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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 73-74

Chapter 73 Suspect Exclusion

Fu Jingting frowned.

Did she delete his phone?

Seeing that the person on the phone was slow to speak, Rong Shu tilted her head suspiciously, ready to hang up.

At this moment, there was finally movement on the phone, and a man’s low and pleasant voice came, “It’s me.”

Rong Shu’s pupils shrank slightly, she stopped the pen in her hand, and took the phone from her ear to her, seeing the Stringing familiar numbers, she pursed her red lips.

It’s really him!

Even after the divorce, she had deleted all his contact information, but when she saw this string of numbers, she could still recognize it at a glance. Taking

a deep breath, Rong Shu put away the sourness and asked blankly, “Mr. What’s the matter?”

Hearing the indifference in her tone, Fu Jingting’s face sank.

She was so gentle with a stranger when she didn’t recognize him.

But he was so indifferent.

Suppressing the displeasure in his heart, Fu Jingting pursed his lips and said, “I’m here to apologize to you.”

Rong Shu threw away the pen and leaned back, “Apologize? Did Fu always do something to hurt me?”

“Yes My mother, I’m sorry for causing you trouble.” Fu Jingting lowered his eyes, and his voice was apologetic.

Rong Shu smiled sarcastically, “It turned out to be this apology, Mr. Fu is really fortunate, he apologized for his fiancée, and now he is apologizing for his own mother. Do you want to apologize for your brother next time?”

Fu Jingting said coldly, “There’s no next time.”

“That’s not necessarily true. I don’t know how much your Fu family can cause trouble, especially your mother.” When it came to Wang Shuqin, Rong Shu couldn’t help rolling her eyes, “President Fu, I Can I ask you a question, this question has been hidden in my heart for a long time.”

Fu Jingting pressed the bluetooth on his ear suspiciously, “What’s the problem?”

“Are you really your mother’s own?” Rong Shu held her cheek.

Wang Shuqin is a typical shrew, even if she dresses as a lady every day, she doesn’t look like a lady, but exudes a vulgar and mean air from her bones.

It was really hard for her to imagine that such a woman could give birth to a son like Fu Jingting.

Fu Jingting’s eyes flashed, “Why are you asking this?” “Just

curious.” Rong Shu shrugged.

Fu Jingting turned the steering wheel, “Yes.”


Rong Shu sighed in disappointment.

It appears to be a genetic mutation. Rong Shu picked up the pen again, ” Okay

, Mr. Fu, I don’t have anything else to ask, that’s all, please take good care of your mother in the future, and don’t come to me again if you have nothing to do.”


Fu Jingting’s face was stern, “Rong Shu, can you not speak so sharply?”

“Sharp?” Rong Shu smiled. “Mr. Fu, do you still expect me to be kind to you? Why don’t you think about you two in the past six years?” How did you treat me, so why should I be so loud, who do you think you are?”

After saying this, she cut off the communication directly.

Fu Jingting listened to the beep in the bluetooth headset, knew that the phone was hung up, freed a hand from the steering wheel and rubbed his eyebrows.

‘Why don’t you think about how you have treated me in these six years? ‘ Her words kept lingering in his mind, and even his heart seemed to be weighed down by a big rock, making him feel heavy.

Because he couldn’t deny that in these six years, they really did not treat her very well.

While contemplating, the hospital arrived.

Fu Jingting parked the car and sat in the car for a while before getting out of the car and walking towards the inpatient department.

In the senior ward, Gu Manyin was watching TV, and Mrs. Gu was sitting beside her hospital bed peeling apples.

Hearing the knock on the door, Mrs. Gu looked up and laughed, “Manyin, who are you here?”

Gu Manyin turned her head to look at the door, and saw Fu Jingting coming in from outside, she was overjoyed at first, and then her eyes were filled with joy. Red, “Jing Ting…”

She lifted the quilt and rushed towards him.

Fu Jingting just walked to the hospital bed, hugged her, and touched her hair, “Why are you crying?”

