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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 21-22

Chapter 21 Help me sell this wedding ring too

“Baby, don’t look at him, just look at me?” Lu Qi tried his best to pull Rong Shu’s eyes back from the window, “I’m more handsome than Li Chuan, right? Or do you prefer his kind of virgin?”

Rong Shu His thoughts were interrupted, he was angry and laughed, and rolled his eyes at him, “I thought you were narcissistic when I was a child, but I didn’t expect to grow up to be more crazy.”

“I have a self-knowledge of how handsome I am!” Lu Qi hehe, “Really Yes, baby, will you marry me! What is the blue heart, I will definitely find a diamond ring that is unique in the world, and come to propose to you!”

Rong Shu and Lu Qi grew up together, and they often visited each other. Knowing that Lu Qi found himself unhappy and wanted to make himself happy.

And she was indeed amused by his remarks, and she also remembered the neglected things.

Rong Shu opened her handbag and took out a ring from the mezzanine. Under the extremely dim lights in the car, the diamonds were still dazzling.

This is her wedding ring with Fu Jingting.

Rong Shu looked at the wedding ring in her hand, and everything that happened tonight flashed through her mind.

The scene where Fu Jingting knelt down to propose to Gu Manyin was almost doting, and the scene where he defended Gu Manyin… Only then did his calm heart surge again.

Lu Qi also saw the ring in the rearview mirror. He was rarely joking, “Baby, you know that some people look like human beings, but they are not worthy of being human. If we meet again later, you have to take a detour.

” “It’s only a few dozen seconds, and Rong Shu’s heart has returned to peace.

She put the wedding ring on the central control armrest, and said in a calm tone, “Sell this wedding ring for me too. The money from the sale will be donated to the poor mountainous areas.”

After speaking, Rong Shu leaned back in the chair. , Looking at the scenery flashing outside the car window, the whole person became very indifferent.

Eight years later, the unwilling love finally came to an end, and she was relieved.

On the side of the hotel, the banquet was still the same, and the guests were lively and lively, as if nothing had happened just now.

Fu Jingting greeted company bosses and partners one after another, and it took a long time to find a space to catch his breath, with a tired look on his brows.

As soon as he sat down to rest, Gu Manyin came over.

“Jing Ting, are you okay?” Gu Manyin asked thoughtfully, poured warm water for him, and went around to help the man squeeze his shoulders.

The technique is in place, but Fu Jingting still has a lingering irritability in his heart.

Fu Jingting held Gu Manyin’s hand and said in a deep voice, “Tonight you are with Uncle Gu all the time greeting people. You are very tired. Sit down.”

“Okay.” Gu Manyin smiled lightly and sat down by the man’s hand. .

She peeled the orange and handed it to Fu Jingting, but Fu Jingting didn’t pick it up and just looked at her, “Manyin, how did the car accident happen, tell me again.” The

man’s eyes were deep and sharp, as if he could read people’s hearts. When the sound was right, his hands trembled and he almost threw the orange on the ground.

“I slept in the hospital for too long, and I don’t remember a lot of things.” She managed to stabilize her mind and tried to recall, “I don’t remember exactly how the car accident happened at that time, I only vaguely remember that I was hit.”

Gu Manyin continued, “Miss Rong is here to make trouble tonight, Jing Ting, you wouldn’t believe what Lu Qi said, thinking that the car accident was planned by me?”


Seeing that Fu Jingting was silent, Gu Manyin grabbed it. Holding his hand, his tone was flustered and aggrieved, “Jing Ting, believe me, I’m not familiar with Miss Rong, why would I harm her? I won’t make fun of my life.”

Her eyes turned red when she said that. The doubts in Fu Jingting’s heart disappeared, leaving only distress.

Fu Jingting took her hand and kissed her, and said, “Since you have recovered, the car accident is over. This matter has left a shadow in your heart, and I don’t want you to feel more uncomfortable about it.”

“Well.” Gu Manyin was relieved and smiled lightly.

