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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 6474

The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 6474


As soon as Yue Feng left, the soldiers who had left before rushed over with the doctors of the Hu people.


Seeing the situation in the stone prison for a while, the soldier was stunned and realized that it was not good.

I saw my companion froze there, motionless, but the man who was about to commit the crime disappeared…


That is, the soldier who was sealed in the cave shouted: “The man has run away, call for support quickly. .”

Hearing this, the soldier reacted and rushed out of the prison and shouted: “Come here, come here, the prisoner has run away.” A

few minutes later, hundreds of soldiers marched in the direction of Yue Feng’s escape. chase.

On the other side, the Palace of King Tingjin.

It was already late at night, and I saw Nuliha in a gorgeous robe, accompanied by a few guards, to the west gate of the Golden Temple.

“You wait here now.” Nuliha instructed, turning around and entering the Golden Temple.

After entering the Golden Temple, Nuliha was familiar with the road, and entered the back bedroom area from the corridor on the side of the Golden Temple.


When approaching one of the bedrooms, Nuriha had a smile on his face.

I saw that the lamp was on in the bedroom, and on the edge of the windowsill, there was a slender figure in a dark green dress, which could not hide the charming curves.

It was Wang Khan’s woman, Concubine Yu.

In recent years, Wang Khan’s body has not been as good as the day. Although Concubine He Yu has the name of husband and wife, but the reality of husband and wife has long been lost. Concubine Yu seems to have a lot of wealth and wealth, but she is very lonely in her heart.

Nuliha is lecherous by nature. At a dinner party two years ago, he found an opportunity to approach Concubine Yu, and the two have secretly communicated since then.

“Cough cough!”

At this time, at the door of the palace, Nuliha coughed lightly.

Concubine Yu was looking at her mind when she suddenly heard the movement and was shocked. Then she saw Nuliha and was overjoyed: “It’s you!” After

speaking, Concubine Yu walked over quickly and hugged Nuliha. His arm: “During the day, I heard that you came back, and I was still wondering if you would come at night.”

When she said this, Concubine Yu couldn’t hide her joy.


Nuliha laughed loudly, took Concubine Yu in his arms, and said with a smile: “My beauty, who am I going to look for when I come back? This expedition is so long, I want to I’m going to die.”

As he spoke, Nuliha kissed Concubine Yu’s face, picked him up, and walked quickly towards the soft land not far away.


Concubine Yu blushed and said in a sullen voice, “I haven’t seen you for so many days, you are still so anxious… Wait a moment, I want to talk to you…”

“Hey, talk now The same is true.”

“You…really bad!” The

two were flirting when, suddenly, footsteps came from outside the palace.

Immediately afterwards, Wang Khan’s laughter came over: “Concubine Yu, this king can’t sleep, I came to talk to you, haven’t you rested yet?” The voice was getting closer and closer.

The last word fell, and Wang Khan’s figure had already appeared at the door.


Faced with this situation, both Nuliha and Concubine Yu were taken aback, Concubine Yu was trembling in the suburbs, almost unable to stand still.

Nuriha was even more buzzing in his head.

Why is Wang Khan here at this time? Now that it’s over, I secretly have a tryst with Concubine Yu. For this crime, 100 heads are not enough to chop off.

Frightened in his heart, Nuliha wanted to find a place to hide, but it was too late at this time.


At this moment, Wang Han saw the scene in front of him, the smile instantly froze on his face, and his heart was filled with anger.


Soon, Wang Khan reacted and shouted angrily: “You two are so bold, how dare you do such a cowardly thing here.” Wang Khan’s eyes became blood red as he shouted.


Feeling Wang Khan’s anger, Nuliha only felt that his legs were weak, he couldn’t help swallowing saliva, and he could hardly stand still.

Concubine Yu was even more frightened, and said tremblingly: “Wang Khan, Wang Khan, calm down, things are not what you think, Nuliha is looking for me so late, there is something to tell me…”

But before she could finish speaking, Wang Khan interrupted angrily: “Shut up, are you blind when you think this king? What the two of you are doing, this king can’t see it?”

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