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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 23-24

Chapter 23 My Money Is Your Sister’s

After Rong Shu came back last night, she was in a bad mood. She drank and drank in the middle of the night. She was drowsy and didn’t sleep for a long time when she was awakened by the ringing of the phone.

She eased her mind, grabbed the phone from the bedside table, and answered, “Hello?”

“Mr. Rong, I’m Tong Xi.”

Hearing the other party’s self-exploding name, Rong Shu was sober and quickly remembered.

This person turned out to be Lu Qi’s secretary. Lu Qi was afraid that after she entered Tianzhu, there would be no one around him, so he gave him the secretary.

“What’s the matter?” Rong Shu asked, walking towards the bathroom.

Secretary Tong said, “There are a few urgent documents that need you to come to the company to handle. What time do you come to the company?”

Rong Shu estimated that the matter was urgent, and checked the time on her phone, “Around half past eight.”

“Okay. “

After hanging up the phone, Rong Shu washed her face with cold water, which finally made her feel better, but she drank too much alcohol last night and her head still hurt. Looking in the mirror, her face was a little ugly.

After washing, Rong Shu pursed her lips hard when she came out of the bedroom and saw the embarrassed living room.

She was crazy last night, drinking so fiercely.

When Rong Shu drove to the company, it was exactly 8:30. She entered the office on the front foot and sat down, and Secretary Tong came on the back foot.

“Mr. Rong, this is an urgent document that needs to be signed.”

“Okay.” As

she opened the document tour, she asked the secretary, “Have you signed the contract with Zhongsi?”

“The contract was originally signed at nine o’clock this morning, but Zhongsi I regretted it over there.” The secretary reluctantly reported to Rong Shu.

“Don’t sign?” Rong Shu frowned and took out the phone, “I’ll call Lu Qi and ask him to talk to the other party.” The

secretary hurriedly said, “Mr. Rong, don’t call, he was going to Zhongsi in the morning. I asked them for business talks, and after receiving a call, he told me that his company had something to deal with, and he came back to deal with Zhongsi’s contract.”

Hearing this, Rong Shu stopped opening the phone.

She patronized and asked Lu Qi to help, but she almost forgot that Lu Qi has his own company and has a lot to deal with.

Seeing that Rong Shu didn’t speak for a while, the secretary said, “Mr. Rong, I’ll go down first?”

“You help me check, Boss Zhongsi’s itinerary today.” After taking a deep breath, Rong Shu instructed the secretary, “I found Just tell me, I’ll deal with these documents first.” The

secretary was stunned, “Didn’t Lu Qi say to wait for him to come back to deal with it?”

“He’s also very busy, so I can’t wait for him to deal with everything.” Rong Shu pursed her lips, “Besides, if I sit in this position, I have to learn what I can’t do, or I’ll be scolded before my butt gets hot.”

“Okay, Mr. Rong, you’re busy, I’ll go check it out.” The secretary quickly left the office, leaving Rong Shu busy alone.

Because Rong Shu only came into contact with these things, and there are many professional words in the documents, the speed of reading the documents is very slow, and only one third of them are processed at noon. .

At half past two in the afternoon, she finished processing all the documents.

Rong Shu rubbed her sore neck. Seeing that the mobile phone on the table was lit up, there seemed to be a new WeChat, so she opened it to check.

Sister Li Chuan, the company has arranged a job for me. I need to go to Bourbon for a business trip for two months. Due to the time difference, I can’t reply to your message in time. If you are in an emergency, you can call the number I gave you.

Rong Shu, I know that you also pay attention to safety abroad.

Rong Shu had just returned the message when a message popped up at the top of the screen that her bank card had arrived. When she scanned the amount, her eyes widened slightly.

Ninety million?

Could it be that Lu Qi has already sold the blue heart?

At this time, Li Chuan’s WeChat came again. I know that Tiancheng’s situation is not good and needs working capital. You can use these money sisters first, and tell me if they are not enough.

Rong Shu, I still have money in my card, but I can’t. I can ask Lu Qi for help, but I can’t ask for your money.

Li Chuan returned very quickly. Six years ago, if you hadn’t helped me, I wouldn’t be where I am now. My money is yours.

Seeing his words, Rong Shu felt warm in her heart and did not refuse any more.

Rong Shu said it was okay, you lent this money to Tianzhu, and when Tianzhu gets up, the money will be returned to you with interest.

At this time, there was a knock on the office door.

“Come in.” The

secretary pushed open the door and came in, holding a box of fruits in his arms, “Mr. Rong, this is from the dispatcher of the Four Seasons Orchard.”

After finishing speaking, the secretary quietly glanced at Rong Shu and saw Rong Shu smiling. Qianqian seemed very happy, wondering if Mr. Rong knew who sent the fruit?

