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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 27-28

Chapter 27 I have to teach you a lesson!

“Manyin, what’s wrong?” Seeing that Gu Manyin’s face was not good, Mother Fu asked.

Gu Manyin immediately turned back her phone and said softly, “It’s okay, my mother sent a message asking me when to go back, I’ll wait for her message next time.”

Wang Shuqin didn’t hesitate, and turned to talk to Fu Jingting.

After making sure that Wang Shuqin wasn’t looking at her, Gu Manyin picked up her phone again and looked at the WeChat messages sent by her friends.

This friend was also playing mahjong at Hongmei Villa today. She said that she saw Fu Jingting and wanted to say hello, but she saw Fu Jingting chasing Rong Shu out, and the two stood by the car and chatted for a long time.

Gu Manyin turned off the sound and clicked on the video.

She saw what Fu Jingting said to Rong Shu in the video, and then carried Rong Shu into the car, then he got into the driver’s seat of Rong Shu’s car and drove away.

The ten-second short video made Gu Manyin feel cold in her hands and feet, and clenched her phone tightly.

Aren’t they divorced?

Then why did Fu Jingting get into Rong Shu’s car and lie to himself again?

Gu Manyin remembered that at the banquet that night, Fu Jingting seemed to be on her side, but when Rong Shu opened her mouth, she gave her a blue heart worth hundreds of millions, so that Rong Shu didn’t lose face, and today’s video… …

Gu Manyin felt a sense of panic in her heart, feeling that even if Fu Jingting and Rong Shu divorced, Fu Jingting was still not her own.

Could it be that she was destined to be unable to catch what she had stolen?

When Rong Shu woke up in the hotel, it was already the next morning.

She remembered that she had caught a cold because of the rain last night, but when she woke up, she was refreshed.

Rong Shu quickly remembered that Fu Jingting forced her to drive back to Repulse Bay last afternoon. In a daze, she felt that someone was feeding her…

Is it Fu Jingting?

Rong Shu shook off the images in her mind, washed quickly, and left the hotel.

After arriving at the company, Rong Shu called to Secretary Tong, “The boss of Zhongsi will come to the company to sign the contract later, and you should prepare the contract.” The

secretary was surprised, “Mr. Rong, have you talked to Zhongsi?”

“Well. “Although Rong Shu didn’t want to admit it, if Fu Jingting hadn’t come to the private room yesterday afternoon, the boss of Zhongsi would not have given up and took Tiansheng’s order.

She owes Fu Jingting a favor.

“Okay.” The secretary nodded and quickly stepped back to prepare the contract.

Rong Shu took off his coat and hung it on the hanger. Just as he was about to sit down to deal with the documents sent by the secretary, the internal line beside the table rang.

She answered, “Hello?”

“Mr. Rong, a gentleman named Cheng Huai wants to see you.” The front desk reported, “Do you know him?”

Rong Shu said, “Bring him up.”

Soon, there was a knock on the office door. Knock, the front desk led a man in.

The man wears comfortable and loose casual clothes, his hair is dark and thick, and the ends of his hair are slightly rolled up. His facial features are so perfect that he can’t pick out a single flaw.

His narrow eyes swept randomly in the office, and finally fell on Rong Shu.

“Mr. Rong’s ability to adapt is really strong.” Cheng Huai walked to the table, pulled out the chair, sat down, and chatted with Rong Shu casually, “I have only been in Tiancheng for a few days, and I am a proper leader, and I can’t see it at all. You’ve been a housewife for six years.”

“I didn’t expect that a suave and suave playboy who would never refuse women would turn out to be the mayor’s youngest son.” Rong Shu didn’t show weakness.

Cheng Huai raised his eyebrows, “Mr. Rong, I’m praising you for finally being yourself, are you scolding me?”

“I’m also praising you for being very feminine.”


Cheng Huai knew that this woman looked gentle and dignified With a sharp mouth, he adjusted his sitting posture and said, “I know that Tiancheng has an overseas order, and I want to make it for Zhongsi Factory, but I have a factory that is better at making overseas goods.”

