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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 53-54

Chapter 53 For fear of this second-hand husband being taken away

Gu Manyin held the man’s arm, with a smile on her face and a light tone, “I’ve been asleep for so long, and I can’t ski anymore. When I get to the ski resort, I’ll ask you to teach me, Mr. Fu.”

Fu Jingting touched her feet Looking at him, he frowned and asked, “Are your feet all right?”

“It’s just a minor injury, and I’ve been in the hospital for so long, and I’ve recovered a long time ago.” Gu Manyin smiled and held his arm tightly, ” It’s rare that you can accompany me when you have time, and I want to share the fun with you.”

“Okay.” The man replied lightly.

After Gu Manyin was discharged from the hospital, he said that he wanted to come out to play. He happened to be not busy, so he went out with her, but he didn’t expect her to come to Yabuli Resort.

It is estimated that Rong Shu has come here to talk about the information he gave last time.

After entering the ski resort, Rong Shu and Lu Qi went to the store to rent a full set of ski equipment and went to the locker room to change them.

The ski suits and shoes were a bit bulky, but fortunately, Rong Shu got used to it quickly. After going down, she found that there were a lot of guests on each ski track.

At a glance, she saw that everyone was wearing ski suits, and they seemed to look similar…

After finding a few ski runs, Rong Shu was tired and her eyes were a little sore, “This ski resort is too big, Lu Qi, you see Where is the boss?”

Rong Shu didn’t get a response for a long time, only to find that there was no one behind him when he turned around.

“Baby, are you looking for me?” Lu Qi slid down the high hillside, the snowboard under his feet drifted beautifully, and stopped firmly in front of Rong Shu.

Rong Shu was so angry that she was speechless, “I asked you to help find someone, but you went skiing?”

“There are so many people here, and they are scattered, and ghosts can’t be found!” Lu Qi picked up the ski and pulled her Go, “Go baby, I will teach you to ski, and under my training, you will definitely become a fearful ski killer!”


Rong Shu looked around the huge ski resort, there were indeed many people, and he gave up on himself.

Lu Qi dragged Rong Shu to the primary snow track, “This is the primary snow track, with a small slope, suitable for beginners. When you get used to the skis and can slide freely, let’s go to the intermediate snow track with a higher slope.”

“No wonder There are few people here, and there are still people with you, so it turns out to be a beginner’s area.” Rong Shu understood, and inadvertently glanced, but saw two people entering the snowy road.

What a coincidence, they are still acquaintances.

Gu Manyin also saw Rong Shu, her eyes were cold for a moment, and she quickly raised a smile to say hello, “Miss Rong, what a coincidence, I met you and your boyfriend here.”

“Miss Gu, we don’t know each other well, so don’t force yourself. Say hello to us.” Lu Qi said lazily, “Why don’t you act like a spoiled brat with your family’s President Fu and ask him to buy this ski resort and forbid us from coming, so we won’t be able to touch it.”

Gu Manyin sipped her fans. Lips, “Mr. Lu, I didn’t offend you, did I? You talk too much…”

“You forgot about the clubhouse so soon?” President Fu, for fear that this second-hand husband will be taken away, of course he disdains to remember other things.”

“…” Gu Manyin’s face turned pale, looking weak and pitiful.

This Lu Qi, let her make a fool of herself in the club that time, this time, her mouth is more poisonous than that day.

Really hate it!

“Hey, I’m scolding you again, don’t look like that.” Lu Qi looked scared and said to Fu Jingting, “Mr. Fu, your girlfriend is more vulnerable than Jiaohua, you take good care of her, Don’t let her break!”

Fu Jingting’s eyes sank, and he didn’t say anything, he took Gu Manyin to the other side to help her adjust the equipment.

“Come on baby, I’ll help you.” Lu Qi squatted down and helped Rong Shu fasten the skis to the shoes, snorting coldly, “Hey! Who can’t hurt people!”

Rong Shu was teased by him and endured Can’t stop laughing.

