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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 15-16

Chapter 15

Around one o’clock in the afternoon, Wang Shuqin came back with a gloomy face.

Fu Jinglin was playing a game and asked casually, “Mom, who made you angry?” Wang Shuqin

threw her bag on the sofa and sat down angrily, “It’s all because of that damn Rong Shu!”

“Who?” Ji, came over and said, “Mom, have you gone to see her?”

“Why am I seeing her when I’m full? It wasn’t the last time she was in the luxury brand plaza, when she and those two lovers teamed up to bully me. Knowing what they did, I went shopping with my friends today, but the security guard didn’t let me in? What did I say I was blacklisted!”

Wang Shuqin almost gritted her teeth in anger, and continued resentfully, “We went to five in total. Six rich wives, everyone else has entered, but they just don’t let me in? I’m so pissed! You don’t see the way other wives look at me, like I’m some kind of inferior person, I hate it Rong Shu, that little Beibei, is arrogant!”

Perhaps because her voice was too loud, Fu Jingting and Gu Manyin came down from the upstairs together.

“What’s wrong?”

Fu Jingting fastened the buttons on his wrist. He was wearing a blue-gray shirt, looking particularly energetic.

Gu Manyin also seemed to be well-dressed, with a pure white dress, gentle as water.

Wang Shuqin briefly explained the matter to him again.

Fu Jingting frowned slightly, “I’m divorced from her, don’t provoke her if you have nothing to do.”

Rong Shu is not as simple as others think. He also knows his mother’s character very well. He will remind her if she gets into trouble in the future.

But Wang Shuqin felt unbalanced in her heart, and she curled her lips, “Is she the one who provokes me first?” After a

pause, seeing the appearance of the two of them going out, she quickly looked at Gu Manyin and said with a smile, “Gu Manyin, you guys. Where are you going?”

Gu Manyin smiled slightly, “I heard that the old lady is ill, so let’s visit.”

Wang Shuqin rolled her eyes, “I’m sick when I’m sick? Why go to see her? I said…”

“Mom.” Fu Jingting interrupted her with a heavy look, obviously displeased. “She’s a grandmother.”

Wang Shuqin knew that her son would not I liked her speaking ill of the old lady, so I didn’t dare to continue speaking, and laughed dryly, “Then come back early, I asked the servants to make Gu Manyin’s favorite lotus seed soup to nourish the body.”

Gu Manyin thanked him. , followed Fu Jingting out.

After all, Rong Shu was the one who took care of the old lady, so naturally she had a lot of affection after spending a few years together.

Although Gu Manyin was her grandson’s favorite, she couldn’t equal Shu’er’s place in her heart.

Therefore, Fu Jingting could see the old lady’s alienation from Gu Manyin at a glance.

He clearly knew the reason, but he still brought Gu Manyin over.

It is nothing more than to let Gu Manyin get acquainted with the old lady, after all, Gu Manyin is his future wife.

“Grandmother, this is the nutritional supplement I specially prepared for you, you can accept it.” Gu Manyin acted like a well-informed lady, and every move was unmistakable.

The old lady was lying on her side on the chaise longue, but her expression was light, “It’s too early to call my grandmother, wait until you get married, and I’m too old to drink anything from others. You better take it back.”

Gu Manyin was a little embarrassed, bit her lip, and looked at the man beside her as if asking for help.

Fu Jingting helped her out of the siege. “Grandmother, this is a part of Gu Manyin’s heart.” After

all, it was the old lady who had read thousands of sails. Glancing at her, she knew what she was thinking about Gu, “Well, it’s very caring, and she treats me all the time. The granddaughter-in-law ran away.”

Chapter 16 Fake Video

The smile on Gu Manyin’s face could no longer be maintained. She lowered her head and shed tears.

Fu Jingting frowned slightly, expressing dissatisfaction with her grandmother’s behavior, “Manyin is also kind, and she is concerned about grandmother’s health. She is the woman your grandson likes. Even if you are angry with me, just let me out.” The

old lady’s face was light . does not respond.

Fu Jingting took Gu Manyin’s hand and stood up, but he said to the old lady, “It’s getting late, grandma rests well, we won’t bother.” The

two stayed here for less than ten minutes . just left.

Feng Ma walked up to the old lady and sighed, “Old lady, why do you do it? You can’t be angry with your husband for the sake of others.” The

old lady stroked the jade bracelet on her wrist, “This girl from the Gu family is not an ordinary person. Jing Ting is against me because of her.”

Aunt Feng helped her tuck the quilt, “How can you, sir, respect you the most.” The

old lady smiled but said nothing.

Except for a few senior figures on the board of directors of Tiansheng Company, no one knew that Rong Shu had become the largest shareholder. With the decision-making power, she resolutely signed a contract with Cheng Huai.

Cheng Huai is a dark horse in business. Although he is not as successful as Fu Jingting now, he is not shy, and the future is limitless.

With the help of Li Chuan and Lu Qi by his side, everything is developing for the better.

But what Lu Qi expected finally happened.

The hot search is full of pictures of a blue Audi car hitting Gu Manyin, and the comments below are a series of scolding Rong Shu for being sinister and vicious.

Gu Manyin became the veritable victim they said, and Fu Jingting became the one who was played and applauded by Rong Shu, his ex-wife.

The wind direction fell quickly, and if you continue, the police should also come to the door.

People from Tiansheng’s board of directors quickly called Rong Shu, saying that this matter has a great impact, and if it is not dealt with as soon as possible, it may affect the company’s benefits.

Lu Qi sneered, “A group of old foxes, the fact that the baby is a shareholder has not been announced at all, how can it affect the company’s benefits? They are all trying to frighten her and try to crush her.”

Li Chuan kept staring at the picture on the hot search, frowning. A wrinkle, “Professionals know it’s a past video at a glance. The problem is that there is too much public opinion, and the public’s attention is blinded.”

Thinking that Fu Jingting was so shameless that he posted the fake video, Lu Qi sneered for a while, “Baby, your eyes are really true. No, why did you fall in love with such a black-hearted guy? Instead, I think he and Gu Manyin’s white lotus are a natural pair, so it’s not a good thing.”

Rong Shu stared blankly at the video screen, slowly Eyes down.

Lu Qi thought that his words had stimulated her, and suddenly touched his nose with a guilty conscience, “cough… I didn’t mean to ridicule you, I was just glad that you woke up early, and we were already prepared and recorded the video from six years ago in advance. I have the video.”

Rong Shu raised her head, met Li Chuan’s worried look, and raised her lips slightly, “Fu Jingting can divorce me for Gu Manyin, what can’t he do? I’m not surprised.”

Lu Qi suddenly became interested, “Anyway, the real video is on our side, why don’t we send it out to clarify? Let them slap in the face!”

“Wait.” , I heard you say before that the Gu family is going to hold a banquet for Gu Manyin to celebrate her recovery, right?”

“Yeah, are you going?”

She smiled, “Not only are you going, but also a big gift.”

Lu Qi and Li Chuan As if realizing something, they looked at each other and smiled.

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