“You mean, you want to introduce resources to me?” Rong Shu looked at him in surprise, “Why?”

Cheng Huai shrugged, in a lazy and casual tone, “We have cooperation, I will introduce good resources to me. You, you should sell your favors!”

Rong Shu didn’t believe his nonsense, “Mr. Cheng, we have met once before, we are not familiar with each other, and cooperation is also rewarding, and in Tiancheng’s case, it is too late for others to avoid it, don’t say it. I ‘ve sent resources.”


Cheng Huai knew that Rong Shu was so suspicious that he didn’t answer the phone call last night.

“I lied to you, in fact, I don’t want you to cooperate with Zhongsi.” Cheng Huai said solemnly, took out his mobile phone and adjusted a photo to show Rong Shu, “This is my girlfriend, but I was hooked by Mr. Liang’s son. I ran away, and the two went abroad together.”

He said, showing an affectionate look, “I love this girlfriend very much, I gave her a car, a house, and jewelry, but she ran away with other men. Do you think I’m a man in vain?”

Rong Shu looked at the woman in the photo, “Your girlfriend is very beautiful, I didn’t expect you to be green one day.”

Cheng Huai ignored her sympathetic eyes, “Yes Ah, I can’t bear to be green! So I want to take revenge on Zhongsi. My friends are not allowed to cooperate with Zhongsi. You and I are partners, and of course you can’t cooperate with Zhongsi.”

“This factory makes foreign products. The level is higher than everyone thinks, you believe me.” Cheng Huai fiddled with his mobile phone, “I will send you the phone number of the person in charge of Yu Tu.”

“Yu Tu?” Rong Shu was slightly shocked.

She knows that Yutu Manufacturing is a famous factory in Nanjiang. Because of its high quality, many foreign companies come to them to make goods. I heard that their orders are all scheduled for next year.

Rong Shu also wanted to find Yutu at first, but she didn’t know the way, so she took the second place and chose Zhongsi.

“I’m very familiar with their business in Nanjiang District.” Cheng Huai said, seeing a box of mangoes beside the table, he took out one unceremoniously, peeled it, and ate it, “You call him first.”

Rong Shu immediately copied the string of numbers given by Cheng Huai and called it out.

The other party also picked up quickly.

Rong Shu knew the overseas order very well. When chatting with Yutu Business, she didn’t look like a novice who just entered the mall. Her words were clear and organized. Even Cheng Huai was a little impressed by her.

Finally, Yutu’s business told Rong Shu that after signing the contract, she could make her goods within the time limit, but she needed to come to the factory on Thursday to have a look, the two sides would talk again, and then go through the contract.

After hanging up the phone, Rong Shu’s burden was completely relieved, “Cheng Huai, you have helped me a lot.”

“As long as you don’t communicate with Zhongsi, we are friends.” Cheng Huai had already eaten a mango, He wiped his hands with a tissue, “The mangoes in Four Seasons Orchard are good this year. Brother Ting brought them?”

Thinking of what happened last afternoon, Rong Shu frowned, “No, I divorced him a long time ago, and I have his things. I won’t accept it either. I bought this mango as a small package, take it back if you like it.”

“Really?” Cheng Huai raised his eyebrows and gave her a meaningful look.

Rong Shu looked at him strangely, looked at the time, got up and put on his coat, “Mr. Cheng, if you don’t have dinner at noon, I’ll invite you to lunch.”

“Okay, then I have to choose a restaurant.” Cheng Huai followed her and left the office.

“Rong Shu, come out for me, you little bitch!”

“I have to teach you a good lesson!” As

soon as Rong Shu came out, she heard the noise outside, and the voice was still familiar.

She looked up and saw Wang Shuqin standing not far away, akimbo, yelling at herself.

There were employees around who wanted to kick people out, but Wang Shuqin scolded them and dismissed them.

Rong Shu walked over on her high heels, and asked calmly, “Mrs Wang, what’s the matter with you?”

“Little bitch, you’re finally out!” Seeing Rong Shu appear, Wang Shuqin became even more angry and came up in a rage. Raising his hand to Rong Shu is a slap in the face.