“What are you laughing at?” Lu Qi stood up, brushed his short hair, and raised his thin lips slightly, “Do you think I’m handsome? It’s better for you to gain weight, baby, I can make you happier.”

“Shut up.” Rong Shu slapped him with a snowball fight, “Don’t force me to slap you!”

Lu Qi was slapped twice by Rong Shu. She adapts to snowboards.

Gu Manyin was not far from them, and when she heard the conversation between the two, her cheeks were slightly red, and she whispered, “Although there are few people here, they can’t… Such blatant flirting is too shameless.”

Fu Jingting went to Rong Shu glanced over there, frowning tightly.

He thought that Rong Shu was here to talk to the boss of her sweetheart to discuss business, but he didn’t expect that she was flirting with Lu Qi and skiing here, and she had a lot of fun.

“Don’t worry about them.” Fu Jingting said solemnly, his body temperature dropped several degrees for no reason.

Gu Manyin felt agitated all over, then looked up at the man and saw that his expression was light, as if his emotions had never fluctuated just now, it was just her illusion.

Rong Shu is a novice skier and doesn’t understand anything. After Lu Qi taught her to let go, she slowly used the snowball.

Just slipped twice, the body involuntarily tilted and fell into the snow.

Lu Qi sneered, “Baby, you are too stupid, you can still fall with a snowball, can’t you find a balance?”

“Shut up!”

Rong Shu saw that Gu Manyin, who was beside him, was already proficient in using snowballs. After the battle, after slipping and going freely, I felt even more unhappy, gritted my teeth and got up and continued to learn.

After falling countless times, Rong Shu was finally able to master the snowball fight, and she could come and go freely on the snow track. At this time, she also experienced the joy of skiing.

At the ski resort in the afternoon, Rong Shu and Lu Qi went to the intermediate ski slopes.

There are many people here, and it is also lively.

Lu Qi no longer taught Rong Shu, he also fixed his snowboard and followed her down.

He may be too busy, and he always finds Rong Shu to chat to distract her.

“Baby, go with your grandfather in your thirtiesLet’s eat at my house. “Lu Qi said, “My mother called me the day before yesterday and said she wanted to see you. “

After getting married, Rong Shu spent the New Year with Fu Jingting’s family, and this year, she and Fu Jingting divorced.

Rong Shu didn’t agree immediately, “Let’s talk later. She knew that Lu Qi felt sorry for

her, but the Rong family, her and her grandfather, she didn’t want to go to other people’s houses to spoil the atmosphere during this kind of festival, and she probably didn’t want to either.

Lu Qi sighed, “Look at my handsome face. , girlfriend, give me a face? “

“Fake girlfriend!” “Rong Shu didn’t have a good air.

She didn’t want to hear Lu Qi’s beeping, and with the snowball in her hand, she brushed past Lu Qi and slid down.

Before she slipped a few meters, Rong Shu heard a snowboard rubbing against the snow behind her. The sound of passing.

She hadn’t reacted yet, her back hurt, and the hit snowball couldn’t hold it on the ground, and she rushed down the slope.

“Rong Shu! Lu Qi’s face sank, and he immediately chased after him.

The slope of the snow track was relatively high, and Rong Shu swooped all the way down, without the support of the snowball fight, and his body quickly lost his balance and staggered. A

shadow followed from the side . Sliding down and approaching Rong Shu, he stretched out his hand and pulled her, quickly put her hand on his waist, and said solemnly, “Hold on, don’t let go. Rong Shu was in a panic ,

and after hearing the voice in her ear, she immediately hugged the man’s waist.

Fu Jingting calmly controlled the skis to rush down the slope, even with one person, it was easy to rush down the slope. At the foot of the slope, stand firmly.

“Miss Rong, here we are. “Looking at the woman who still didn’t let go, Fu Jingting said, “Why, do you want to hug more?” “

Fu Jingting?

After arguing the man’s voice, Rong Shu immediately let go and opened the distance between the two.

