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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 19-20

Chapter 19 I want a blue heart!

As soon as Lu Qi’s words fell, the sound of air-conditioning from the guests at the scene came and went, their eyes turned on Gu Manyin and then on Rong Shu, shocked.

The video has been confirmed to be true by experts, and if Lu Qi’s words are true…

Also shocked is Fu Jingting.

He looked at the woman standing in front of him, his eyes sank, and after a while he asked, “Rong Shu, why don’t you tell me?”

“Will you believe me when I say it?” President, we have been married for six years, and we can count the conversations we have on one hand every day, but you only have Miss Gu in your eyes, you can’t tolerate others.”

She used to go to the hospital every day for Gu Manyin because she knew how her marriage with Fu Jingting was going. Here, I know who Fu Jingting has in his heart, and he wants to take care of Gu Manyin indirectly, so that Fu Jingting can see himself more.

But for the past six years, she has only gotten a lot of indifference from Fu Jingting.

Hearing this, Fu Jingting re-examined the black dress and red lips in front of him, and there was a bit of a glamorous Rong Shu in her expression, and found that she and the virtuous woman who had been waiting for him to come home seemed to be different from each other.

He also remembered that when the two were not divorced, he and Rong Shu rarely talked, and never asked her what she had done and what friends she had.

It seems that they never knew her…

The two only talked for a few short sentences, and Fu Jingting didn’t speak afterward, but Gu Manyin was beside Fu Jingting, she could keenly perceive that the man was soft-hearted towards Rong Shu, and seemed to want to protect Rong Shu .

Gu Manyin quickly swept her gaze across the guests, gritted her teeth fiercely, stepped forward, and bowed deeply to Rong Shu.

“Sister Rong Shu, I didn’t expect you to go to the hospital to replenish blood for me in the past few years. It’s so good to me…” Gu Manyin choked, her eyes gradually turned red, and she bowed to Rong Shu again, “I’m sorry. “…”

When she looked up, she gave the crowd a wink before continuing to apologize to Rong Shu, “I’m sorry about the video, it’s because my father hurts me too much, and there was a mistake in the investigation, so I thought that Sister Rong Shu would be wrong. You are the murderer who hit me.”

“Miss Gu, I’m two months younger than you.” Rong Shu showed no appreciation for her apology and glanced at Fu Jingting calmly.

It turned out that the video was released by Gu’s father, and she thought it was Fu Jingting who was cruel to her.

Gu Manyin just lowered her head and pursed her pale red lips.

Soon, Gu Manyin saw the jewelry box sent by the servant, took it, and handed it to Rong Shu, “Miss Rong, thank you for taking care of me over the past few years, this is a gift from my father before, I Send it to you now, as a thank you.”

After the jewelry box was opened, the full diamond crown on the black velvet became more and more dazzling under the light.

“This, isn’t this the crown that Princess Lilit wore when they got married?”

“President Gu is really fond of her daughter!”

Among the guests, people who love jewelry have recognized this crown, and they exclaimed that this crown is not as blue as azure. The heart is also very luxurious, saying that President Gu loves his daughter.

Gu Yaotian’s eyes changed when he saw the crown.

But he also knew the purpose of his daughter giving this jewelry to Rong Shu, so he stepped forward and said to Rong Shu with a cold face and a good tone, “I have wronged Miss Rong about the video, and thank you Miss Rong for being right. Take care of my daughter, take this jewelry away!”

Rong Shu slightly spread her legs and stood there, only glancing at the crown full of diamonds, without any intention of taking it from Gu Manyin.

Seeing that she didn’t answer, Gu Manyin said, “This crown was designed by Van Cleef & Arpels designers when Princess Lilit got married. Many years ago, my father sold it for 60 million at Sotheby’s auction. To…”

As she spoke, she lowered her voice, “This is also my favorite piece of jewelry, and I wanted to thank you, Miss Rong, so I took it out.” The

guests heard Gu Gu . The grievances in Manyin’s words, seeing Rong Shu’s delay in picking up the jewelry, and her arrogant attitude, he attacked her.