Chapter 28 Are You Seducing Rong Shu?

Rong Shu is no longer the daughter-in-law of the Fu family, so she needs to endure Wang Shuqin again.

She grabbed Wang Shuqin’s wrist hard, and pushed the person out. Wang Shuqin was caught off guard by her push, and she swooped under her foot and fell directly to the ground, screaming in pain, but she had no image at all.

“Mrs Wang, if you have something to say, just say it.” Rong Shu said, with a little coldness in her eyes, “If you dare to do it, I’m welcome.”

Wang Shuqin’s face turned blue with anger, “Rong Shu, are you doing the opposite? “

When Rong Shu and Fu Jingting hadn’t divorced, they could do whatever they wanted at the Fu family, and they didn’t dare to talk back to her, but as soon as they got divorced, it was a huge mess!

“I knew you were a little slut to be pretentious and to please the old lady!” Wang Shuqin scolded, wearing a dark blue cheongsam, looking very noble, but with raised eyebrows, a savage woman’s image.

“When you divorced Jing Ting, it was you who didn’t want a penny. What do you mean, shameless?”

“I didn’t take Fu Jingting’s money.” Rong Shu looked directly at her.

“Then why are you still stalking my son!” Wang Shuqin scolded.

Wang Shuqin took out a dozen photos from her bag and sent them to the surrounding employees, “Look at your boss, it’s shameless, my son has divorced her and has a girlfriend. After posting, she smashed the rest of the photo on Rong

Shu’s body, “Look for yourself, let Jing Ting hold you in the car, are you shameless?” Rong Shu picked up two and saw that in the photo she was with Fu Jingting. She stood by the car with an umbrella talking to Fu Jingting, because the two were very close, as if she was hugging Fu Jingting, and the other was Fu Jingting. A picture of holding her in the car. Unexpectedly, she was pulling with Fu Jingting in the parking lot last afternoon, and someone secretly took a photo.

Wang Shuqin pointed at Rong Shu’s nose and scolded, “Manyin’s father apologized to you about the video, but you’re good, you have to make an inch! Do you know that Manyin likes to eat mangoes, but he asked Jingting to send mangoes to your company!”

Hearing this, Rong Shu was a little surprised.

She didn’t know what Gu Manyin likes to eat. She thought that this box of mangoes was sent by Lu Qi, but she didn’t expect it to be.

“Rong Shu, let me tell you, stay away from my son!” Wang Shuqin mocked unceremoniously, “The court’s willingness to marry you six years ago is also for Man Yin, otherwise, with your status, do you think you are worthy of my son? “

Seeing that Rong Shu’s face turned pale, Cheng Huai hurriedly came up to smooth things out, “Auntie, Miss Rong and Brother Ting are divorced, but they are still friends. There must be a misunderstanding about the photo. Why don’t you go back and ask Brother Ting again?” “

It wasn’t her seduction that Jing Ting would carry her into the car?” Wang Shuqin said.

“Maybe it’s because Miss Rong is not in good health, so Brother Ting helped him as a last resort.” Cheng Huai said politely, “Auntie, how can you say this is Miss Rong’s company? You are making such a fuss and embarrassing her.”

Wang Shuqin was stunned. Cheng Huai glanced at Rong Shu again, his eyes were full of contempt, and his voice was loud and sharp, “Hehe, Rong Shu, you are really good at seducing men, let alone a male model, even Jing Ting’s friends are not spared!”

Cheng Huai, “…”

Rong Shu saw that Wang Shuqin’s words were going too far, so she picked up the coffee from the employee’s workstation and poured it on her face.

The coffee was still warm and splashed on Wang Shuqin’s face and cheongsam, causing her to scream again and again, and quickly wiped the coffee stains on the cheongsam with a tissue.

“You little bitch!” The beloved cheongsam was soiled, and Wang Shuqin could not wait to pounce on Rong Shu and tear it apart.

However, before she made any move, she was held up by the security guards who had caught up.