“I miss you.” Gu Manyin buried her head on his chest.

Fu Jingting’s eyes softened, “I’m not here.”

Madam Gu saw how close the two of them were, put the sliced ??apple aside, and stood up from the chair with a smile, “Jing Ting, you came just in time, you Let’s accompany Manyin, I’ll go out and ask the doctor when Manyin can be discharged from the hospital.”

“Okay.” Fu Jingting nodded slightly.

Mrs. Gu left, he touched Gu Manyin’s forehead, the fever had subsided, and he felt relieved.

“Is there any discomfort?” Fu Jingting took his hand back and asked.


Manyin pouted aggrievedly, “Yes, my head is still dizzy.” “Then take a rest.” Fu Jingting straightened the pillow and asked her to lie down.

Gu Manyin shook his head, “I don’t want to sleep anymore, just stay with me.”

Fu Jingting had no objection and sat down beside the hospital bed.

Gu Manyin hugged his arm and rested her head on his shoulder, “Jing Ting, my aunt came to see me this morning. After hearing that I was kidnapped and related to Miss Rong, she said she would go to Miss Rong to settle the account. I can’t hold it.”

“I know.”

“You know?” Gu Manyin looked up at the man’s perfect profile, “Then what did my aunt do to Miss Rong?” What did she do

to Rong Shu?

Fu Jingting lowered his eyes.

Mom wanted to do something to Rong Shu, but in the end she was sent to the police station by Rong Shu.

Rong Shu, however, did not suffer at all.

Thinking of this, Fu Jingting’s thin lips slightly outlined a smile, and there was a softness in his eyes that he didn’t even know.

Gu Manyin saw it, and knew who this gentleness was for. She felt alarmed in her heart and pinched her palms, but she asked in confusion, “Jing Ting, what are you laughing at?” When it

came to Rong Shu, he She actually smiled, with such a gentle expression on her face.

No, she must get rid of Rong Shu as soon as possible, otherwise, if it goes on like this, he will really fall in love with Rong Shu. He doesn’t know it, but she can see it clearly, and now he has a shadow of Rong Shu in his heart. .


Fu Jingting’s eyes darkened, and his expression returned to his usual coldness. He turned his head slightly to look at Gu Manyin, “It’s nothing, I just thought of an interesting thing.”

“Is that so?” Gu Manyin squeezed the corner of his mouth. My heart is dark.

At this time, Mrs. Gu came back, “Manyin, the doctor said that you can be discharged tomorrow.”

“That’s great, I don’t want to stay in the hospital at all. I’ve been in the hospital for six years, and I’m already tired of it. “Gu Manyin said happily.

Fu Jingting patted her hair dotingly.

Mrs. Gu looked at him and suddenly asked, “By the way, Jing Ting, has the fox man been found out?”

Gu Manyin heard the word fox man, and her smiling face immediately turned horrified, “Jing Ting… …”

Fu Jingting held her in his arms, patted her on the back lightly, and said softly, “Don’t be afraid.”

Mrs. Gu also regretted, “I’m sorry Manyin, Mom didn’t mention it on purpose, you…”

“I’m fine mom.” Gu Manyin shook her head tearfully, “This is what I should suffer, if I didn’t hurt Miss Rong first because I didn’t feel safe, Miss Rong wouldn’t let anyone kidnap me, so this It’s all my own fault.”

“What’s your fault?” Madam Gu also burst into tears, “It’s clearly Rong Shu, that woman is too vicious, it’s right that you hurt her first, but we’ve also compensated her for what she suffered. Bullying you is so abhorrent!”

Gu Manyin lowered her head and sobbed softly, as if she couldn’t understand why Rong Shu did this.

Fu Jingting frowned, “Auntie, Manyin, this incident has nothing to do with Rong Shu, it was the fox man’s own idea who kidnapped you, not Rong Shu’s orders.”

“Jing Ting, you help Rong Shu. Shu speak?” Madam Gu looked at him in disbelief.