“Rong Shu, don’t go too far, Miss Gu has already apologized.”

“Yeah, Mr. Gu is so eager to protect women, so he did something stupid, didn’t he also apologize to you?”

“Miss Gu thanked you with the treasured jewelry, what if you don’t pick it up?”

“… “

The words of the guests were more bitter and mean, as if the person who had done something wrong was Rong Shu, and Fu Jingting frowned upon hearing it.

“Jing Ting.” Gu Manyin looked back at Fu Jingting and said in a low voice, “I really don’t know about Miss Rong going to the hospital to give me blood before, you believe me, help me persuade Miss Rong and accept my thank you gift. Let’s go.”

Fu Jingting looked at her thin body, pale lips, and felt a little distressed.

“Rong Shu, Man Yin and President Gu have both apologized to you.” Fu Jingting said in a deep voice, “The thank you gift from Man Yin is also very valuable, so you accept it.”

Rong Shu knew that no matter how innocent she was, Fu Jingting would still stand. On Gu Manyin’s side.

But when he heard these words from his own mouth, his arms clenched tightly, and his heart felt like being pricked by a needle, and it was in pain.

It’s so ridiculous that she has loved such a man for eight years!

Lu Qi, who was originally watching a good show, was so angry that Fu Jingting bullied Rong Shu so much, and wanted to rush to Fu Jingting, “Fu Jingting, you fucking…”

“Lu Qi.” Rong Shu reached out and stopped Lu Qi.

After a long night, she was a little tired. Just as she was about to tell Lu Qi let’s go, Yu Guang glanced across Gu Manyin’s face and caught the smug smile on the corner of her mouth.

Yes, today she came to take revenge, not to save face for them.

After swallowing the words that came to her mouth, Rong Shu pressed Lu Qi’s hand, her brows slightly cold, “I’ll take care of this.”

She turned her high heels and turned to face Gu Manyin.

Gu Manyin was caught off guard by Rong Shu’s operation, she put away the smile in a panic, and handed over the jewelry box.

“Miss Gu, I went to the hospital in the past few years to replenish a lot of blood for you, so I am very weak now.” Rong Shu said, brushing her fingers from the crown of diamonds, “Thank me with this crown. , isn’t it enough?”

Rong Shu looked at Fu Jingting and asked with a smile, “Mr. Fu, what do you think?” Fu

Jingting glanced over her bright face and asked in a deep voice, “What more do you want?”

“I want what’s in President Fu’s hand – the blue heart.” Rong Shu pointed to the jewelry box that the man was holding in his hand, not joking at all.

“No.” Gu Manyin interrupted Rong Shu’s words with a low attitude, but said aggrievedly, “Miss Rong, I know that you are dissatisfied with me because of the video. I can use the jewelry I collect for you to choose, but The blue heart is not good, this is the necklace that Jing Ting wants to propose to me…” The

guests were also resentful, “That is, Rong Shu, you are going too far, you don’t want the expensive crown that Miss Gu gave you, but also the blue heart! “

Is it because President Fu is dissatisfied with your divorce, so you will deliberately retaliate against President Fu?”

Rong Shu turned a deaf ear to those insulting words, and looked at Fu Jingting, “President Fu, don’t you love Miss Gu a lot? It’s also Miss Gu herself.” You want to thank me, why, why don’t you give a thank you gift?”

Chapter 20 Picked up a chunk of Fu Jingting’s wool!

“Miss Rong, don’t go too far.” Gu Manyin was furious, but had to endure it, “My father has already apologized to you about the video, why are you still unwilling to give up, my boyfriend gave me a marriage proposal Do you want to grab the necklace?”

Rong Shu raised her eyebrows and smiled, “You were with Mr. Fu just a few days after I divorced Mr. Fu. I don’t know if you thought you had been coveting him and couldn’t wait to be Mrs. Fu. What!”