Rong Shu put the coffee cup on the table and looked at Wang Shuqin coldly, “President Fu has a strong reputation in the business world. I hope Mrs. Wang will think twice when she speaks, otherwise people will think that Mr. Fu’s mother is a shrew in the market and has no education at all.”

“Also, this is Tiancheng, my site. If you want to find me, please make an appointment with the front desk. If there is today’s situation, I will ask a lawyer to talk to Mrs. Wang!” Before Wang

Shuqin became angry, Rong Shu ordered two security guards. , “Mrs. Wang is arguing for everyone to do things, please invite her out.”

“Let me go, I’m going to tear up this little bitch!” Wang Shuqin was dragged out by the security guard, still scolding Rong Shu, saucy very.

The employees all spread out smartly and went back to their workstations to do things.

“Mr. Cheng, I’m sorry.” Rong Shu wiped the coffee stains on her cuffs and smiled lightly, “I made you see a joke.” The

two went to the elevator together.

Cheng Huai looked at Rong Shu frequently, rubbing his slender fingers on his chin, “I found that after you divorced Brother Ting, you have changed a lot.”

Before Fu Jingting and Rong Shu divorced, he went to Fu’s house several times to see Wang Shuqin . Asking Rong Shu to do that, treating her as a servant, while Rong Shu lowered her eyebrows and pleaded with her eyes, always responding softly.

Today, Rong Shu poured coffee on Wang Shuqin and taught her a lesson. She was so imposing that it really opened Cheng Huai’s eyes.

“Yeah, I have to thank Fu Jingting.” Rong Shu mocked.

Because she loves Fu Jingting, she has been married to Fu’s family for six years. She is an obedient daughter-in-law who serves the Fu family and endures Wang Shuqin’s scolding and picky. She thinks that Fu Jingting can be moved and fall in love with her.

It was only later that she realized that everything she had done was in vain.

Fu Jingting had someone in her heart, no matter how low she lowered her attitude and how humble her love was, she would not be able to warm his heart.

“It’s okay to leave, just like Brother Ting’s mother, it is estimated that no woman would dare to marry into his family.” Cheng Huai thought of Wang Shuqin’s saucy appearance, and felt terrible, “Brother Ting has such a mother, and it is amazing that he has not been mentally distorted since he was a child. After speaking, Cheng Huai asked Rong Shu again, “

I think that male model is very good. When will you get married?”

Rong Shu didn’t know Cheng Huai well, so she didn’t think she had to tell him everything, so she said, “Xiao Chuan is very busy and went abroad on business.”

When she said this, Cheng Huai tacitly agreed that they were dating, oh well.

When the elevator arrived on the first floor, Cheng Huai received new news on his mobile phone. He glanced at it, turned his head and said to Rong Shu, “Mr. Rong, I have something to deal with. I have time after this lunch, and I will ask for it from you again.”

“Okay. .” Rong Shu nodded and sent the person out of the company in person.

After Cheng Huai drove to Jinshiji, he found the private room and pushed in the door. Seeing that Fu Jingting had come, he said, “Your mother just made trouble in Tiancheng!”

Fu Jingting frowned, “Why did she go to Tiancheng to make trouble?”

“Hey . , it wasn’t that you hugged Rong Shu and got into the car and was photographed.” Cheng Huai pulled out his chair and sat down, pouring himself a cup of tea, “She didn’t know where to get the photos, so she ran to Tiancheng to find Rong Shu, and scolded her for not knowing. Shame and seduce you even after the divorce.”

Cheng Huai asked gossip, “What’s the matter, are you seducing Rong Shu?”

“No.” Fu Jingting glanced at him coldly, with an unpleasant tone, “She was drenched yesterday afternoon. It’s uncomfortable in the rain, and I’m afraid that she will drive and cause other people to cause traffic accidents, so I want to send her back, but I didn’t expect her to be so stubborn and say what to ask for a chauffeur.”

“Yes, she can find a chauffeur and ask your ex-husband to fuck you. What are you thinking?” Cheng Huai clicked his tongue twice, “Because of what you did, your mother went to Tiancheng and scolded Rong Shu every single bitch. People in her company were watching her jokes.

” …”

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