Gu Manyin peeled the orange again and handed it over, and glanced at the man’s stern face, “Jing Ting, I know that Miss Rong has been married to you for six years and has done a lot for you and the Fu family. I am also very grateful to her. I think Invite Miss Rong to dinner another day, prepare another gift, and thank her.”

“No need.” Thinking of what happened half an hour ago, Fu Jingting’s eyes sank and his tone was a little cold, “Rong Shu was the only one who could give you at that time. The person who donated blood, she threatened me with this matter, so I married her. The blue heart she took away tonight is also worth a lot of money.”

Seeing that the man is loyal to him and always on his side, Gu Man Sound was completely relieved.

She leaned over and hugged the man’s waist, with a comfortable smile on the corner of her mouth, “Jing Ting, thank you for waiting for me, I have recovered, and I will spend a lot of time with you and my aunt in the future.” The

two are very close, Fu Jingting Smelling the rose fragrance on her body, faint, he seemed unaccustomed to smelling it, and frowned.

He also remembered that Rong Shu also used perfume. He smelled it several times, but he didn’t feel that his nose was not used to it.

“Manyin, pay attention.” Mrs. Gu and Gu Yaotian also came over, watching Gu Manyin hug Fu Jingting with a smile on her face, but she scolded, “There are guests around, so it’s not good for the guests to see.”

Gu Man Yin blushed when he was told, and quickly let go of Fu Jingting and sat back.

Gu Yaotian didn’t take it seriously and said, “Manyin and Jingting were already dating, what does this have to do with that? If it weren’t for that girl Rong Shu…”

Halfway through speaking angrily, Gu Yaotian realized something, stopped and smiled. Then he asked Fu Jingting, “I heard that you had dinner with the boss of “Beautiful Couple” last week , and are you interested in buying “Beautiful Couple”?”

“I just have dinner with Mr. Tan, and talk about it casually.” Fu Jingting said, ” Mr. Tan is competitive, he No matter how much our company fails, I don’t want to be acquired.”

Gu Yaotian nodded, “I heard that he was looking for people to invest in the past few days, but he has hit a wall.” The

two were talking about business, and it was Gu Yaotian who said, Fu Jingting put on the attitude of a junior, listened, and occasionally echoed a few words.

Seeing the waiter carrying the juice through the crowd and delivering it to another table, Fu Jingting remembered something and called the waiter, “I want a pot of freshly squeezed mango juice.”

“Okay, wait a moment.”

Gu Manyin saw Fu Jingting Asking the waiter for mango juice, his face stiffened, but it was not easy to ask anything.

Soon, freshly squeezed mango juice was delivered.

Fu Jingting poured a cup and handed it to Gu Manyin, with a faint smile on his lips, “I remember in the previous correspondence, you wrote that you love mangoes, and once went to grandma’s house and ate thirty small mangoes in one go, you are not afraid to endure it. ” It’s just

a small mango, with less meat.” Gu Manyin said, she took the mango juice and held it tightly, but didn’t drink it immediately, her face seemed even paler.

“What’s wrong?” Fu Jingting asked, “You like eating mangoes, but you don’t like this kind of drink?”

Gu Yaotian didn’t understand what Fu Jingting said to Gu Manyin, but he knew that Gu Manyin was allergic to mangoes and it was very serious. Kind of, can’t touch it at all.

Gu Yaotian hurriedly said, “Jing Ting, Manyin can’t…”

“I like to eat mangoes, and I like to drink mango juice. Before at home, my mother often squeezed mango juice for me to drink.” Gu Manyin interrupted her father’s words and said She glanced at him quietly, motioning him not to say anything.

Gu Manyin looked at the mango juice in her hand, gritted her teeth, and quickly drank the glass.

Chapter 22 Do you want me to take care of the ring for you?

“Mango juice is very sweet.” Gu Manyin smiled sweetly at Fu Jingting and put the cup on the table, “Thank you for remembering what I like.”