“What nonsense are you talking about, it’s obviously you…”

“And Miss Gu, I don’t mean to rob.” Before Gu Manyin said a few words, she was interrupted by Rong Shu again, “It’s you right or wrong? You want to give me a thank you gift, and I just like this azure blue heart.”

“…” Gu Manyin was choked and speechless, bit her lip as she stood there, her face getting paler and paler, like a small white flower that was about to wither. similar.

Seeing this scene, Lu Qi felt so relieved that he almost applauded Rong Shu.

“Mr. Fu, you are talking, don’t be silent.” Lu Qichong called to Fu Jingting, “Could it be that Mr. Fu is also a person who doesn’t count?”

Fu Jingting’s eyes sank.

After a moment of silence, he handed the jewelry box containing the blue heart to Rong Shu.

Gu Manyin took a look, got anxious, and pulled his sleeve, “Jing Ting, this is the necklace you want to propose to me, don’t…”

“Today is a banquet specially organized by my uncle for your recovery and discharge from the hospital, the atmosphere is not spoiled. Good.” Fu Jingting reassured her in a deep voice, “It’s just a necklace, I’ll ask Assistant Zhang to find a better one in the future and use it to propose to you.” When

the guests heard this, they were envious, “Miss Gu is lucky, and then Rare jewelry, Mr. Fu has a way to buy it back for you!”

After praising Gu Manyin, he satirized Rong Shu again.

When Gu Manyin saw Fu Jingting say this, her face improved, and she nodded obediently, “I’ll listen to you.”

Listening to their conversation, Rong Shu felt extremely ironic.

He has been married to Fu Jingting for six years, not to mention jewelry or even a piece of clothing, he has never bought it for himself, and she bought the pair of rings at the time of marriage.

Now, when I look at him towards Gu Manyin, I feel like I live like a joke.

Rong Shu suppressed the sadness in her heart, and took the jewelry box with a bright smile on her lips, “such rare jewelry, Mr. Fu will give it as he says. It seems that Mr. Fu is really fond of Miss Gu, and she will suffer even the slightest grievance. No. ” The

woman’s yin and yang strange words made Fu Jingting not very comfortable to listen to, and said lightly, “I gave you the blue heart, and President Gu has also apologized to you, Rong Shu, don’t pursue the video.”

“Okay!” Rong Shu readily agreed.

She picked up a glass of red wine from the table and tapped the glass towards Fu Jingting, “I wish Mr. Fu and Miss Gu a happy marriage and have a precious son early.”

After speaking, she raised her head and drank the red wine, put down the glass, and turned around. Just go.

“Mr. Fu, I have to thank you too.” Lu Qi grinned, “If it weren’t for your indifference, my baby wouldn’t be able to wake up! Thank you for raising your hand and letting go of my baby, she deserves the best.”

Li Chuan picked it up Rong Shu forgot to take the butterfly handbag on the table, and said warmly, “Let’s go.” “Let’s

go!” Lu Qi took Li Chuan’s shoulders and left together, and complained, “The air here is too dirty. I feel sick even if I stay for a second!”

Fu Jingting frowned even more as he watched them leave, and there was an indescribable feeling of irritability in his heart that he couldn’t shake away.

Rong Shu looked silent, but she didn’t expect to have such an excellent suitor.

As soon as Rong Shu got into the car, she closed her eyes and rested for less than a minute. Lu Qi and Li Chuan also came back.

“Baby, you did a great job just now, tsk, you look at Gu Manyin’s face, I can’t wait to eat you.” Lu Qi got into the driver’s seat, fastened his seat belt, and laughed, “I looked so good, I want to give it to you. You applaud!”

Li Chuan entered the back seat and handed the butterfly handbag to Rong Shu, “You just put it on the table, but you forgot to take it.”