Chapter 74 These two things are related

Fu Jingting shook his head slightly, “I didn’t speak for her, it’s a fact.”

“But…” Mrs. Gu wanted to say something else.

Gu Manyin tugged at her sleeve and smiled forcefully, “Mom, forget it, since Jing Ting thinks that Miss Rong did it, it should be true.”

Fu Jingting frowned upon hearing this. He frowned, always feeling that something was wrong, but he couldn’t tell.

And Mrs. Gu understood, and glared at him angrily.

After waking up, Man Yin said it all, and heard the kidnappers reveal that it was the fox man ordered by the woman Rong Shu to take revenge on Man Yin.

But he was good, and he kept talking to Rong Shu’s woman, making Man Yin sad, and Man Yin still protected him.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door of the ward, and Assistant Zhang stood at the door, “Mr. Fu.”

“What’s the matter?” Fu Jingting’s thin lips parted lightly.

Assistant Zhang glanced at Gu Manyin, “You asked me to investigate Li Chuan, the results have already been obtained.”

Fu Jingting narrowed his eyes slightly, “Wait for me outside.”

“Yes.” Assistant Zhang replied and left from the door.

Fu Jingting pulled out his arm, “Manyin, I’ll go out.”

Gu Manyin smiled and nodded, “Okay.”

Fu Jingting helped her lie down, covered her with the quilt, and then got up and went out.

The door was closed, and Fu Jingting looked at Assistant Zhang.

Assistant Zhang handed him a document in his hand, “President, this is the detailed information of Li Chuan. He is an orphan who grew up in Jiang County. When he was a teenager, he was sponsored by Miss Rong’s father and daughter before he started to go to school. He became an adult. Later, because of his appearance, he was discovered by a scout and entered the modeling circle. To sum up, he is not a fox man.”

“No?” Fu Jingting frowned.

Assistant Zhang nodded, “That’s right, I asked Mr. Gu, he has seen the fox man twice, from Mr. Gu’s description, it can be seen that the fox man is a top hacker, but Li Chuan has never been in touch with this. Xueshan took a photo, and the man caught a cold, but the fox man didn’t, so I’m sure he wasn’t.”

“Mr. Fu, what should we do now?” Assistant Zhang looked at the man.

The man pondered for a moment, then pursed his thin lips and said, “Check Rong Shu’s interpersonal relationship, that fox man must be someone Rong Shu knows, and find out all these people.”

“Understood!” Assistant Zhang nodded.

“President Fu.” A cautious female voice came from behind.

Fu Jingting looked back, Meng Ke and Gao Meiling came towards this side with flowers.

“Mr. Fu, is Man Yin there?” Meng Jue didn’t dare to look directly at the man, lowered her head slightly, and said timidly, “We heard that Man Yin is ill, so we came to see her.”

“In the ward.” Fu Jingting pointed Open the ward door.

“Thank you, Mr. Fu.” Meng Ke’s face lit up, and she turned to look at Gao Meiling next to her, “Miss Gao, let’s go in.”

“Well.” Gao Meiling raised her chin arrogantly.

Meng Ke stepped forward and knocked on the door.

Gao Meiling stood there and looked at Fu Jingting.

The last time she was in the box, she hadn’t paid much attention to this man, but this time she finally saw it clearly, he was an extremely high-quality man.

In terms of appearance alone, her husband Li Zhennan can’t compare.

Thinking of the man who was going to divorce her, Gao Meiling’s eyes darkened and she withdrew her gaze.

“Miss Gao, Man Yin let us in.” Meng Ke opened the door of the ward and waved at Gao Meiling.

“Come on.” Gao Meiling responded, nodded slightly to Fu Jingting, and walked over with her high heels.

“Let’s go.” Fu Jingting threw the documents in his hand into Assistant Zhang’s arms and walked towards the elevator.

Assistant Zhang followed closely behind him, “Mr. Fu, are you not with Miss Gu in the hospital?”