Fu Jingting’s thin lips curled slightly, “I remember all your likes. There is a family of fruits. The fruit on the farm is good, I will ask the boss to send two boxes of mangoes to Gu’s house tomorrow, and you can tell me if you want to eat other fruits.”

“Yeah.” Gu Manyin reluctantly responded.

She started to feel uncomfortable. She pushed away the chair and stood up, her face turning paler, “I’m going to the bathroom, Jing Ting, please accompany my father to chat again.”

She lifted her skirt and turned and walked quickly.

Gu Manyin was allergic to mangoes since she was a child, the kind that would kill her if she touched it. Before she even got to the bathroom, she felt that her breathing was not smooth, her feet were swollen, and she almost fell.

“Manyin, Manyin!” Mrs. Gu, who came in a hurry, quickly supported her daughter.

Mrs. Gu looked at Gu Manyin’s sad face, and couldn’t be in a hurry, “Are you confused? You are allergic to mangoes. Jing Ting gave you a cup of mango juice, why did you drink it? You’re going to die?”

“Mom, I, I’m so uncomfortable…” Gu Manyin gasped for breath, clutching Madam Gu’s hand tightly, “Come here to find a doctor, you must not let Jing Ting know, if he asks you, you must say that I am very I like to eat mangoes.”

“It’s such a time, you still talk about this!” Madam Gu reprimanded, trying to help Gu Manyin to the lounge.

In the end, Gu Manyin fainted on top of her before she took a few steps.

“Manyin!” Mrs. Gu was about to cry in a hurry, and she messed up her hands and feet. “Come on someone! Someone!” In the

banquet hall, Fu Jingting and Gu Yaotian chatted for a long time. When he looked at his watch, it was already past. Twenty minutes later, Gu Manyin still hasn’t come back.

Gu Manyin only recovered, but Fu Jingting was afraid that something would happen to her body again, so he pushed the chair and stood up, “Uncle, I’ll go find

Manyin.” She smiled and said, “She has been busy with us for a day today and is a little sleepy. I asked her to rest in the lounge.”

Mrs. Gu said again, “Jing Ting, you have worked hard today, go back to rest early, and when Man Yin wakes up, I will take her back with your uncle.” The

banquet had come to an end, and Fu Jingting was indeed a little tired.

“That’s troublesome for Auntie.” Fu Jingting said solemnly, “When the company is not busy, I hope you will show your uncle’s face and have a meal with my mother.”

Mrs. Gu smiled, “Sure, you must be careful on the way back.”

Fu Jingting took He left with his coat on, and when he walked to the door and turned around, he saw what Mrs. Gu had said to Gu Yaotian, and then the two walked towards the back of the banquet hall in a hurry.

By the roadside of the hotel, Assistant Zhang was already waiting. Seeing Fu Jingting coming out, he hurriedly opened the back door.

The car drove steadily towards Fu’s house.

This will calm down, but Fu Jingting feels even more irritable, remembering the scenes of Rong Shu appearing at the banquet.

And beside her, the gentle and jade-like young man. Fu Jingting tugged at his bow tie, and after a while, Shen Sheng asked Assistant Zhang, “Have you found out

about Li Chuan’s family situation?” He

is poor, close to the mountains, and the transportation is not developed. There is only one school ten kilometers away. Six years ago, when Miss Rong went to see poor children in Jiang County, she sponsored Li Chuan.”

“After he came out of the mountains, he was caught on the way to work on summer vacation. Fanyin Entertainment excavated, and now is the most expensive male model of Fanyin. Li Chuan is also very smart, and Miss Rong can squeeze into Tiancheng shareholders so quickly, and he is also helping.”

After Fu Jingting listened, he said lightly, “Rong Shu is controlled by the shares in his hand . Tiansheng has been hired by Tiancheng, but if those shareholders really disapprove of Rong Shu, Tiansheng will not live long, she has never been in a shopping mall, and she doesn’t understand anything.”

“Yes.” Assistant Zhang said in agreement, “Mr. Fu, although you are being Forced to marry Miss Rong, but I can also see that you are good to Miss Rong. Knowing that she just took over Tiancheng, she was afraid that Mr. Gu would love her daughter and take revenge on Miss Rong in the shopping mall, so you gave Miss Rong the blue heart and let her. She leaves.”

