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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 6464

The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 6464


At this moment, Feixue saw Yue Feng lying leisurely in the hall, his delicate face suddenly showing a bit of complexity.

This person has a big heart. He has just encountered a wolf, and he still has the mind to sleep at this moment.

Muttering in his heart, Feixue looked at the environment of the broken temple, and saw that the yard in front of the main hall was overgrown with grass. Not only that, but the whole hall was also rotten.

After looking at the environment, Fei Xue Xiumei frowned, and fell into a tangle for a while.

This man, the poisonous poison will not die, the wolf will not eat him, and he does not want to kill him with his own hands, what can I do?

Got it!

While struggling, Feixue looked at the wooden hall and suddenly had an idea. If a fire is set, the hall will be completely burned, and he will definitely not be able to escape.

Speaking of fire prevention, it is a bit cruel, but Feixue can’t care so much at this time for his own fame.

After making up his mind, Feixue flew to the gate of Feixia and quietly entered the courtyard. First, he looked at Yue Feng’s situation and made sure that he was asleep, so he made some weeds around the hall.

At this time, Feixue didn’t know that Yue Feng was not asleep, and her every move was clear.

Soon, after getting ready, Feixue set a fire.


It was early autumn, the sky was dry and the things were dry, and the fire spread all at once. After first burning the grass in the yard, the fire quickly spread towards the hall.

Holy crap…

Seeing Feixue setting fire, Yue Feng was startled even though he was prepared.

This woman is so cruel, she wants to burn me to death.

In the blink of an eye, the fire spread to the main hall, which is completely wooden structure, and many places have begun to rot, and soon burned.


Looking at the raging fire in front of him, almost completely covering the hall, Feixue’s delicate face, unable to hide the complexity, secretly said in his heart: Don’t blame me, blame you for your bad life…

“Oh, the fire is on fire. La…”

Just as Feixue was muttering secretly, she heard Yue Feng’s shouting from the hall, and then Feixue could clearly see that Yue Feng was shouting in the midst of the raging fire. While jumping, trying to rush out.

It’s just that the main hall was completely burned, and the door was blocked by the fire, and it was impossible to rush out.

In fact, Yue Feng did it all for Feixue to see. He had the red lotus of the law in his body, and he was not afraid of this ordinary fire at all.

“Oh, I’m going to die!”

At this moment, Yue Feng realized that Feixue was observing the situation, shouted, raised his hand and smashed the wooden door that was on fire in front of him. The paper, after being smashed into the air, shattered directly, turned into sparks in the sky, and flew towards the direction of the snow.

Feixue didn’t have time to react at all. At that time, a lot of sparks were stained on the long skirt, and it suddenly burned.


Seeing that the skirt was on fire, Feixue panicked and reached out to shoot it out, but the skirt was made of gauze and could not be wiped out at all. In a hurry, when I thought of it, there was a water pool not far from the ruined temple. , Feixue didn’t have time to think, and hurried towards the water pool.


Seeing Feixue’s flustered look, Yue Feng couldn’t help showing a smile, and immediately walked out of the fire.

Yes, Yue Feng did it on purpose just now. This woman is so cruel, and she wants to burn him to death, so naturally she has to teach him a lesson.

Smiling, Yue Feng quickly chased towards the water pool. When he got to the edge of the pool, he saw Feixue had jumped into it. Although it was late at night, Yue Feng could still see the charming curve clearly.

You Qi couldn’t hide the appearance of Feixue in the water at this time.

For a time, Yue Feng stood on the shore, smiling and admiring it.


At this time, Feixue found Yue Feng by Tan Shui’s side, and her delicate body trembled: “You…why are you here?” Almost blank.

Shouldn’t this man be burned to death? How can you come out safe and sound?

In astonishment, Feixue looked at Yue Feng and found that Yue Feng’s clothes were all intact except for being a little embarrassed.

how can that be?

The hall was on fire, why was he okay?

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