Rong Shu opened the box and saw a box full of mangoes.

After being surprised, she soon realized that Lu Qi often gave her food, and she knew what she liked to eat. It was estimated that Lu Qi and Orchard bought it.

Rong Shu looked away from the box of mangoes and asked the secretary, “Have you found out where the boss of Zhongsi is?”

“I found it.” The secretary replied hurriedly, “Today happens to be Friday, and the boss of Zhongsi and his friends are at two o’clock in the afternoon. I went to Hongmei Villa to play cards, and I sent you the address on WeChat.”

“Okay.” Rong Shu got up and put on his coat, “When Tiansheng’s financial situation improves, I will give you a raise.”

“Thank you, Mr. Rong. .” The secretary was overjoyed.

The secretary remembered that there was a heavy rain today, so he chased out and wanted to ask Rong Shu to bring an umbrella, but found that Rong Shu had already entered the elevator, and colleagues who loved gossip also gathered around.

The colleague asked anxiously and gossip, “President Rong didn’t say anything when he saw the box of mangoes?”

“I just opened the box and took a look.” The cleaners all know, why did the two get divorced, and President Fu still sent fruit to Tiansheng?”

“Could it be that after the divorce, President Fu regretted it?”

“How is that possible! Now, who doesn’t know that Mr. Fu likes Miss Gu Manyin, and he proposed to her with the blue heart!”

“Perhaps Mr. Fu thinks that after a divorce, the two parties can still be partners?”

“Our company is about to close down. Now, no one is willing to buy it, and Mr. Fu is even more despised!”


Chapter 24 How can he not be a man, he is too good

Rong Shu was driving to Hongmei Villa, and it suddenly rained, and it was getting heavier.

When she got to Hongmei Villa, there was no place in the underground garage, so she could only park in the open-air parking lot. When she got out of the car, she found that there was no umbrella in the car, so she had to put her bag over her head and rush into the rain.

The trail was very close to the hall, but because of the heavy rain, Rong Shu was still wet, and when the cold wind blew, she trembled all over.

When the waiter saw Rong Shu, he immediately brought a towel.

“Thank you.” Rong Shu wiped her hair with a towel and said to the waiter, “This Friday, business should be good, right? Mr. Liang and the others are still playing cards in the original private room?” The

waiter saw Rong Shu’s words and thought she was Mr. Liang’s friend, “Yes, the private room 1103 has been reserved for Mr. Liang.” The

corner of Rong Shu’s mouth twitched slightly when he succeeded.

After the waiter left, Rong Shu went to the front desk to order a pot of top-quality Biluochun and dim sum.

She went to the private room with a plate on her front foot, the glass door on her back was pushed open, and several men stepped in.

When Fu Jingting looked up, his eyes swept across a row of private rooms, and saw a woman pushing open the door of a private room to enter, with a slender back.

That back is very similar to Rong Shu…

“Mr. Fu?” Seeing Fu Jingting stop, the man next to him asked carefully, “What’s wrong?”

Fu Jingting looked back and said lightly, “It’s nothing.”

Rong Shu didn’t know Fu Jingting. Came here too, and walked into the private room with a smile on his face.

Rong Shu glanced over and saw that in the classical-style room, four men were sitting at the mahjong table playing mahjong, playing mahjong while chatting, very comfortable, there were two bosses and young girls accompanying.

She had read the information of Zhongsi before, and she quickly found Mr. Liang, the boss of Zhongsi, from the four men, and walked over, “Mr. Liang.” Mr. Liang, who was

playing cards, only glanced at Rong Shu sideways, “Hey ,You are?”

“I’m Rong Shu from Tiansheng Company.” Rong Shu put the tea and snacks on the small table and said with a smile.

“I came here in the afternoon to see my friend. He played cards with you before and praised you for your good card skills. I thought that our two companies also cooperated, so I came over to say hello to you. I didn’t disturb you and the bosses, right?”

Liang Zong Oh said, and continued to play cards, while the man sitting on the south side of the mahjong table asked, “Is your father Rong Hao


” The man said, sweeping Rong Shu from top to bottom, his eyes darkened.

Rong Shu ignored the uncomfortable scrutiny and replied with a smile, “Yes, my father is really good at playing cards, so I can play with you and President Yue.” When the

two were chatting, they just finished playing mahjong.

He got up and beckoned to Rong Shu, “My waist hurts a little bit after playing a circle, niece, come and play for me.”

Rong Shu looked embarrassed, “Mr. Yue, I don’t know how to play mahjong.”

“Your father’s card skills are so good . Awesome, how can you go wrong?” The man continued beckoning, “Come here, if you really can’t, uncle will teach you.”

