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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 41-42

Chapter 41 I’m Going to Find a Little Brother Who Can Do It

“Ghost knows!” Rong Shu mumbled vaguely!

Fu Jingting didn’t expect Rong Shu to say these three words, and there was obvious surprise in his eyes.

But when he saw Rong Shu’s red face and unfocused eyes, he quickly frowned and pulled the tie out of her hand.

“Rong Shu, you’re drunk.”

“No, I’m sober!” Rong Shu shouted, grabbing the man’s tie again, “You look a lot like my ex-husband, so you don’t seem to be a good guy!

” “…”

“But my ex-husband…” Rong Shu paused, then stretched out her snow-white finger and shook it, “He can’t.”

Fu Jingting’s face quickly turned gloomy, and his voice was cold, “Why not?”

“That’s it. Rong Shu pointed her finger to his crotch and muttered, “I’ve been married to him for six years, and he hasn’t kissed me before. He leaves a fairy like me to sleep. You say, he’s not that good, what is it?” “

Fu Jingting laughed angrily.

The two agreed to get married, and the divorce was also mentioned by Rong Shu. Unexpectedly, in her heart, she gave herself this label!

“It’s boring.” Rong Shu suddenly mumbled, “It’s really boring.”

She staggered and turned to leave, “I’ll find a man who can do it in the future…”

Hearing her say this, Fu Jingting’s face sank, and he quickly crossed his legs with his long legs. In the past, he picked up Rong Shu by the waist, walked straight into the elevator, and looked down at her coldly.

“Rong Shu, you will pay for what you say.”

Gu Manyin, who was sent home by Fu Jingting, chatted in the WeChat group and made some connections with Gao Meiling.

She looked at the time very late, and estimated that Fu Jingting’s affairs had also been dealt with. She sent him three WeChat messages in a row, but did not reply for several minutes.

Gu Manyin was about to make a video call when another WeChat message popped up.

Gu Manyin knew that Rong Shu was going to celebrate Lu Qi’s birthday at the Mingyue Club, and that Fu Jingting was also in the Mingyue Club. She was worried, so she asked Meng Ke to help her watch.

Meng Ke leaned on, that Rong Shu was so shameless, why didn’t she die!

Gu Manyin had a bad premonition in her heart, and hurriedly asked her what did you see, Jing Ting was with her?

Meng Ke Manyin, you must hold on… I saw that Rong Shu took the initiative to kiss Mr. Fu, and Mr. Fu carried her upstairs. I looked down and followed quietly, and found that they entered the room and never came out…

They entered the room and never came out.

Seeing these words, Gu Manyin bit her lip fiercely, and soon bit her lower lip, her gentle face became a little distorted and out of control.

She really hated Rong Shu so much that she wanted to tear Rong Shu apart.

Eight years ago, it was her who replaced Rong Shu and met Fu Jingting as a “Maple Leaf” netizen. That was also wrong with Rong Shu!

It was Rong Shu who only regarded the other party as a pen pal and was unwilling to get to know him.

So Fu Jingting was the first person she knew, the one she liked first, and her man!

Meng Ke sent another WeChat message, and I saw that Fu was always seduced by that bitch Rong Shu, and was confused for a while. I’m going to knock on the door now to make President Fu sober.

Gu Manyin stopped him from going. If you go, Jing Ting will know that you are following him. I just care about Jing Ting too much, but I don’t want to involve the innocent you.

Meng Ke is clearly Rong Shu’s fault, and you have to bear with her again and again. Hey Manyin, you are just too kind-hearted, which makes people feel distressed.

Gu Manyin doesn’t matter, I believe in Jingting and wait for him to come back and explain to me. Thank you tonight, you can go back to rest, and, besides the two of us, I hope no one else knows about this, okay?

After sending the message, she transferred another 200,000 yuan to Meng Ke.

Meng Ke received the money immediately, and the message was answered quickly. What’s more, we sisters. I saw nothing tonight and was drunk.

After getting her assurance, Gu Manyin quit the chat and made a call with a sullen face.

“Ms. Gu.”

“Have you got the items in the private room?” Gu Manyin asked directly, her voice soft, but her face twisted and terrifying.

“I got it, it’s a lot of excitement, but the price…”

“Money is not a problem, let me listen to it first.”

Soon, Gu Manyin received a piece of audio. After listening quietly, she was distorted. His face softened a lot, and while walking out of the room, he sent text messages.

After the text message was sent, she also stood at the entrance of the stairs.

