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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 6463

The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 6463

Mad, these beasts.

Seeing several wolves rushing towards him, Yue Feng frowned and couldn’t help but curse.

At this time, Yue Feng really wanted to use the power of his primordial spirit to kill several gray wolves on the spot, but thinking that there was Feixue following behind him, in order not to reveal his strength, he held back.


Almost in the blink of an eye, Yue Feng was thrown into the grass by several wolves, and then they opened their fangs and bit towards Yue Feng’s neck.


Seeing Yue Feng being thrown down, Feixue couldn’t help taking a deep breath, relieved.

Several wolves shot at the same time, this person must be bitten to death. Although it was a tragic death, he didn’t have to do it himself.

At this time, in the grass.

“Be good, be good!”

Seeing several wolves biting at the same time, Yue Feng didn’t have time to think about how to use the beast-controlling technique, and said to these gray wolves, “I’m your friend, not your enemy, you have to figure it out. .”


Seeing that Yue Feng could speak his wolf language, the gray wolves were stunned, and looked at Yue Feng with their heads tilted in surprise.

Yue Feng continued: “You should be able to feel my strength now. If you really fight, none of you can escape, but I don’t care about you, you can go.”

Hearing these words, several wolves let out low voices . , then put away the claws, and retreated.

They clearly felt that the man in front of him could not only speak his wolf language, but the breath that permeated his body was also unfathomable. Although they were wolves, their IQ was not low.

If they really fight, I am afraid they will all die in the hands of this man.

“Woooo…” In the

next second, the wolves barked a few more times, and then quickly left.

Watching the wolves go away, Yue Feng breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he knew how to fight beasts.

Not far at this time.

Feixue saw a few wolves leave, and her delicate face suddenly showed some doubts. Strange, these wolves killed him and didn’t eat his flesh? Did you leave so soon?

Because the grass was too deep, Feixue couldn’t see the situation at all, thinking that Yue Feng had been bitten to death.


Just as Feixue muttered secretly, she heard Yue Feng’s voice coming from the grass, and then she saw him stretch and slowly stand up.


Seeing this scene, Feixue’s delicate body trembled, and she was immediately dumbfounded, thinking that she had read it wrong.

He… he wasn’t thrown down by a wolf just now… how come nothing happened?

At this time, Feixue clearly saw that Yue Feng was not injured at all, let alone injured, even his clothes were not scratched.

How could this be?

For a time, Feixue was puzzled. At the same time, he looked at Yue Feng’s eyes with deep doubts. This man is extremely poisonous, and even a wolf can’t hurt him.

This man seems to be more powerful than he imagined….

This woman!

Just when Feixue was secretly shocked, after Yue Feng stretched, he realized that Feixue was not far away, and was secretly surprised.

No, this woman saw with her own eyes that I was besieged by several wolves, and she didn’t even mean to help…

Fuck…she was following me, she was going to kill me, so she saw me being surrounded by several wolves. Surrounded, will be indifferent.

Realizing this, Yue Feng was a little depressed.

I have no enmity with you, why did you kill me?

It was getting dark at this time, and Yue Feng was too lazy to think too much. When he saw an abandoned temple not far ahead, he immediately walked over and continued to pretend that he didn’t know he was being followed to see what happened to the flying snow.

Seeing this scene, Feixue hesitated and followed quietly.

Soon to the broken temple.

Yue Feng looked around, the temple should have been abandoned for a long time, overgrown with grass and dilapidated everywhere.

Seeing this environment, Yue Feng nodded. Although it was very run down, it was not bad.

Muttering, Yue Feng swept an open space in the hall, then lay down and started to rest. In fact, Yue Feng didn’t really rest, but secretly noticed the movement of Feixue outside.

It was dark by now.


Feixue followed Yue Feng to the broken temple, but did not go in, but quietly flew up to the top of the gatehouse to observe Yue Feng’s situation secretly.

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