“No, it’s fine with Miss Gao and the others.” Fu Jingting replied lightly, then took out his cell phone and gave it to Gu Man Yin sent a message over and told her that he was gone.

Gu Manyin looked at the news on the phone, bit her lower lip, and replied with a word in her heart.

“Manyin, what’s the matter with you?” Seeing that she was unhappy, Meng Ke put the flowers away and asked.

Gu Manyin put away her phone and smiled, “I’m fine, thank you for coming to see me.”

“It’s nothing, we are good sisters.” Meng Ke waved his hand.

Gao Meiling sat on the chair beside the hospital bed, her legs folded gracefully, “I heard that you were kidnapped, what happened?”

Although this matter has not been announced, the Gu family’s incident about Gu Manyin entering the hospital But he didn’t hide it, everyone in the circle knew it, and after a little investigation, it was clear why he entered the hospital.

Meng Ke opened her mouth in surprise, “Manyin, you were kidnapped, who did it?”

Gu Manyin’s eyes were wet, but a smile forced on her face, “It’s Miss Rong’s suitor, because I A few days ago, Miss Rong was accidentally injured, so her suitor kidnapped me in order to avenge her.”

“What, this is too much, you are all careless, what a bad suitor He actually kidnapped you!” Meng Ke blushed and said indignantly.

Gu Manyin smiled bitterly, “He probably thinks that I hurt Miss Rong on purpose, that’s why…”

She didn’t say anything later.

Meng Ke’s chest heaved violently, “Hmph, I think this matter must have something to do with Rong Shu, maybe she ordered her suitor to do it.”

“No, Jing Ting said it has nothing to do with Miss Rong.” Gu Gu Man Yin waved his hand, as if afraid that they would misunderstand.

Gao Meiling touched her chin and pondered, “How does he know that he has nothing to do with Rong Shu?”

“I don’t know either, maybe he asked Miss Rong.” Gu Manyin shook her head, looking back sadly.

Meng Ke put her hands on her hips, “Then Mr. Fu must have been deceived by Rong Shu, Man Yin, we must not let her go…”

” But…” Gu Manyin bit her lip, looking embarrassed.

Meng Ke looked at her like this and felt distressed, “Don’t be so, she bullied you so much, this time she dares to let someone kidnap you, I don’t know what to do with you next time, so we must teach her a lesson and let her I know that we are not easy to bully.”

“Then let me do it.” Gao Meiling said coldly.

Gu Manyin looked at her, “Miss Gao, what do you want to do?”

Gao Meiling flicked her red nails, “I heard that Tiancheng is borrowing from the bank recently, I can start from this, with the bank’s funds, no With the injection of bank funds, it would be difficult for Tiancheng to maintain operations.”

As she spoke, she took out her mobile phone and called the presidents of major banks.

Meng Ke looked at her with admiration.

Seeing this scene, Gu Manyin ticked slightly at the corner of her mouth.

Tian Cheng, Tong Xi hurriedly walked into Rong Shu’s office, “Mr. Rong, it’s not good, something happened.”

“What’s the matter?” Rong Shu looked up from behind a pile of documents.

Tong Xihui reported, “I just received calls from several banks saying that our loan conditions were not met and refused to lend to us. Several other lenders even said that there was an error in the review at that time, so we should immediately. Repay the loan.”

“What?” Rong Shu’s face changed, and she clenched the pen in her hand suddenly, “Why is this?”

“I don’t know, but these banks are doing this at the same time, I guess someone must be behind it. Fix us.” Tong Xi looked at her and said.

A name instantly popped into Rong Shu’s mind, “Gu Yaotian!”

“You mean Sansheng Group did it?”

Rong Shu squinted, “Besides them, I think there should be no one else.” If

Gu Yaotian really did it, it must be because of that land.

Either it was because of Gu Manyin, or it must have something to do with these two things.

“Then Mr. Rong, what should we do now?” Tong Xi asked.

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