“I just walked so fast, I didn’t pay attention.” Rong Shu took the handbag.

Li Chuan glanced at the jewelry box placed beside the seat and asked Rong Shu, “Sister, do you… still care about Fu Jingting? You don’t want to see him and Gu Manyin together, so you want this blue heart? “

Lu Qi was driving, but he also looked at Rong Shu in the rearview mirror, waiting for her answer.

“Fu Jingting and I are divorced, so what do you care about him?” Rong Shu smiled, “I didn’t expect Gu Manyin to think so fast. By giving me a thank you gift, I can divert everyone’s attention to the video.”

She Saying that, he opened the jewelry box and showed it to Li Chuan, “I checked, this azure blue heart was designed by the famous “K” in the jewelry industry. Do you think so?”

Lu Qi groaned, “A necklace worth 100 million yuan? Baby, you are so awesome, you licked a chunk of Fu Jingting’s wool!”

“Of course I know that.” Rong Shu hummed and put the On the jewelry box, throw it to him, “Find a good channel to help me sell it, 100 million, and the extra money will be used as a blessing for you.”


Li Chuan saw that Rong Shu looked impermanent, not like a lie The words fooled himself, and his frowning brows loosened, “I’m relieved to see you like this.”

“Baby, why don’t I find you another boyfriend!” Lu Qi said with a smile, and looked in the rearview mirror again. Rong Shu glanced at him, “Tell me about your request, or you can do with me, anyway, my mother likes you very much…”

“No!” He was interrupted by Li Chuan before he could speak.

“Why not?” Lu Qi rolled his eyes and boasted, “Little Master is not only handsome, but also versatile. He is a childhood sweetheart with Xiaoshu. I am the best choice for her husband!

” The breath was a little cold, “You don’t care about your family.”

“No, I don’t care about your family, you know? You never lived with me!” Lu Qi looked from the rearview mirrorSeeing Li Chuan’s expression, he suddenly gave a wicked smile, “Hey, do you like Xiaoshu too?”

Rong Shu was stunned for a moment, and after reacting, she immediately stretched out her hand to beat Lu Qi, “Shut up, he’s only two years old. Twelve, it’s a child!” “Twenty-two years old, it’s a man, and the word child has nothing to do with it.” Lu Qi asked with a smirk, “Li Chuan, you are talking, are you a virgin


, was also a little embarrassed by Lu Qi’s question, and coughed, “Yes…”

“Do you have any thoughts about Xiaoshu?”


Rong Shu saw Lu Qi talking more and more, and didn’t mean to shut up, After seeing the chocolate on the middle-row armrest box, he tore it open immediately and stuffed a whole bar into his mouth.

Lu Qi ate a large piece of chocolate, whimpered, and almost choked to death.

“He’s just like that, and his words are out of bounds.” Rong Shu said to Li Chuan, “Don’t pay attention, don’t worry about those words.” Li

Chuan hummed, his eyes still locked on Rong Shu’s face.

After hesitating for a moment, he was about to say something to Rong Shu when the phone in his pocket suddenly vibrated.

He took out the phone and glanced at it, Li Chuan’s expression changed slightly, he moved to the other side of the car window, his voice was much lower, “What’s the matter?”

After the call, Li Chuan said to Lu Qi, “I have something to deal with. , you can just put me down at the intersection ahead.”

“Is the manager’s phone number?” Rong Shu asked, “Why don’t Lu Qi escort you there.” Li Chuan

smiled lightly, his voice warm and pleasant, “It’s alright, the nanny’s car is here. On the way here, I want Lu Qi to escort sister you back early and have a good rest.”

Seeing the young man say this, Rong Shu nodded without reluctance.

Soon, Li Chuan got out of the car.

When the car drove away again, Rong Shu stuck out his head slightly and saw Li Chuan standing on the side of the road, standing tall and straight, with a well-defined profile…

She looked at it, and the person in her eyes seemed to be Fu Jingting eight years ago.

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