Jessica’s sour expression, Sonia instantly knew what she was thinking.

This was all on Jessica, though, as she thought that she had obtained a rare object.

However, in the end, not only was this not a rare object, it was something that people had grown tired of. How could a person who was as prideful as Jessica accept this outcome?

And yet, she couldn’t just abandon it because if she did, she would be left with nothing.

This meant that the office was no longer of any value toward Jessica. That being said, as she could not just simply give it up, it meant that she would have to tamper down her frustration and make it her workspace for the time being.

At that thought, Sonia took a final look at Jessica mockingly, then turned around to pack her stuff.

As there was not much to pack, just a few documents and personal effects to be exact, Sonia was soon done.

After she finished packing, she brushed by Jessica and headed toward the door. Suddenly, Jessica called out, “Wait a minute!”

“What now?” Halting in her step, Sonia commented without even turning to face her, “Have I not handed over this office to you?”

Clenching her fists, Jessica replied, “That you did, but what about my car? The way you just dumped my car on the roadside warrants some kind of settlement, no?”

Finally turning over, Sonia retorted, “It was you who provoked me first by parking in my spot, so don’t blame me for getting someone to tow your car away. There’s nothing to be settled here; you deserved it.”

Saying her piece, Sonia was about to leave. She had only taken a few steps when Jessica rushed to her and jerked on her arm, pulling her forcefully backward. “Who told you you could leave? Come back here!”

Sonia, who was caught by surprise, was jerked over forcefully by Jessica, and the box in her hand slipped out of her grasp.

Right at that moment, a big hand weaved around Sonia’s waist and caught the bottom of the box firmly.

At the same time, the arm belonging to the big hand stuck to her waist and pulled her to safety.

Falling backward, Sonia ended up hitting into a hard and strong chest.

“Ugh—” Frowning, Sonia let out a sound of faint confusion.

Upon smelling the familiar minted scent emanating from her back, she instantly recognized who the person behind her was. This made her originally panicked expression ease up in a heartbeat.

It was none other than Toby.

On the other hand, Jessica, who was facing them, wanted to pull Sonia back to continue arguing about the car.

Never in a million years did she expect someone to suddenly appear and snatch Sonia away.

However, when Jessica saw who the stranger was, her anger instantly disappeared, only to be replaced with shock. Absent-mindedly, she looked at the face of the handsome man before her, her expression filling with excitement. “It’s you!”

Coldly glancing at Jessica, Toby then returned his gaze back onto Sonia.

He gently let go of her, instead grabbing onto her shoulders and turning her around as he whispered quietly, “Are you alright?”

Holding the box, Sonia bobbed her head. “I’m alright. Thank you for that.”

“You’re welcome,” Toby said as he tidied the stray strands of hair on her face.

Seeing the intimate actions between the two made Jessica go blind with jealousy, her heart filled with envy.

However, she hid it well and she maintained her façade. Breathing deeply, she squeezed out the most perfect smile that she could muster and walked over while looking at Toby before saying courteously, “Hello, Mr Fuller, we meet again. Turns out that you’re also from Seafield.”

However, Toby only stared at her as he bellowed icily, “You nearly hurt her just now!”

Jessica’s smile froze when she heard that. “Pardon me?”

“I said, you nearly hurt Sonia just now.” Toby repeated himself and his voice was so somber that it would make people uncomfortable, as his anger was as clear as day.

He happened to witness the scene where this woman jerked Sonia’s arm and Sonia, who was wearing heels and had a box in her hands, was caught off guard by the sudden force, which caused her to lose her balance.

If Jessica really did let go, then the end would result in either Sonia hitting a wall, or falling onto the ground.

This was the exact reason which made Toby so livid.

“I didn’t mean it!” Hearing his words made Jessica quickly shake her head as she explained with a wronged expression, “I really didn’t mean anything by it, Mr. Fuller. You have to believe me! I only wanted to make my sister stay and to let her give me an explanation.”

“Explanation? What did Sonia do to owe you an explanation?” Toby frowned.

Upon hearing that, Sonia rolled her eyes but remained silent.

Naïvely, Jessica thought that Toby’s words were his meaning of defending her. Feeling ecstatic, she shot a smug look toward Sonia, then continued with her sob story. “It was she who abandoned my car on the roadside. I recovered it after searching around, but I couldn’t find a suitable parking spot so I parked in my sister’s spot. I thought that being my sister, she wouldn’t be so petty as to not let me park there. How would I know that she would actually… Say, Mr. Fuller, don’t you think that she went overboard?”

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