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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 6465

The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 6465

Ha ha!

Feeling Feixue’s consternation, Yue Feng showed a smile: “Why should I have something to do?” As he spoke, he admired it up close.

Not to mention, this flying snow is really charming and sexy, especially when it is soaked in water, it looks like a hibiscus emerging from the water. Any man who sees it will be difficult to restrain.


Hearing this, Feixue opened her mouth, not knowing how to answer for a while.

At this time, Yue Feng continued with a smile: “My lady, how can we say we are also married, I am your prospective husband, how can you set me on fire? This is murdering my husband.”


It’s good that Yue Feng didn’t mention this. When he mentioned this, Feixue’s delicate face instantly flushed red, and at that time he scolded embarrassedly and angrily: “You…you shut up. You ruined my reputation. , I have ruined my reputation, how can I meet people if I don’t kill you?”

Fei Xue was very embarrassed at this time, this man is really shameless, calling him a lady.

It turned out to be because of this…

Feeling Feixue’s anger, Yue Feng suddenly understood. It turned out… this woman wanted to kill me because of the wedding that night.

Realizing this, Yue Feng did not understand Feixue because of this, but was rather speechless.

This woman seems a little unreasonable. In the circumstances at that time, she was also a victim. It was obviously the safflower mother-in-law who deliberately set up this wedding in order to repay the past. How can I blame me alone?

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng said with a wry smile, “Ma’am, you are being unreasonable. You knew the situation at that time. That mother-in-law was quite unreasonable, and I couldn’t help myself at that time…”

“Shut up, who is your wife?” Feixue said angrily. The next second, Feixue

was even more angry when she noticed Yue Feng’s gaze: “Close the dog’s eyes for me, and then look at and dig out your eyeballs.”

Now, how not to get angry?


In the face of Jiaoyu, Yue Feng did not panic at all, but said with a smile: “We have already become relatives. I don’t call you a lady, should I call someone else’s lady?”

“Since it’s a lady, let me see what’s the problem. ?”

After speaking, Yue Feng continued to admire Feixue’s graceful curves.


Facing this situation, Feixue blushed, and almost exploded with anger: “I killed you shameless.” After the voice fell, Feixue burst out of the water, and the long sword swung a cold light, directly towards Yue Feng’s heart. stab.

I go!

Yue Feng couldn’t help laughing and laughing, this woman is too ruthless.

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng shouted while dodging: “Oh, if you have something to say, how can you do it directly, you really want to murder your husband?”

“Bastard, you still say it!” , After scolding, the long sword stabbed again.

Speaking of which, with Yue Feng’s strength, he could easily defeat Feixue, but in order to hide his strength, Yue Feng decided to tease her in other ways.

“Oh, murdered my husband!”

At this moment, Yue Feng shouted, pretending to be very panic, and ran towards the woods next to him.

“Stop!” Feixue Jiao shouted, clenching her sword and chasing after her.

clack clack…

When he reached the woods next to him, Yue Feng used his palm while dodging the Feixue long sword, interrupting the surrounding small trees, and quickly deployed a trapped formation.

Yue Feng couldn’t bear to hurt her, so he could only deploy the formation to trap her.

Yue Feng could see that although Feixue was strong, he didn’t know how to form formations, so he deployed a simple five-element formation.

“Shut up!”

Hearing Yue Feng’s constant shouting, Feixue was so embarrassed that she completely ignored Yue Feng’s deployment of the formation. After the formation was formed, she realized that something was wrong. She was obviously very close to him. , but couldn’t catch up, not only that, the surrounding trees, as if they had spirituality, actually moved by themselves…

How could this be?

A few seconds later, Feixue was even more surprised to find that she seemed to be trapped.

At this moment, Yue Feng stopped, sat on a rock, and looked at Feixue with a smile: “Miss, stop chasing, you can’t kill me.”


Feixue was shy and shy Angrily, she looked at Yue Feng coldly. She never thought that she would be mocked by him instead of killing him in the end.

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