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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 5874

The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 5874

What a beautiful woman.

And there are still two, one is glamorous and noble, the other is heroic, each has its own merits.


In amazement, the man in the lead took a step forward and asked the three of them: “Who are you?”

Just after asking, before Yue Feng could speak, the man in the lead showed a bit of surprise on his face: “Aiya. ..I remembered, you…Aren’t you the former captain’s friend, Fengtao?”

When he spoke, the man’s tone lost the hostility he had before, and he was very polite.


Hearing what the other party said, Yue Feng also thought of something: “Are you from the Bloodthorn Mercenary Group?”

Yue Feng chased Duan Yu and was trapped in Death Valley for three years when he left. , I met the Bloodthorn mercenary group exploring Death Valley. Yue Feng clearly remembered that the captain of this mercenary group at that time was a woman named Hua Ling.

Later, Yue Feng helped Hua Ling solve some troubles, and took her and the mercenary group to successfully leave Death Valley.

Yue Feng still remembered that Hua Ling was very beautiful and had a good talent for cultivation, but she lacked a little experience in the arena. After leaving Heishui Town, she never saw her again, but she never thought that she would be able to meet her after so many years. The bloodstab mercenary group under his command.

“Yes, yes…”

At this time, hearing Yue Feng’s words, the leading man nodded again and again and said with a smile: “I didn’t expect your Excellency to remember that we are the Bloodthorn Mercenary Group. My name is Huang Hongtao, the current group. Long.”

After speaking, Huang Hongtao looked at Yue Feng with a humble expression on his face: “When Your Excellency took us out of Death Valley, I was still an unknown team member.”


Yue Feng nodded, and then asked curiously, “Where’s Hua Ling?”

“Two years ago, she wanted to concentrate on her practice, so she gave me the position of the head of the regiment.” Huang Hongtao responded with a smile, and then came over and pulled it tightly. Holding Yue Feng’s hand: “Lord Fengtao, I really didn’t expect to see you again after so many years. I’m so happy.”

Yue Feng smiled and said with emotion: “Yeah, a few years have passed in a flash. “

Feng Tao?

Seeing this, Mona and Ilona were stunned.

The next second, Ilona lowered her voice and couldn’t help but said to Mona: “Your Majesty, why did they call him Fengtao?”

Although Yue Feng hated him, he had to say that he had quite a few secrets.

“I don’t know!” Mona replied in a low voice: “He is a famous person in Kyushu. He often faces various things, and it is normal for him to have different names.

” Can’t hear it at all.

At this time, Huang Hongtao and Yue Feng exchanged a few words, their eyes fell on Mona and Ilona again, and they asked curiously: “Your Excellency Fengtao, who are these two beautiful women, can you introduce them?”

When asked, Huang Hongtao’s eyes were full of curiosity.

I remember that when I first saw this Feng Tao a few years ago, this person was in a state of embarrassment, almost like a beggar. After not seeing him for a few years, there were two more beautiful beauties around him, which was really unexpected.


Yue Feng scratched his head, thought for a while, and said with a smile: “To be honest, this is my eldest wife, and my second wife, who have nothing to do recently, so they came to explore the wild and strange realm. “

The identities of Mona and Ilona are very special, and they must not be exposed. They can only make up an identity for them.


When the words fell, Ilona’s delicate face turned red, and she was embarrassed and angry: “Don’t talk nonsense, who is your wife?” When she spoke, Ilona glared at Yue Feng fiercely.

This Yue Feng is really bold, even if he takes advantage of me, he even said that the queen is also his wife.

Really bold.

Mona was also blushing, but compared to Ilona, ​​she was still a little sensible.

Seeing Ilona shouting coquettishly at this time, Mona quickly pulled her quietly and whispered: “Ilona, ​​don’t talk nonsense, what he says is what he says.”

As a queen, Mona is thoughtful, she knows Yue Feng said this to keep his identity a secret.

After all, she is the queen of the Rakshasa clan, but now she is living in the wild and strange realm, and she is still so embarrassed. If her identity is exposed, not only will her reputation be destroyed, but it will also affect the dignity of the Rakshasa clan.


Hearing Mona’s authority, Ilona took a deep breath and stopped talking.

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