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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 6030

The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 6030

On the divination hexagram, it is very clear that it is a fierce hexagram.

But what made Yue Feng relieved was that there was another vigor in the fierce hexagram, which showed that the current situation of Wen Chou Chou was very dangerous, but it was not life-threatening.

As long as it’s not life-threatening.

After watching the hexagram for a while, Yue Feng murmured in his heart, ready to put away the turtle shell.


However, at this moment, Su Xueying’s voice suddenly came to mind behind him.

Yue Feng looked back and was stunned.

I saw that today Su Xueying was wearing a light green sportswear, fresh and refined, full of youthful vigor all over her body.

For a while, Yue Feng looked a little stunned.


Seeing Yue Feng staring at herself, Su Xueying’s face was faintly flushed, and she couldn’t help kicking Yue Feng: “What are you looking at? I’m looking around, gouging out your eyes.”

“I tell you, if you didn’t watch Shishi’s face, I won’t let someone like you stay in our Taihetang.” The

voice was clear, showing a bit of contempt.

Until now, in Su Xueying’s eyes, she still thought that Yue Feng was Chen Shishi’s boyfriend, the kind who only eats soft rice.


Yue Feng took a breath, bent over and rubbed his kicked calf, and joked with a smile: “I just looked at it a few times, but I didn’t do anything to you, so why are you so excited?

” Yue Feng couldn’t help joking: “So fierce, be careful not to find a boyfriend.”

Hearing this, Su Xueying blushed and said with akimbo: “I can’t find a boyfriend, I want you to take care of it?” This man can’t see the slightest advantage, and he doesn’t know what Shishi likes in him.

Thinking about it, Su Xueying thought of something, and asked Yue Feng, “I ask you, what happened that night?” Su Xueying was full of doubts when she thought of how Li Wei was crying that night.

that night?

Yue Feng was stunned for a moment, then realized something, and asked knowingly, “What night?”

“Don’t pretend to be confused.” Su Xueying frowned, and said impatiently, “It was the night when you were troubled by Li Wei, Honestly, what did you do to him that day?”


Yue Feng nodded, pretending to be stunned: “That night, I didn’t do anything to him, just reasoned with him at length and persuaded him to return from his lost way. I thought it would be useless. Who knows this Li Wei I was still very enlightened, and after my persuasion, I repented at that time.” The

reason why he came here was to hide his identity, so Yue Feng would never tell the truth.

Seeing what he said, Su Xueying was full of disbelief, and said angrily: “You can make it up. I know Li Wei best. When a sow goes up to a tree, he will not repent.”

Yue Feng laughed . without speaking.

Seeing him like this, Su Xueying knew that she couldn’t ask anything, so she turned to leave, but glanced at a few turtle shells on the table.

Su Xueying clearly saw that some strange symbols were written on the tortoise shell, and her curiosity was aroused again: “What were you doing just now?”

“Divination.” Yue Feng replied with a smile.

Although divination is ancient, it is not very demanding. As long as you are not a fool, you will get some fur after working hard for a few years. Therefore, this Yue Feng does not intend to hide it.


Su Xueying was stunned for a moment, looking up and down at Yue Feng: “You know divination? I think you are bragging.” Divination is an ancient mysterious art, and in the entire Kyushu continent, very few people really know it.

And this guy who eats soft rice in front of him actually said that he knows divination, which is ridiculous.

Yue Feng looked serious: “What am I lying to you for?” Is it so unexpected that he knows divination?


Seeing his appearance, Su Xueying couldn’t help but chuckle: “Don’t think that I don’t know the mind of a person like you, I deliberately say what I know, pretend to be mysterious, in order to attract girls, in other words, Shishi Did you deceive you like this?”

After saying that, Su Xueying looked at the turtle shell on the table and continued: “Well, give me a divination, if it is accurate, I will arrange less work for you in the future. If it’s not accurate, you will leave Taihetang, of course, when Shishi asks, you have to say that you left on your own initiative.”

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