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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 6477

The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 6477


Nuliha took a deep breath, endured the pain and smiled: “If you don’t do this, who will believe that I have fought fiercely with assassins?” After speaking, Nuliha

glanced at Wang Khan’s body and said fiercely. : “Ma De, I thought it would be fine after I solved this old thing easily, but I still have to bleed and get injured.”

Concubine Yu nodded and quickly bandaged him.

At this time, Nuliha looked at the sky outside, and said to Concubine Yu: “It’s getting late, I can’t delay it now, what to do next is up to you.”

After speaking, Nuliha made Looking very weak, she sat at the door of the palace, and then shouted at the outside: “come here, come here!”

Seeing this, Concubine Yu took a deep breath, knelt down beside Wang Khan’s body, and cried. He shouted: “Come on, there are assassins… Wang Khan has been assassinated.”


Hearing the movement here, many guards from the Golden Palace rushed over. When they saw the situation in front of them, they were all shocked. .

I saw Wang Khan lying on the floor of the bedroom, covered in blood, his eyes were closed, and he was no longer breathing. At the door, Nuliha sat there with a weak face, with a shocking wound in front of him. Still bleeding.

Concubine Yu next to Wang Khan almost burst into tears.

This… how can this be?

For a time, all the guards froze there, their heads buzzing like sculptures.

“His Royal Highness Concubine Yu!”

Finally, the captain of the guards calmed down and asked Concubine Yu, “What… what happened here?” Although Wang Khan was old, his body had always been tough, and he died suddenly at this time. Unexpected.


Concubine Yu cried when she heard the question, and replied, “Just now Wang Han asked me to chat, but who knew that an assassin suddenly broke in, and Wang Khan immediately fought with the assassin, who knew, that The assassins were very powerful, and Wang Khan was defeated in the end, so he was killed…”

Having said this, Concubine Yu couldn’t help but glance at Nuliha at the door: “Later, General Nuliha arrived. , was also stabbed as a result…”


Is there such a thing?

Hearing Concubine Yu’s narration, the captain and the guards present were secretly shocked.

You must know that the defense of the Golden Palace is rigorous, and it is almost impregnable. Not to mention assassins, it is difficult for a fly to fly in, and suddenly an assassin appears… It is unbelievable.

Doubtful in their hearts, everyone’s eyes turned to Nuliha.


Nuliha took a deep breath and said weakly: “That man has his face covered, and his strength is very strong. I didn’t fight him more than ten moves before I was hit hard by him…”

Speaking of which, Nuliha looked Looking at Wang Khan’s body, he pretended to squeeze out a few tears: “It’s all useless for me, I’m late, I couldn’t keep Wang Khan safe…” On the

surface, he pretended to cry, but Nuliha secretly observed these guards. Reaction.

Huh… I

have to say, Nuliha and Concubine Yu sang together, and the performance was seamless. The captain of the guard no longer doubted, but said solemnly: “General, where is the assassin now?”

Nuliha pointed. One direction: “The man injured me and ran away. You chase after me immediately. Be sure to arrest the assassin. There must be no mistake…”

“Yes, General!”

A few minutes later, nearly 10,000 guards from the Golden Palace left the Golden Palace in a mighty manner, and searched the entire royal court.

the other side.

Hu Ren Wang Ting said that it was not big or small, and Yue Feng was not familiar with the environment. In addition, it was night, so it took a full two hours to walk out of the Wang Ting range.

At this time, in the woods southeast of Wang Ting, Yue Feng dragged his tired body forward, feeling very depressed.

Ma De, I knew that I would meet that crazy girl Feixue, and I would be caught here later. I should have left the Sunflower Secret Realm in the first place. It is not easy to find a place to hide in this world of barbarians.

Da Da… Da Da…

Just when Yue Feng was depressed, he heard the sound of horses’ hooves behind him, Yue Feng immediately looked back, and suddenly screamed bitterly.

I saw that hundreds of Hu soldiers on horses were catching up quickly. These soldiers were all Nuliha’s personal guards, each with bright armor, long swords, and their strength was not low.

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