She took off her helmet, showing a calm face as usual, “I’m sorry, I thought it was my boyfriend, so I hugged tightly, thank you, President Fu.”

Chapter 54 This Goose Is Cute, It Can Make You Approachable

Hearing this, Fu Jingting’s eyes sank.

Lu Qi slid down quickly and came to Rong Shu’s side, “Baby, are you alright?”

“Well, alright.

” “Hey, Miss Gu, hurry up!”

After Gu Manyin slid down, he said rudely, “Don’t think I didn’t see it just now, it was you who bumped into Rong Shu!”

“I’m wearing a helmet, so my vision is a little off. Fuzzy.” Gu Manyin bit her lip and apologized to Rong Shu, “I’m sorry, Miss Rong, I bumped into you.”

“Rong Shu is in front of you, not on the side, if you can’t see it, you’re blind!” Lu Qi Qi waved his hand in front of Gu Manyin, “Miss Gu, are you really blind, do you want me to find a doctor for you?”

“Enough.” Fu Jingting said displeased, “I just saved Miss Rong, Manyin also apologized to her.”

Lu Qi sneered, “Mr. Fu, you know that the slope of this snow trail is high, my baby is a beginner again, and was hit by Miss Gu like that, if no one saves you, you will break a bone if you roll down. “Yes !”

“Can I think that your girlfriend was an attempted murder?”

“Lu Qi, don’t be so aggressive.” Gu Manyin’s eyes were red with anger, and her voice trembled, “I really didn’t see you just now, you If you want to care about it like this, I’ll slide up now and let Miss Rong bump me.”

“Okay!” Lu Qi agreed, “You hurry up and let Rong Shu bump into you, I’ll save you, and then let’s get rid of it!”

” …” Gu Manyin leaned beside Fu Jingting, her expression becoming more fragile and pitiful.

Seeing Fu Jingting’s gloomy face, Rong Shu seemed to be irritated by Lu Qi’s aggressiveness, and dragged Lu Qi, “Go, go back.”

“I’m not going!” Lu Qi was very upset, “You fucking divorced Fu Jingting. , Besides, his girlfriend bullied you, and you still want to be a virgin?”

Rong Shu approached him and whispered, “Cheng Huai gave me the acquisition information of my sweetheart.”

Cheng Huai has a good relationship with Fu Jingting. If Fu Jingting asks him to do anything, he will do it, and he will not take into account the cooperation with Rong Shu.

Rong Shu also didn’t want to let Gu Manyin go, but she also didn’t want Fu Jingting to intervene and make her unable to buy a sweetheart.

As soon as she said it, Lu Qi also understood the pros and cons, snorted coldly, and didn’t bother with Gu Manyin anymore, but just before leaving, he turned around and compared his middle finger to them.

Gu Manyin was furious.

She has never seen Lu Qizui such a vicious and cheap man!

Seeing the man’s stern face, Gu Manyin whispered, “I just focused on skiing and I didn’t see Miss Rong. I apologized to her too. I didn’t expect Lu Qi to be aggressive, cough…”

She bent down and coughed twice , the little face turned pale.

Seeing her face, Fu Jingting couldn’t get colder, and took the person into his arms, “With me here, Lu Qi just said, I dare not let you do anything, it’s too cold, I’ll take you back to the hotel. “

Well.” Gu Manyin embraced him with a light smile on her face.

When Rong Shu and the two returned to the hotel, it was already five o’clock in the afternoon.

She went to the front desk and found out that Tan Wei was in the chess and card room, so she went to find it alone, took out the shameless style Lu Qi said, and insisted that Tan didn’t say that he wanted to acquire his company, and the purchase price could be negotiated.

No matter what she said, Tan Wei refused to agree to the death, and finally became impatient, “I won’t sell it no matter how high you give it, so let’s go!”

He directly kicked Rong Shu out of the chess and card room.

Rong Shu had a headache and wanted to call Lu Qi to call him, but he felt that the conversation was not like this, and Lu Qi couldn’t say anything even though his mouth was broken.

