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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 5829

The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 5829

“Yes, the patriarch!”

These family disciples were not stupid either. When they heard the order, they quickly dispersed.

Nalan Hong was quickly landing at the entrance of the cave, and smiled at Nalan with pleasure: “Xin Ran, I’m relieved to see that you are all right, do you know how worried you are for your father that you are alone in the Wudang faction? “


Nalan lowered his head happily and said softly, “I was impulsive.”

Nalan Hongzheng didn’t care too much, looked at the two of them and couldn’t help saying: “You… ..what’s going on?”

At this moment, Gognier and Nalan looked at each other happily, and then Gogne smiled slightly: “Senior sister, tell the master about the situation.” Phew

Nalan nodded happily. , and then heaved a sigh of relief, and told the details of what he had experienced before.

At the end of the conversation, Nalan’s face flushed with joy, and he whispered: “After arriving at this cave, I started to go crazy, and my clothes were burned, so the junior brother helped me get rid of…”

Thinking of the scene just now , Nalan Lan Xinran was shy.

That’s what happened.

Knowing the situation, Nalan Hongzheng nodded silently.

At this time, Gone said slowly: “Master, please rest assured, even though this happened, senior sister and I are innocent, but… it is related to senior sister’s innocence and reputation.

” After taking a deep look at Nalan Xin Ran, he continued: “If Senior Sister doesn’t dislike it, I am willing to take responsibility.”

Gognie thought about it, and took this opportunity to marry Nalan Xin Ran, and then justifiably control the Nalan family.


At this moment, Nalan’s body trembled with delight, staring blankly at Gone, his mind went blank.

What nonsense did my brother say? He… is he proposing to me?

At the same time, Nalan Hongzheng was also stunned for a while, and then he reacted and said with a smile: “I am so responsible, I am glad to entrust it to you, but I have a wish.”

Nalan Hong was already controlled by Gone. When I saw Gone say this, I naturally added fuel to the flames.

When the words fell, Nalan Xinran hurriedly stomped his feet: “Dad, what are you talking about? I…I haven’t thought about getting married yet.” As he spoke, he glanced shyly at Gone.

Although this junior apprentice has a very good character and strong strength, especially when he was in the cave just now, he didn’t show any signs of deviating from him, which is very admirable.

But it’s too hasty to decide on a marriage like this.


As soon as he finished speaking, Nalan Hongzheng couldn’t help laughing: “My good daughter, I know that you want to revitalize the family, but don’t forget that you are a daughter and you will marry sooner or later. “

Junior Brother Nie Zhan, you are the best choice in terms of appearance, character, or talent. What else are you dissatisfied with?” After

speaking, he looked at Nalan Xinran with a smile and waited. with her answer.

For a time, Nalan Xinran’s face flushed, and he lowered his head and said, “But…”

At this time, Nalan Xinran was confused and wanted to find a reason to shirk, but after thinking about it, he couldn’t think of anything. suitable reason.

Seeing that she couldn’t speak, Nalan Hongzheng smiled and made a final decision: “It’s nothing to worry about, you’re not too young, this marriage is settled.”

After speaking, Nalan Hongzheng sighed and said with emotion: “Your brother died tragically, that girl Wushuang is young and playful, and it is difficult to shoulder heavy responsibilities. After the two of you get married, help me share some family matters, and I can relax.”


Seeing what his father said, Nalan gladly knew that he couldn’t get away with it, and because he had a good impression of this junior ‘Nie Zhan’ next to him, he could only nod his head.

Seeing her finally agreeing, Gognier showed a smile: “Senior sister, don’t worry, I will definitely love you after we get married.” After

saying that, Gognier saluted Nalanhong again: “Thank you, Master, for your accomplishment.”

“It’s all . You don’t have to be so polite anymore.” Nalan Hongzheng laughed, waved his hand, and then summoned the disciples who were vigilant around him and returned to the family with the two of them.

the other side.

In the boundless jungle of the wild and strange realm, two figures are slowly moving forward.

The men are tall and handsome, and the women are charming and charming.

It was Tie Bowen and Nalan Wushuang.

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