The stairs covered with blankets looked pleasing to the eye, but the height made Gu Manyin feel a little timid.

She just woke up, is it worth going to the hospital again?

But thinking of the WeChat message sent by Meng Ke, of Fu Jingting and Rong Shu’s room upstairs in the clubhouse, Gu Manyin looked at the stairs, a flash of determination flashed in his eyes.

Gu Manyin slowly raised her foot, stepped on the air, and rolled down the stairs.

The servant was about to go upstairs to deliver bird’s nest to Mrs. Gu. When she just went up to the second floor, when she saw Gu Manyin covered in blood, she was so frightened that the tray in her hand flew out.


… In a suite

upstairs in the Mingyue Club . Half an hour later, Rong Shu curled up on the bed, with a large white back exposed outside the quilt, with a deep and heavy hickey clearly visible. Fu Jingting forcibly restrained the fire in his body, twisted his tie, turned around, and lit a cigarette from the bedside table. He knew his emotional control, but every time Rong Shu could easily anger him. On the day of the divorce, and now… At this moment, the phone on the bedside table lit up.

He went to pick up the mobile phone, saw that it was from the Gu family, and pressed it to answer.

“What’s the matter?”

“Where are you, Mr. Fu?” The servant of the Gu family asked in a panic, “I, my lady accidentally fell down the stairs and was sent to the emergency room. Madam has already fainted from crying, come quickly. Go to the hospital!”

Fu Jingting’s expression froze, and he said solemnly, “Don’t panic, stay with Madam Gu, I will be at the hospital in fifteen minutes.” After

hanging up the phone, Fu Jingting quickly changed into clothes.

He glanced at the drowsy woman sleeping on the bed, stretched out his hand, just about to touch her face, but put it back, picked up the pen and paper on the bedside table, wrote a series of numbers and left it.

After the divorce, Rong Shu deleted all his contact information.

This is his personal account. There are very few friends on it, and Rong Shu has never added it before.

Fu Jingting stepped into the elevator on the front foot to leave, and the other elevator opened on the back foot, and a tall figure came out from inside.

The man wore a hat and mask, covering it tightly, and his eyes swept across the room number on the wall.

Soon the man’s eyes fixed on the room where Fu Jingting came out, he swiped the room card sticker in his hand, and then he twisted the door and walked in.

Chapter 42: Did You Find a Wild Man Last Night?

When Rong Shu woke up in the morning, she still had a hangover and had a slight headache.

She rubbed her temples and sat up from the bed, the quilt slipped down, and soon she felt chilly, and when she looked down, she was wearing a suspender!

what happened?

Just as Rong Shu was about to lift the quilt and get out of bed, she glanced out of the corner of the eye and saw a man beside the pillow. The man was sleeping with his chest naked, his broken hair on his forehead, handsome features, and shocked her with wide-eyed eyes. Unable to speak.

She seemed to have drank too much last night and was drowsy, but she seemed to hear Fu Jingting’s voice vaguely…

Could it be that she was so stimulated last night that she just found a man to sleep with?

When she thought that she was sleeping with a strange man, Rong Shu couldn’t even look at the man beside her pillow. She took her clothes from the chair to change, just wanted to take a bag to save some money, but she couldn’t find it after looking around. .

When I took the note paper to leave a number, I found that a series of numbers had been written on it, and I don’t know if the man was afraid that she would wake up early and run away.

Rong Shu tore off the note and ran away from the room.

Half an hour later, Rong Shu, who went home and took a shower, took a taxi to the company. She was still in the shock of “losing her body” before she fully recovered.

“Mr. Rong is here!”

Rong Shu just got out of the rental car, but before she could stand firm, a group of reporters rushed over from all directions, surrounded her, and the spotlight almost slapped her in the face.

“Mr. Rong, who is the man in the audio?”

“That voice seems to be different from the voice of the male model surnamed Li before, please explain!”

“Mr. Rong, you came to Tiancheng for work, but also because Can being a vice president be convenient for you to hook up with men?”

“…” The

reporters threw all kinds of sharp questions one after another like bombs.

Although she didn’t know what the audio was from the reporters, Rong Shu quickly stabilized her face to prevent them from capturing anything strange, and pushed them at the same time, trying to leave the encirclement.

“I’m sorry, please let me go.”

“Mr. Rong, you dare not answer, are you guilty?” A reporter asked, “I heard that you divorced President Fu because of your unruly private life?”