And if she doesn’t talk to people in person, how can she have any learning experience?

Rong Shu thought of that man, opened WeChat, found him, and sent a message. Have you ever talked to your lover’s boss before? He’s so tough, no matter what price I offer, he doesn’t want to talk to me.

After sending the message, Rong Shu was startled to realize that something was wrong. Why did she want to find this man for this kind of thing, wouldn’t it be better to ask Cheng Huai?

Rong Shu wanted to withdraw the news, but after the time passed, the news could not be withdrawn.

At this time, the man replied to her message.

zhTan Weixin is arrogant and arrogant. He doesn’t like his company being invaded by people from other companies and being managed by others. He went to ask for funds to save the company because the other party wanted the right to operate his company, so he didn’t agree.

zhHe has a bad relationship with his father, you can also start with this.

After a word or two from the man, Rong Shu quickly understood.

Rong Shu, I negotiated with him, I don’t want the management right of his company, but I can increase the proportion of the acquired shares, or use his father to stimulate him.

zh One point, smart.

The man was a little slow in replying to the news and said few words, but every sentence was very useful to Rong Shu.

The negotiation skills taught by the man made Rong Shu suddenly enlightened, and even knew how to avoid being at a disadvantage when negotiating with her lover’s boss.

Rong Shu Big White Goose, are you helping Cheng Huai or running your own company? I see you know a lot.

zh I am not called the big white goose.

Rong Shu, then you didn’t tell me your name, it’s nothing, it’s just a title!

Rong Shu, I won’t delete you, why don’t you delete me? You are a very good friend, rich in knowledge, and I just need someone to guide me.

Rong Shu, I will not waste your time. I will ask you questions in the future. You can decide how much a message will cost.

In the hotel room, Fu Jingting laughed angrily after seeing several messages sent by Rong Shu.

Because she helped Fu Jinglin, he just sold her a piece of information, but the woman climbed up the pole without end.

After a while, Fu Jingting returned to her, okay.

Rong Shu, you are so knowledgeable and kind, as cute as your avatar!

Fu Jingting twitched the corners of his mouth, and without seeing the WeChat message, he exited the dialog and dialed Assistant .

“Mr. Fu, what’s the matter?” Assistant Zhang answered the phone quickly.

“I have a WeChat account for you before.” Fu Jingting frowned, “You have so many avatars to choose from, why get a goose?”

Assistant Zhang euphemistically said, “This goose looks cute and makes you approachable. “

Fu Jingting was silent.

“Mr. Fu, you have taken this number back for a long time. Why didn’t you change the goose’s avatar before seeing it?” Assistant Zhang indirectly indicated that he was right, “If you don’t know how to change your avatar, I will teach you now…”

“No need!” Fu Jingting hung up the phone directly.

At dinner, Rong Shu and Lu Qi went to the table where the boss of the sweetheart was.

Rong Shu sat down opposite him, smiling lightly, “Mr. Tan, you see a lot of vacancies here, don’t mind me eating with my friends here, right?”

Tan Wei lowered his head to eat and ignored her.

“I know that you created the love one with your own hands, and you treat it like you are cherishing your own child.”

Rong Shu folded her hands on the table and said calmly, “After Tiansheng acquired the love, I promised to control the love. In your hands, let the couple run their business independently, and I won’t go to the top to monitor the couple.”

Hearing this, Tan Wei finally raised his head and glanced at her, “Who taught you to negotiate like this, your ex-husband?”

Rong Shu stunned.

Tan didn’t put down his chopsticks and said with a worried expression, “Your ex-husband has been coveting my company, and he has sent high-level executives to invite me to dinner and negotiate with me many times. Now!”

“Mr. Fu and I divorced a long time ago, and another friend gave me the acquisition information of my sweetheart.” Rong Shu explained this, but she was suspicious.

Tan Wei said what she said, and Fu’s people also told him.

But these are what zh taught her.

If these are true, the man that night was… Fu Jingting?

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