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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 602

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 602

A Mere Figurehead

He already knew he was unable to stop Sonia from becoming the chairman.

Moreover, he joined forces with Jessica to threaten Sonia today, so he knew the latter would surely hold resentment toward him. If Sonia successfully became the chairman, she would definitely sanction him immediately.

As such, in order to avoid being sanctioned, all that Asher could do now was to force Sonia to give up the shares amounting to 5.5 percent. As long as the percentage of shares Sonia held did not exceed 50 percent, she would not be the absolute controlling shareholder. Hence, she would not be able to sanction him.

Sonia knew what was on Asher’s mind when she saw his glistening eyes, so she smiled and said, “Sure. I’ll give it to her. But it’s up to her capability whether she’s able to take it or not.”

With that, Sonia took out her phone and summoned Daphne.

“Go and draft a share transfer agreement,” Sonia ordered.

In fact, Sonia knew she would not be able to keep the shares of 5.5 percent from the very beginning, and she would’ve given it up even if Asher didn’t threaten her to.

So, she was not surprised at all to hear his words now. Not only that, she did not even feel the slightest bit of panic or reluctance.

Just as Sonia said just now, Jessica was an idiot, so the former could set a trap for the latter whenever there was a chance and take the 5.5 percent shares back.

Daphne glanced at Sonia in shock when she heard her order, but she still nodded in the end. “Alright, President Reed. I’ll do that right away.”

With that, Daphne left to draft the document.

Soon, the document was ready.

Under the witness of all the executives, shareholders, and lawyers of the group’s legal department, Sonia and Jessica signed the shares transfer agreement.

From now on, Jessica owned 5.5 percent of Paradigm Co.’s shares.

Although this was far less than the 25.5 percent of shares that she desired at first, she knew she would not be able to obtain it, so the 5.5 percent was already a windfall for her.

“Since I’m now a shareholder already, I should be given a position in the company. Sonia, I want your position.” Jessica kept away the share transfer agreement and stared at Sonia in a provocative manner.

Sonia narrowed her eyes and said, “Sure. I just hope you’ll not make a fool of yourself.”

“Ha! You sure are good at despising others. Even you are capable of managing the company, so I’m sure I can too!” Jessica lifted her chin with a confident and arrogant look.

Sonia wore a half-smile and said, “Is that so? I’ll look forward to it then. If you dare to cause any trouble in the company or do anything that damages the company’s reputation, I’ll fire you.”

With that, she stopped paying attention to Jessica and gazed toward Asher who was standing across from her. “President Dafoe, since I’m the chairman now, it’s time for you to hand over the other half of the management rights.”

Asher gritted his teeth and took some time before inhaling deeply while forcing himself to calm down. “Of course. Since you’re the chairman now, I naturally have to return the management rights to you.”

Sonia smiled. “Great, you’ll be able to have a good rest after this since you don’t have to work so hard in helping me run the company anymore. After all, you’re rather advanced in age.”

After saying that, Sonia stood up nonchalantly under Asher’s threatening glare and clapped her hands. “Alright, everybody, let’s end the shareholder meeting today. Meeting adjourned.”

“Yes, Chairman Reed!” All the executives and shareholders stood up and responded to Sonia. At the same time, they had changed their address toward Sonia from ‘President Reed’ to ‘Chairman Reed’.

Hearing that, Sonia briefly closed her eyes while having an enjoyable expression plastered on her face.

She had to admit that being addressed as the chairman was much more enjoyable than being addressed as a vice president, and she loved it!

Thereafter, Sonia did not spare more glances at Asher and Jessica but directly walked toward the entrance of the meeting room after picking up her notebook from the table.

Now that she was the chairman, she naturally would be the first one to leave as the others could only leave following her.

In the past, Asher was always the one who left first each time, and it was finally her turn today.

Indeed, it was thrilling to be the first one leaving.

Sonia walked out of the meeting room with a smile while Daphne, who was following behind, congratulated her. “Congratulations, President Reed––oh, I mean, congratulations, Chairman Reed.”

“Thanks.” Sonia nodded with a beam, and said thereafter, “Every employee’s allowance will be doubled this month as a celebration of my promotion. Pass down my words for me.”

“Will do, Chairman Reed,” Daphne responded gleefully.

Just then, Sonia pressed her red lips as she thought of something. “Also, inform our men to bypass Jessica. I want her to be a vice president who is a mere powerless figurehead and has no access to any confidential information in the company.”

Sonia would never allow Jessica to have a chance to manage Paradigm Co. for the sole reason that she had caused her father’s death, let alone the fact that Jessica was on the same boat as Asher.

All Sonia wanted to do was to put Jessica under her nose so she could keep an eye on her and find an opportunity to catch evidence of Jessica poisoning her father.

It was only then could she send Jessica to prison and avenge her father.

“Don’t worry, Chairman Reed. I’ll make the necessary arrangements,” Daphne pushed her glasses and said.

After humming in response, Sonia stopped saying anything else and pushed her office door open to walk into it.

The moment she sat down, her phone rang.

Sonia took up the phone and saw Toby’s name on the caller ID.

At once, she smiled as the weariness between her brows gradually faded. Then, she swiped the green button to pick up the call. “Hello?”

“I heard Paradigm Co. has called for a shareholders meeting. Is it to elect a new chairman?” Toby asked on the other end of the line after sitting down in front of his office desk.

Sonia frowned. “How do you know that? Who did you hear it from? Don’t tell me you arranged some spies in my company.”

Toby lifted his brows as he obviously did not expect Sonia to realize it in such a short time. Being defenseless at the moment, he covered his mouth and let out a soft cough. “Not at all. He’s just someone I’ve sent to help you manage the finance department.”

“The finance department?” Sonia moved her eyes and recalled something. “You mean Mr. Karl?”

“Yeah.” Toby nodded.

“Mr. Karl is hired by you?” Sonia widened her eyes in shock.

Toby shook his head. “He used to be, but not anymore now. He’s your employee.”

Sonia snorted. “Why would he keep in touch with his old employer if he’s my employee? In my opinion, he’s still your employee, and I guess he receives a salary from your side too.”

Toby remained silent.

Sonia pressed her lips. “Looks like I’m right.”

“Okay, I’ll tell you the truth.” Toby smiled softly and explained, “After Rebecca left, you’ve been looking for a director for the finance department and even thought of headhunting someone. I’m worried that the person that you ended up hiring might be bribed by the Gray Family or Asher Dafoe, so I took it upon myself to send you a finance director from my company to help you out in your company. As such, you don’t have to worry about the director being bribed by the Gray Family or Asher Dafoe.”

“Yeah, he won’t be bribed by the Gray Family or Asher Dafoe, but he’s still secretly loyal to you and even told you the happenings about my company,” Sonia rolled her eyes and complained sulkily.

In the past, she would surely be pissed off if she knew her employee was arranged by Toby and that the employee even secretly informed Toby about her happenings.

Nevertheless, it was unnecessary to be annoyed anymore now as Toby was already her boyfriend-to-be.

Moreover, this finance director which Toby had sent was indeed very helpful as he had managed the finance department efficiently as soon as he came.

As such, neither was Sonia willing to chase the employee away just because she was angry.

Toby heaved a sigh subtly as he perceived no anger from Sonia’s tone.

It seems like she’s not blaming me for secretly sending someone over.

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