Fu Jingting closed his eyes and rested. After a while, he said, “She often goes to Fu’s house to accompany her grandmother, and she has taken care of her for so many years. I only see her for her grandmother’s sake.”

Assistant Zhang smiled, “Yes, the old lady is also very good. I like Miss Rong.”

Fu Jingting could also see that the old lady liked Rong Shu very much.

Every time he and Rong Shu went back to Fu’s house, the old lady would hold Rong Shu’s hand and talk to her non-stop, but when he brought Gu Manyin to see the old lady, the old lady would write down what she didn’t like about Gu Manyin on the face.

Thinking that the old lady didn’t like Gu Manyin, Fu Jingting had a headache and said coldly, “Are you talking so much?”

Assistant Zhang silently shut up.

At this time, Fu Jingting’s mobile phone in his suit pocket vibrated twice. When he touched the mobile phone, he found a small hard object.

Fu Jingting looked at his phone first, and saw that Gu Manyin had sent a message asking him if he was home.

After returning the message, the man looked at the ring in his hand by the light in the car, and quickly remembered that he and Rong Shu went to the Civil Affairs Bureau for divorce that day. After coming out, he took off the wedding ring and threw it in his suit pocket.

Seeing that it was a valuable item, the servant did not dare to move it. After cleaning the suit for him, he put the ring back.

Staring at the ring for a long time, Fu Jingting asked, “Did I buy this wedding ring?”

Assistant Zhang looked at Fu Jingting and the ring in his hand from the rearview mirror, and said carefully, “You married Miss Rong back then. At the time, you said that you gave Miss Rong the wedding dress, and it was difficult to explain it to Miss Gu, so there was no wedding dress and wedding, and the wedding was simple.”

” Also , you asked Miss Rong to choose the ring herself, but…” After a pause, Zhang The assistant said again, “You didn’t give any Miss Karon, and you didn’t tell me to deal with it, so Miss Rong bought the wedding ring herself.”

Listening to Assistant Zhang’s words, the man stared at the ring even more deeply, remembering the day of the divorce. , Rong Shu is rambunctious and proud.

After six years of marriage, Rong Shu didn’t open her mouth to talk to him about anything, and even went out of the house for divorce.

Assistant Zhang did not see Fu Jingting’s voice for a long time. He was not sure what he meant, so he asked carefully, “Mr. Fu, do you want me to take care of the ring for you?”

“After you arrive at the company tomorrow morning, organize the information of “beloved”.” Fu Jingting instructed lightly , “Cheng Huai’s company has cooperation with Tiancheng, so you can send this information to Tiansheng in his name.”

“Okay.” Assistant Zhang and Fu Jingting for several years, understood the meaning of his words in seconds, and then Said, “Tiancheng is dead long ago. If he can successfully win “Beautiful Couple”, he may be able to turn over, but I am afraid that Tiancheng’s funds are not enough.”

Fu Jingting said, “Then see how Rong Shu handles that blue heart, Tiancheng. The victory or defeat is in her hands.”

Assistant Zhang couldn’t help but talk, “I think Li Chuan is very powerful, he can easily make Miss Rong the new shareholder of Tiancheng, if Miss Rong asks him to help Tiancheng, Tiancheng will The future…”

As he spoke, Assistant Zhang noticed that the atmosphere in the car had suddenly dropped, and he shivered from the cold.

He shut up immediately and drove quietly.

Fu Jingting’s eyes fell on the ring again, thinking that when he attended various cocktail parties with his wedding ring in recent years, he had blocked many women who came to him. This wedding ring is not a meaningless ornament.

A few seconds later, Fu Jingting put the wedding ring back in his suit pocket, and then instructed Assistant Zhang, “If Tiancheng can’t buy the “Beautiful Couple” by then, you can bring someone to help.”

Assistant Zhang responded, “Received. “

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