At this time, Lu He squeezed in through the layers of records, embraced Rong Shu like a flower-guardian messenger, and scolded the reporter, “You said that you heard it, can that be true? I also heard that you are gay, do you think you are? “

The reporter’s face turned blue when Lu Qi ran away.

Lu Qi rolled his eyes and flew over, and while pushing away the microphones that were squeezed over, he said, “The male voice in the audio is me. If you don’t believe me, you can compare it with my voice.”

“Rong Shu is my girlfriend. The relationship is that she keeps a low profile and doesn’t want to make it public. As for what you said about her relationship with Li Chuan, it’s all nonsense! We are friends with Li Chuan, what’s wrong with our friends eating together?”

“Also, my girlfriend and Fu always divorced peacefully. , As for the affair…” Lu Qi sneered, “Why don’t you ask Mr. Fu, what does it mean to go to the hospital every day to take care of another woman before getting married?

” After that, it’s all gone!” Lu Qi pushed the reporters away and squeezed out.

“My girlfriend was originally timid, don’t scare her, there is no news from her. I heard that President Fu is remarried. It’s easier for you to follow the news with President Fu and get bonuses from him. “

Rong Shu, “…”

Lu Qi pushed and moved with his feet, and quickly embraced Rong Shu to break through the tight encirclement and entered Tiancheng.

Rong Shu turned her head, glanced at the reporters who had not dispersed outside, and gave Lu a thumbs up, “You are really good, I didn’t eat for nothing when I was a child.”

If Lu Qi hadn’t often helped her after the divorce, she would have I guess it’s over.

“We’ve been together for more than 20 years, did you find out that I’m okay?” Lu Qi snorted, took her into the elevator, pressed the floor button, and then his eyes fell on Rong Shu, “You last night I went out and didn’t come back, where did I go, and I didn’t bring my bag?”

Lu Qiju asked, “Did you go looking for a wild man?”

Hearing what he said, Rong Shu remembered the shock scene she saw in the morning, and suddenly felt guilty. ” I

wasn’t feeling well last night, so I didn’t bother to see that you guys were having fun and went back early.” Rong Shu said without blushing, and quickly jumped the topic, “What happened to the audio that the reporter said?”

Lu Qi frowned, and while taking out his phone, he scolded, “Someone packed a small thing in the private room last night.”

He turned on the audio and played it to Rong Shu.

This audio is what Lu Qi teased Rong Shu when he was in the private room last night. Later, Rong Shu explained it to Chen Xingnuo, but the audio was deliberately cut off, and some ambiguous voices of men and women were added, and the audio made people sound Into the imagination.

“To edit a good talk like this, that person is very deliberate.” Rong Shu sneered, “Can you find out who did it by looking at the surveillance?”

“It’s too difficult to find out.” Lu Qi shook his head and sighed, “Several waiters went in and out of the private room yesterday, and I didn’t know who was doing it. They interrogated them one by one, and maybe they couldn’t ask anything.”

Rong Shu was also clear, and her face became a little dignified.

But the mastermind behind this public opinion, she has a clear object of suspicion – Gu Manyin.

She just divorced Fu Jingting, and there are few friends in the circle, and almost no enemies.

Gu Manyin has always had opinions on her, and Lu Qi was in the private room last night and humiliated Gu Manyin severely. Gu Manyin had the motive to do something to her.

It’s just that there is no evidence that Gu Manyin hired someone to do this.

When Rong Shu was in a trance, Lu Qi never missed every inch of her face, and keenly felt that something was wrong, “Didn’t you really go looking for a wild man last night?”

“I said no.” Rong Shu rolled her eyes, trying to keep her calm, “Which wild man is not as handsome as you!”

Lu Qi stayed for a few seconds, then looked Rong Shu up and down, touched his chin and tutted, “I I really want to use my body to comfort you, but baby, you are too thin, I like plumpness and a big butt.”

Rong Shu, “…”

After the elevator opened, Rong Shu took the lead and walked out, “You are fine. You go to your own company, I don’t need your help!”

“Baby, you are so ruthless.” Lu Qi followed her and grabbed her shoulders.

“If it wasn’t for me, you would have been sprayed to death by those reporters’ questions. Now that you have used it, you don’t want me anymore? You are my girlfriend. Even if the sky falls in my company, you are more important!”

Secretary Tong just finished sending the documents When he came out of Rong Shu’s office, he heard Lu Qi’s words.

Seeing Lu Qi hugging Rong Shu intimately, she asked with obvious surprise on her face, “Mr. Rong, you two…are you really together?”

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