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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 870

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 870

is jealous again

It’s not that she elevates herself, but that Fu Jingting has strong feelings for her now.

She is still very confident, as long as she opens her mouth, he will fulfill her whatever she wants.

Even if you let Su Man go.

But, will she let Su Man go?

Certainly not!

Therefore, she could only say that the person behind Su Man made a wrong wishful thinking.

Sure enough, before Fu Jingting could take the lawyer’s words, the lawyer touched the tip of his nose and spoke first, “Of course, I know this is impossible. Although President Fu has a little friendship with me, this kind of friendship is almost possible. Ignore it, how could President Fu show mercy to Su Man in my face.”

“Since you know, why don’t you accept it?” Rong Shu said.

The lawyer knew her relationship with Fu Jingting, so she was very polite, smiled and said, “That’s the same sentence, for money, Mr. Su, who is behind Miss Su, can promise that as long as I come forward, Mr. Fu will talk to him. Just give me five million.”

He opened five fingers.

Rong Shu sucked in a breath, “Five million is really a big deal.” The

lawyer nodded in agreement, “No, the five million delivered to the door, plus the lawyer’s fee for the order, totaled seven million. , how can I refuse.”

Rong Shu smiled, “That said, what if your intercession fails? Isn’t the five million gone?”

“That’s not true.” The lawyer shook his head, “About this Question, I asked Miss Su. After all, as a client, I know very well how my real friendship with President Fu will be, and I also know that President Fu will definitely not be soft-hearted because of my intercession, so I put this on at the beginning. One point, I made it very clear to Mr. Su. In fact, Mr. Su knew in his heart that I would not succeed in interfering with me, but he still insisted on giving it a try. Since he said so, I will naturally take the money. There is no more psychological burden.”

He said with a hand spread.

Rong Shu really admired this man and couldn’t help but give a thumbs up, “Aren’t you afraid that your lawyer’s reputation will be damaged by doing this?” The

lawyer smiled and said, “What is reputation compared to money?”

“” Rong Shu was speechless. received.

This person, as Fu Jingting said, is greedy for money.

But you can also understand that in this world, who is not greedy for money?

She is also greedy, and Fu Jingting is also greedy.

Otherwise, why would she and Fu Jingting work so hard for their respective groups?

“So you came to me now to intercede for Su Man?” At this time, Fu Jingting finally opened his mouth again, staring at the lawyer with cold eyes.

The lawyer pushed his glasses and nodded, “Yeah, it’s just a passing scene. Anyway, I also took over the job. Even if I know it’s useless, my attitude should be here. This is what I should do as a migrant worker.”


Rong Shu gave this person a thumbs up again, only to think that she really admired this person.

Seeing the woman’s movements, Fu Jingting pursed his thin lips displeasedly, then bent down her thumbs up, and looked at her with warning eyes.

She was not allowed to admire other men, only him.

Rong Shu rolled her eyes speechlessly, amused, but she nodded, promising to admire only him and not other men in the future.

Seeing this, Fu Jingting turned his eyes away in satisfaction and landed on the lawyer on the opposite side, “If you do this, you won’t be afraid that I will be unhappy?” The

lawyer adjusted the tie around his neck and replied confidently, “Although I Your friendship with Mr. Fu is not very good, but it can be regarded as understanding you. You know the final result and my character, so you will not really care about me. It is precisely because I know this point that it is not me. Do you dare to take the order with confidence?”

Fu Jingting snorted coldly and said nothing.

Indeed, it is precisely because he does not really care about this person, so he does not show too much reaction and emotion.

After all, no matter what this person does, it will not change any of his decisions.

What’s more, this person was only going through the motions when he took the order, and he didn’t really rehabilitate Su Man, so he naturally wouldn’t stop this person from making money.

Rong Shu turned her face slightly to the man beside her, and saw that there was no other expression on the man’s face other than a touch of indifference, she knew that the lawyer was right.

It seems that this lawyer really knows Fu Jingting very well.

“Since you know he doesn’t care, why don’t you hurry up and plead with Su Man and go through the motions? After we’re done, we’ll be going to see Su Man in a while.” Rong Shu looked at her watch and said to the lawyer.

A police officer who just brought them here said that Su Man’s interrogation would end in about half an hour.

It’s almost half an hour now.

That naturally has some time, and it should be hurry.

Hearing Rong Shu’s reminder, the lawyer quickly looked at Fu Jingting.

Seeing Fu Jingting’s expressionless face, but not refuting Rong Shu, the lawyer knew what Fu Jingting meant. He took a higher look at Rong Shu’s position in Fu Jingting’s heart, then broke his tie, and immediately pretended to be a pair of faces. With a very polite appearance, he took out his mobile phone and pressed it a few times, and said to Fu Jingting, “Mr. Fu, hello, I am Ms. Su Man’s attorney. This time, I mainly want to know, Mr. Fu, your attitude towards this case. , is there any intention to resolve it privately? Of course, for compensation or something, we will definitely satisfy President Fu and Miss Rong, as long as both President Fu and Miss Rong forgive Ms. Su Man for this behavior, so the two of you can discuss it? “

“No, get out!” Fu Jingting was expressionless, and uttered three words in a cold voice.

Although Rong Shu didn’t speak, he nodded earnestly, indicating that Fu Jingting’s attitude was his own.

The lawyer pushed his glasses, and the expression on his face changed again, from being polite to sighing, and he sighed directly, as if he was very regretful, “Okay, I know what you two mean, sorry to disturb you two. It ‘s over.” The

lawyer saved the recording and put it into his pocket with satisfaction, “Okay, the process is over, with this recording, I can exchange the five million.”

Rong Shu Hearing this, and looking at the lawyer’s appearance of being a wealthy fan, he couldn’t help laughing, “This is really the most careless cut I’ve ever seen, and everyone can hear it. This is acting. If I hand over this recording, can others really give money?” The

lawyer patted the suit pocket where the cell phone was placed, “Don’t worry, Miss Rong, I will, the other party just said, as long as I plead with President Fu for Miss Su, Just give me the money, I just begged for mercy, even if it was acting, it was a begging, after all, the regulations at the time didn’t say that you couldn’t act.”

“” Once again, Rong Shu was speechless.

This guy is right.

She was speechless.

And this person’s mouth is really powerful, he can really speak.

I am afraid that in the legal profession, is a great figure.

Thinking about it, Rong Shu took out her mobile phone and prepared to look at the lawyer’s detailed information on the Internet.

Seeing this, his eyes widened, and his eyes changed when he saw the lawyer in front of him.

This guy is really unusual.

“What are you looking at?” Just when Rong Shu was full of surprise at the lawyer, a big hand suddenly stretched out in front of her eyes, and then blindfolded her directly, isolating the amazed and admiring gaze she had seen when she looked at the lawyer.

Fu Jingting’s thin lips pursed into a straight line, and his face was obviously stinky.

Thinking of the way she looked at the lawyer made her feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, the way he looked at the lawyer changed, becoming as sharp as a knife.

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