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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 7-8

Chapter 7 She Betrayed Him

Seeing him being mysterious, Rong Shu was aroused curiosity. “You talk first, and I’ll decide whether to go or not.”

Li Chuan sighed helplessly, “Sister, I said there is still a sense of mystery.”

Rong Shu saw him Haha, I couldn’t help laughing.

When Fu Jingting came out of the door, he happened to see a man lowering his head and leaning into Rong Shu’s ear, not knowing what to say.

Rong Shu smiled so happily, her bright eyes were extremely bright.

He was about to get into the car, but he stopped, turned around and stared at the pair of men and women coldly, his eyes were as cold as ice and snow.

After the two got married, she never smiled like this.

Her ears were full of endless chatter, all trivial matters, and every time she looked at him in those eyes, she looked cautiously.

In fact, he didn’t like her like that and felt irritable.

Unexpectedly divorced, she seems to have changed a person, exuding a dazzling light from the inside out.

Because of that man?

Fu Jingting sneered at the corner of his mouth.

A woman who cheats and doesn’t love herself is not worth his glance at all!

“Sir?” Assistant Zhang cautiously reminded his boss when he saw that his boss was not getting in the car.

Fu Jingting retracted his gaze and got into the car, “Go back.”

I don’t know if it was Assistant Zhang’s illusion. He always felt that the husband was very angry and his face was so scary…

Rong Shu just got into the co-pilot, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw Fu Jingting leave.

After the car drove, she stared at the passing trees outside in a daze.

Li Chuan saw her loneliness in his eyes, and he calmly suppressed the emotions in his eyes, “Sister, what are you thinking about?”

Rong Shu returned to her senses and smiled, “It’s nothing.” In the

sight, Li Chuan looked sideways to see that his facial features were more three-dimensional, Kind of a mixed-race style.

Fu Jingting was a well-known school grass in the school, but Li Chuan was not inferior at all, with wide shoulders, thin waist and long legs, comparable to international supermodels.

“Why…why did you choose the modeling industry?” Rong Shu once thought that with his good grades, he would take the road of being a school boss.

“I auditioned casually at the beginning, but I didn’t think about it. Since then, I have entered the modeling circle.” Following the car mirror, he glanced at Rong Shu, and pretended to inadvertently asked, “Sister, don’t you like the modeling industry?”

Rong Shu shook her head . , his eyes softened, “No, as long as you are successful, it is the same when you shine in your own field.” There was a smile in the young man’s eyes, and he braked

steadily, “I’m here, sister.”

Upstairs, there was an old man with white hair sitting on a rattan chair drinking tea.

The old man turned around and smiled at her, “Girl.”

Rong Shu was stunned, unable to believe it.

The old man sighed, “I know everything about you, I’m wronged.”

Her eyes were sour, she threw herself into the old man’s knees, “Grandpa, where have you been all these years?”

Six years ago, Tiansheng’s funds were stolen, evidence Pointing to his father, he was not only fired from the board, but also faced jail time.

And because the stepmother and stepsister fled with the money, the father Yifu jumped off the building.

The old man said, “I have been investigating the theft of the company’s funds back then, and found that it is related to Sansheng Group. Your father was made a scapegoat.”

Sansheng Group is the largest real estate company in Haishi, and its chairman is Gu Yaotian, who is Gu Man. Tone’s father.

While Rong Shu pondered, the old man took out a document and put it in her hand, “Girl, this is 51% of Tiansheng’s shares, don’t ask me how I got it, I know you need this.

Rong Shu pursed her lips and looked solemn, “I will find out the person who framed my father and prove his innocence, and I will definitely not disappoint you. “

Chapter 8 Do You Regret Divorcing Her?

Fu Mansion –

Wang Shuqin was instructing the servants to wipe away all traces of Rong Shu’s residence, throwing away the sheets, slippers, aprons, and even used tableware.

“What are you doing?” Fu Jingting, who came back, frowned slightly.

Wang Shuqin snorted softly, “What do you keep that woman’s things for? Gu Manyin is going to marry him in the future.”

Rolling her eyes, she hurriedly came over, “A Ting, didn’t you divorce her? I can tell you. , the money is earned by your hard work, she doesn’t even want to take it!”

He said lightly, “She doesn’t want anything.”

Wang Shuqin obviously didn’t believe it, “Impossible! She doesn’t have a penny, how can she not? How about making a fortune from you? Or where did she get the money to raise wild men outside?”

Thinking of Rong Shu’s relationship with the male model, Fu Jingting’s temples throbbed, not wanting to deal with Wang Shuqin, so he directly ordered Assistant Zhang to take the divorce agreement She looks.

Going upstairs, Gu Manyin was sitting by the window reading a book.

She raised her head and smiled softly at him, “You’re back.”

Fu Jingting looked at her peaceful smile, and the irritability in her heart slowly calmed down.

“Are you feeling better?”

“Fortunately, it’s boring to be bored in the room, so I just found a book to pass the time.” Gu Manyin gently placed the book on the bedside table, stood up and hugged the man’s waist from behind.” Jing Ting, do you regret marrying her?”

Fu Jingting said in a low voice, “What is there to regret, I don’t love her, let alone she cheated first.” The corners of

Gu Manyin’s mouth curled slightly.

The man turned around and put his arms around her, “Don’t mention her again, the most important thing at the moment is your body. Uncle Gu will hold a banquet for you next month. Get well soon.”

Gu Manyin blinked and smiled, ” Got it.”

After Fu Jingting left, she called Gu’s housekeeper.

“Miss, what are your orders?”

“Tell my father about Rong Shu’s car hitting me, do you understand?”

“Yes, miss.”

After hanging up the phone, Gu Manyin turned to look To a cactus on the window, the corners of his mouth twitched slowly.

Fu Jingting returned to the company and called Assistant Zhang in front of him, “How about the ‘Blue Heart’ I asked you to prepare?”

Assistant Zhang respectfully said, “Sir, there is news from the United States that it will be shipped by air in about a week.”

The ‘Blue Heart’ necklace is the famous work of the internationally renowned master K. There is only one in the whole country, and it is priceless. Assistant Zhang knows that Fu Jingting spent a lot of energy to buy it, and plans to propose to Miss Gu at the Gu family banquet.

Assistant Zhang reminded me of his wife who had been with her husband for six years.

The husband has never given his wife gifts, let alone precious necklaces, not even flowers.

Once the wife came to the company to visit the husband with a food box, but was driven away by the husband with a cold face. The wife became the laughing stock of the whole company. All employees knew that the husband did not take his wife seriously. Shut out.

Assistant Zhang sighed, the husband treats his wife far less than the gentleness he treats to Miss Gu.

The man hummed softly, without speaking, he lowered his head to process the documents.

At this time, a phone call came.

Fu Jingting glanced, seeing that it was a friend, and quickly connected, “What’s the matter?” The

other party was a frivolous young man’s voice, “Fu Jingting, look at the latest headlines on the Internet.”

Fu Jingting didn’t know what the hell he was doing, and opened it. The mobile phone, casually swept away, his eyes froze for a moment.

It was an intimate photo of Rong Shu and the male model, one with his head down and the other with his face up, from an angle that looked like they were kissing.

The striking red title is shocking! President Fu was forced to divorce, and the popular male model succeeded in ascending the throne.

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