Mr. Liang also spoke up, “You fight for Mr. Yue, if you really don’t want to fight, go out, don’t. Disappointing.”

“…” Rong Shu heard the dissatisfaction in Mr. Liang’s words.

Today’s Tiancheng is crumbling, and the capitalists are all disgusted and unwilling to buy it. Zhongsi also expects that Tiancheng’s batch of overseas goods can only be made by his family. Rong Shu must demand him, and his attitude is so arrogant.

She came here today just to ask everyone to think about it, and she had to suffer any grievances.

Rong Shu’s hand that was holding her bag suddenly loosened, she got up and went to sit at Mr. Yue’s place, smiling lightly, “If Mr. Yue doesn’t dislike it, I’ll play for you, if you lose me, you will win the money. .”

Then Mr. Yue showed a satisfied smile, then sat down next to Rong Shu and patted her shoulder, “Don’t be afraid, uncle will teach you.”

Rong Shu turned her body to the other side, quietly avoiding President Yue’s hand.

Soon a new round started.

Mr. Yue glanced at Rong Shu’s cards, it was a mess. Seeing that she was still playing cards casually, he really didn’t know how to play, and he didn’t speak a word. Instead, he chatted with Mr. Liang and put his hand on Rong Shu’s chair unintentionally superior.

Even with Rong Shu around, several bosses spoke unscrupulously, talking about everything, sometimes with a few yellow accents.

After speaking, the topic turned to the marriage between Rong Shu and Fu Jingting.

Mr. Yue asked knowingly, “Okay, niece, how did you and Mr. Fu get a divorce? You shared several hundred million of Mr. Fu’s property?

” He said, “Mr. Fu is Mr. Fu’s property, so I’m not qualified to share it. I’ll leave the house after a divorce.”

“President Fu is too good at being a man.” Mr. Yue said regretfully, and looked at Rong Shu recklessly, ” After all, you slept with him for six years, got divorced, and won’t give you any compensation.”

Rong sneered in his heart.

How could Fu Jingting not know how to be a man? He is too good at it. He only has Gu Manyin in his heart. He has been married for six years and has never touched her.

Speaking of this, she can be laughed at by everyone.

Rong Shu suppressed that emotion and smiled back to President Yue, “I don’t have anything, and there is Tiancheng Company that my father left behind. President Yue, you and my father are old friends, and I need to trouble you to help me in the future. .”

Mr. Yue laughed, “Okay, niece, you have already spoken, how can uncle not help?”

Rong Shu’s card skills are really poor, and she is fooled by others.

Before the lap was over, the wad of cash taken out of the bag had bottomed out.

It was raining a bit when she came, and the thin sweater inside was half wet, and in the private room, the men were smoking, the windows were wide open, and the cold wind was blowing in, and after blowing it for a while, her head felt a little dizzy, and she kept holding it. write.

Mr. Yue saw that Rong Shu’s fingers were slender, like white jade. The chair moved there and put his hand on hers, “Hit this.”

“My niece, your hands are too cold.” While saying that, Mr. Yue said He also took the opportunity to touch Rong Shu’s hand twice.

Rong Shu wanted to withdraw his hand, but was held tightly by President Yue.

Mr. Yue approached Rong Shu and said to her coaxingly, “President Fu won’t hurt people, uncle will. If you have something to do, just ask uncle. Your company’s overseas order should be done by Zhongsi, and uncle will follow Liang later. He always said, let him sign a contract with you!”

Rong Shu was already uncomfortable, and when she smelled the smell of smoke and sweat on his body, her stomach swelled up.

She couldn’t bear it any longer.

Rong Shu pulled out her hand and moved her chair with a cold voice, “Mr. Yue, I’m not good at playing cards like this.”

President Yue was stunned, then his face sank, and he said angrily, “What’s the matter with you, niece? You still want to talk nice to Mr. Liang, help the company, and give me a slap in the face?”

“Why do you want to help me? You want me to sleep with you.” Rong Shu lifted his hypocrite mask.

“As far as your company is concerned, there is no money to save the emergency. It’s a matter of time before it goes bankrupt.” President Yue sneered, “You are really pitiful. You have been married to President Fu for six years, and he didn’t help you save Tiancheng.

” Always speaking more and more recklessly, “Tell me, besides showing off your looks, where can you get contacts and money to save Tianzhu?”


Rong Shu has already grabbed the teapot on the small table, just about to put Yue Always smashing his head to bloom, breaking jars and smashing.

Suddenly, the private room door was knocked, and then pushed open.

President Liang was about to drive Rong Shu out, when he looked up, he saw a tall figure at the door, and immediately stood up from his chair.

“Mr. Fu.”

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